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Did EA Just Leak New WSU Uni’s?

June 1, 2009


Hmmm. Seems as though EA Sports has launched their new “teambuilder” feature for the upcoming NCAA Football game, NCAA Football 10. You can check it out here (there is a quick registration, but it’s painless). A big tip of the hat to the Cougfan forums for finding this.

Why does this matter? Well, basically the feature of teambuilder added to this year’s game allows you, the user, to create a team online and then import it and play it in NCAA Football 10. Fair enough. A pretty cool little feature for getting your videogame geek on.

But one of the features is that in creating a team, you can choose EXISTING team uniforms, stadiums, logos, etc, and play them in the game. So, for example, say you wanted to recreate the 1997 WSU Cougar team, complete with stadium, uniforms, logo, etc. You can do that with the game.

One thing though. Because the game lets you choose existing uni’s? That means that the new WSU uniform is available as an option to choose from! That’s right, the new Nike uni’s are on the EA Sports website. Check it out.

Here’s a composite look at the three choices for pants:



Looks like three different helmets, three different sets of pants, and a clean jersey with stripes on the shoulder. Pretty cool.

Friday Wrap, Plus Your Comments Reviewed

August 22, 2008

Just eight days until kickoff?? Please tell me, where did this summer go? Unbelievable.

Some quick links to get your day started, and then it’s your turn. We’ll go over some of the top comments of the week.

Brandon Gibson is staring at his last season, and Howie Stalwick has a good, quick write-up of the senior star. I know it isn’t touched on a whole lot in this article, but there have been some loud-and-clear hints that this year, watch out for Gibson. Look for a lot of motion, look for him to get the ball on end-around handoffs, the whole deal. They are going to feature him in creative ways that we haven’t seen before, so, Gibson is a player to watch in the entire conference. I can’t wait until next to see what’s in store for 2008.

Maybe the top breakthrough performer for the 2008 defense? How about Kevin Kooyman? There’s been buzz about him that hasn’t let up, and now some reporters are starting to take notice. Our own Rooster had a personal encounter with him this spring and came away beyond impressed with the young guy. Ted Miller mentioned Kooyman a week or so ago on his blog, in that he’s a player he’s hearing a lot about when you hear about WSU, and now, the Bellingham Herald has a story about Kooyman. Brandon Gibson is on board that Kooyman is set to be that breakthrough guy at defensive end. While he hasn’t done a huge amount of stat-mongering yet, he did have 3.5 sacks last year in only two starts before injuries slowed him down. It sure would be nice to get some strong play on the other side of the line opposite Andy Mattingly. And if Mattingly does as well as many think he will, we could have one hell of a strong set of defensive ends! And I don’t just mean the starters either. Having Matt Mullennix back, as well as Mike Graise, with their experience, well, the ends could be the deepest unit on the defense this year.

Another day, more fantastic coverage out of Vince Grippi. This time he profiles the starting linebackers, and gives a thorough recap of Thursday’s action. Sounds like a pretty sloppy practice/scrimmage, and that we are looking like a M*A*S*H unit right now. Everyone is beat up in one for or another. I don’t want to have flashbacks to Bear Bryant’s hell-on-earth “Junction Boys” training camp where he damn near killed kids in an attempt to whip them in to shape, but it sounds like it has been a long, hot, tough month of August out on the Palouse.

Finally, time to look back at some of your comments of the week. Excellent feedback as usual, from all of you, but some warranted some extra-special attention.

First, the Uni Watch, Home Version, got a lot of excellent feedback.
anthony mcclanahan said…

Love the “Apple Cup” look too. That is the way to go forward PERIOD. The Crimson helmet has to go…it looks great sitting on the shelf but on the field with crimson pants we simply look like Arkansas…I seriously think that everytime I see us on the road.

Secondly and this goes to all uniforms for all team home and road. For god’s sake can we as a school define what color “Cougar Crimson” is going to be and stick to it. I would go so far as to have Sterk hire a “Quality Crimson Control” specialist who demands that all suppliers and licensees conform to one uniform color of Cougar Crimson.

Anyway…I say Cougar script helmets for all games (thankfully the grey logo helmets are retired…the logo just never “popped” on the silver helmets and it was a terrible look) Clean white jerseys with silver pants looks great on the road.

For the home look we COULD have the sweetest look ever. We have to go to a solid 2-color crimson/silver look. (Think Detroit Lions throwbacks with Crimson where the blue is)

1-Silver Cougar-script helmet
2-Crimson jersey with Silver, NOT WHITE numbers and maybe a small silver “Wazzu” or logo at the neck.
3-Solid Silver pants (crison logo okay)
4-Solid Crimson socks (all worn tucked into the pants
5-Black Shoes
6-NO WHITE Lettering or stripes anywhere on the uniform***
7-Only exception would be for an Crimson pants “All Crimson look” for MAXIMUM one game per year.

To picture this think almost of our practice uniforms…clean sharp.

All the best uniforms are TWO color designs that are clean and classy.
For Example
Michigan Home
Texas Road
Alabama Home
Penn State Home/Road
USC Home

We could look awesome at home and on the road and put the memories of the embarrassing/hideous 2-helmet Gesser-era bad stripey uniforms to bed forever. And by the way those “cougars” jerseys vs USC were the most Gawd-Awful ridiculous things I have ever seen. We should act lack a BCS team.

Michelle stopped by and “classed it up” around here, as usual.

My guess is when Nike “swooshes” (had to, sorry) in and designs our new unis, they will look nothing like we hope…

The Crimson helmets just don’t seem to go well with any color combo.

Millcreek, I agree. I love our cougarhead and I think we should wear that at home. I like the Jerome Harrison/Alex Brink look…but something about Gesser and Derting in all crimson gives me chills…Maybe it was how good we did those seasons.

And those special jerseys we brought out at the USC game were sick, like I wanted to vomit when I saw them. The only thing decent on them was the use of COUGARS.

Have a great Cougar day everyone

Woody weighed in on his take. Woody also has some sports apparel industry insight so his views are highly regarded.

As in previous posts here are my votes:

First Off Branding:
Uniforms and Logos should be about one thing and that is branding. They should be used to brand your program(s),school, even your “spirit/school pride” It is not just about money either. A singular/popular/recognizable brand identifies your program to Fans, Alums, Recruits, competitors, etc.
To have a dual look and change every year or so completely defeats that purpose. Your program is not then identifiable.
We already have one of the most recognizable logos in the country, we should be using that!

1. Helmets (home and away):
Silver with Cougar Logo.
I can live with the script, but the logo is what we should be using.

It really is no joke to say that the Cougar Logo is one of the most popular and recognizable college logos out there. (not just Cougs say that either) It is the one symbol that across the country people will and do look at and say that is the WSU Cougars.
To not use that logo with our main athletic program in my opinion would be crazy and not utilizing a huge moniker and already established asset.

2. Pants (home and away): The majority of the time silver! If you want to throw in a crimson pant here and there that is fine. But I would like to see the day when people are flipping the channel and see the silver pants and the silver helmet they know they are watching WSU.

3. Jerseys:
A. Home Crimson
B. White
Not much to add there.

4. Accents, Numbers and Lettering (oh my):
I am a traditionalists and would like to see as clean and concise as possible. But the fonts, and stripes and lettering on jerseys etc. changes with the trends. So, for a couple of years the stripes on the pants will be popular, and then maybe a cougar head on the pants will be cool after that.
As long as you have the foundation of the silver pants and helmets you can alter the accents with the times.

I am sure as time goes on we will have uber posts on the whole Nike situation, so I will hold off until then.

Go Cougs!


On the Gary Rogers – Alex Brink story that probably will always live in “what could have been” land…

’03 Couve Coug said:

It’s hard not to sit here and curse the former staff for not giving Rogers more time, especially if he struggles out of the gate. Rather than gnash my teeth over it, I’ll choose to chalk up any early season woes to trying to learn a new system. I’ll actually feel worse if Rogers comes out and sets the world on fire, because we will all have to wonder if Rogers could have helped things turn out differently the last couple of seasons. Then again, Brink put up huge numbers and was widely recognized as a team leader that had the respect of all of his teammates. Offense was rarely the problem the last couple of seasons compared to the lousy defenses and downright gawd-awful special teams, which Brink or Rogers could have done nothing about.

I guess that we can look back and be frustrated, or we can just be happy that we now have a coaching staff in place that doesn’t seem to feel the need to play favorites or continue starting a player because “he’s a senior, he’s put in the time.” I’m very happy to hear that Wulff and staff all say that the best players are going to play, regardless of age, experience, whatever. I’ll drink a frosty Busch Light to that! Here’s to better times ahead.

Finally, for a short trip down memory lane, “anonymouschimed in for a reference towards Don SASSSAAA….

Palouse Posse:
DE: Dwayne Patterson
DT: Don Sasa
DT: Chad Eaton
DE: Dwayne Sanders
LB: Ron Childs
LB: Mark Fields
LB: Chris Hayes
CB: Torey Hunter
S: Jon Rushing
S: Singor Mobley
CB: Greg Burns
NB: Brian Walker

After UW’s lone touchdown drive during the 94 AC Sasa moved to DE (as one of the dwayne’s was out) with freshman Leon Bender at Tackle. The Huskies didn’t score again.

What a defense. As someone pointed out, reserve d-end Todd Shaw started that 94 Apple Cup as a senior, and on the first drive UW strolled right down the field. After that, Bender was inserted, and as the Times headline would say the following day, “COLD COUGAR REALITY CHILLS UW“.

There are other comments this week that were very good, but we can’t list them all. Excellent feedback, as usual. Without your comments, this blog would die a slow, painful death. And it seems the moron “troll” took the week off…but we know he’s out there flexing his internet muscles.

HAPPY FRIDAY, and as always, GO COUGS!

Home Uni Watch – WSU Football Blog Style

August 17, 2008

First off, a quick recap – the fans have spoken from the first uni watch, of the road uni variety. While you can never read too much into polls, well, this one was somewhat decisive. The current Apple Cup look was the winner, by a pretty decent margin. Here’s the final results:

Current AC Look: 110
The New Millennium (Gesser style): 79
BledsoePalouse Posse – Leaf: 37
Walden Era – 81 Holiday: 18
Erickson Era – 88 Aloha Bowl: 13

So this is what we hope to see for the road look:
But even if it isn’t what we will see this year, still, hopeful for something similar in the future?

Moving on, time to flip things to the home uni’s. We’ll do the same as before, starting with the Walden era (and even slightly before) and move it right through to today. The poll is up to the right, plus comments are always appreciated.

1) Walden Era Home Uni’s

Actually a couple of versions to this one. First here’s a look at the all-Crimson uni’s, with white stripes, white lettering, Cougars script on the helmet with a white face mask:

Then another version, this one with gray pants:

Like the road versions, seen here, very basic, very clean. This crimson top with gray pants look actually came about from this one, here seen by none other than Dr. Dan Doornink from the late 70’s:

2) Erickson Era of the late 80’s

There isn’t a lot out there in full-blown color from this era in terms of home uni’s. Here’s a black-n-white shot from the ’88 Apple Cup that shows the biggest change, which has the same gray pants seen here in the road version.

The jerseys are virtually identical to the road one, except for the main color of course, crimson jerseys. Here’s another shot of just the jersey alone:
3) BledsoePalouse Posse – Leaf years of early/late 90’s:

Same jersey as the Erickson change, basically, but this time we came out with the crimson pants to match.

There were some variations, including the 1994 Alamo Bowl, which saw these pants worn as a one-time only deal.

There were some other looks in the late 90’s, including a change in the numerals but kept with the crimson pants.
And then these uni’s from 1999, which saw yet another change to the numerals, the WSU sometimes on the helmet and sometimes the Cougars script, and even gray pants at home.

Phew. Got all that?

4) The GesserKegelDerting years

A new look for the new millennium. The program went the direction of the Denver Broncos style ushered in the late 90’s, which the vertical stripes. An extra layer of dimension to the numerals as well. Generally a busy look. Later we would add on to this uni with an extra stripe on the shoulders, and continue the main vertical stripe all the way up to the neck line. First seen here at the 2003 Rose Bowl.

We would continue this double-shoulder stripe look for the next couple of seasons.

Then, we would clean it all up in 2005, which brings us to today.

5) The Current Versions – Mkristo Bruce – Jerome Harrison – Jason Hill – Alex Brink years.

A pretty clean look, mixing past and present. Gray pants with a crimson-white-crimson stripe, no hip logo. WSU logo on the helmet, and block white numerals and lettering. Small “Washington State” across the chest. Black shoes. A clean, sharp look all the way around.

Of course, we have had a few different looks mixed in. Once we rolled out a whole new deal with Russell for a USC home game in 2006, fresh for the TBS national TV coverage.

This look featured crimson helmets and a completely new lettering, design, the whole thing.

Gone was the “Washington State” lettering, replaced by just Cougars in a totally different, white font. Crimson as the main color but gray featured prominently along the shoulders and down to the sleeve, with crimson numbers on the sleeve. Gray pants accented by some small crimson stripes around the keee. Black shoes, and, for the first time in a while, crimson helmets at home. A look we haven’t seen again, by the way.

I always was interested in what people thought of this alternate version. I did remember hearing very mixed opinions, some from it’s FREAKIN‘ SWEET and others who just hated it. When I first saw them I was like “WTF?” but then as the game went on I got used to them, to the point that I think I actually liked them. Maybe we’ll see them again, someday?

And finally, for Apple Cup home games, we went with the Cougars script helmets as well as the “throwback” solid gray pants.
This look will be similar to what we’ll see in 2008, although we’ll roll with the standard home pants with the crimson-white-crimson pants. Per the official WSU blog:

For home games, the Cougars will wear silver helmets with the script Cougar lettering. The jerseys are crimson, and the pants are silver with a three inch stripes down the side rotating crimson, white, crimson.

For away games, the Cougars will wear crimson helmets with the white Cougar head logo. The jerseys are white, and the pants are crimson with a three inch stripe rotating crimson, white, crimson.

That’s not to say it won’t be something different for the Seattle game…

Hmm, something different for the Seattle game? We’ll have to work our back channels to see if we can get a tip on what to expect in what, now less than TWO WEEKS until kickoff?? Unbelievable.

So there you have it. Vote early/often, post your thoughts on what you like and what you don’t. Let’s hear it.

Enjoy your Sunday, and most of all, GO COUGS!

Road UNI Watch – WSU Football Blog Style

August 4, 2008

With practice sessions about to begin, we will step outside the box a bit today. All the buzz has been about the new uniforms that will grace our Cougars next year once the Nike deal takes hold in January, and obviously some concerns arose with the news. Would they create something hideous as we’ve seen from our NW brethren in Oregon? Or the “Jog-Bra” look at Oregon State? Maybe they’ll stay conservative, ala UW which aside from changing some of the font on the numbers, well, they still “look” like UW, you know what I mean?

Anyway, we thought it would be a good idea to look back at some past WSU combo’s in the modern era, and see if we might come to a consensus of which uni’s worked the best over the years, and which ones didn’t. Today we’ll roll out the road combo’s. Check out the poll question to the right, and feel free to leave comments on which style you prefer. Here goes:

1) 1981 Holiday Bowl Road Uni’s

Crimson pants with white stripes down the side. Solid block crimson numerals with double-crimson stripe on the sleeves. Gray helmets with Cougars script, and a center stripe on the helmet. White face masks, white shoes.

Mainly rolled with this style in the Walden era with very little change. Basic, but clean.

2) 1988 Aloha Bowl Road Uni’s

Here we see the change that Erickson wanted when he showed up. Gray pants without any piping or stripes, and a WSU cougar head logo on the hip. White jerseys with basic lettering, and the big change having the Washington State school name across the chest. WSU Cougar head logo on the sleeves. White shoes. Gray helmets with Cougars script and crimson face masks.

Erickson was quoted at the time he took the WSU job that if we were going to play in the Pac-10, we were going to look like we belonged in the Pac-10, so some tweaks were made. I like this look to an extent, but I could do without the Washington State name across the chest.

3) The Bledsoe/Palouse Posse/Ryan Leaf years of the early-late 90’s

Same jersey as we had when Erickson did the tweaking. Cougar head logo on the sleeves, school name across the chest, basic crimson lettering. But the big change? solid colors that many schools went with in the 90’s for their road pants. Still a solid look, and a nice contrast of colors with the crimson pants and gray helmets. Although some would complain on the overall color of the crimson, as they just didn’t look deep enough. In the lighting conditions on the road or on TV, a lot of times we looked too “fire engine red”, and it’s hard to argue with that when you view some of the pics. Later you’ll see we attempted to correct that, but as you can see here, it is more of a red vs. a crimson.
There were a few variations in this era. Occasionally we would roll out the gray pants on the road, but it was very rare. The “Bledsoe’s” wore that look for a road game at Oregon in 1991, and Leaf and company wore it at Stanford in the mid-90’s and maybe the biggest win ever, the 1997 Apple Cup. But it was pretty rare. The 1997 Rose Bowl saw the gray script helmets with the rose as part of the script (just beautiful!), with white tops and crimson pants.

One variation of this era was at times we would have the Cougars script helmet, and others where we would wear the Cougar head logo on the helmets. Here’s a shot of the variation in a 1995 game at Cal, complete with a solid crimson stripe down the center:

4) The Gesser – Kegel – Derting years – stripes and stuff.

A big departure from the past, WSU joined many others in going with the Russell Athletics look of the side, “modern” stripes which went down the side of the torso up through the top, under the shoulders and finishing at the neck. The school name still appeared across the chest, but it was considerably smaller, and a small WSU logo was at the center of the neck line.

WSU also became one of the only schools in America with more than one helmet, rolling out the crimson shells for road games, with white face masks. White shoes and white pants with crimson stripes down the side to complete the vertical look. The numbers got some block in gray coloring to give them an extra dimension. We even modified things a bit to these jerseys, going with an extra stripe along the shoulders for a different look.

I liked these uni’s initially, but ultimately I longed for the more conservative, old-school look without the busy stripes on the jerseys. Which takes us to today.

5) The Current Versions – Mkristo Bruce – Jerome Harrison – Jason Hill – Alex Brink years.
And here we are today. Crimson pants the majority of the time, with three versions – one we rarely see, the extra bolded crimson stripe that Mkristo is modeling above. One with a double-white stripe down the side, and a pants scheme that looks a little too much like Stanford if you want to know the truth. And another, a solid crimson look that even looks like a deeper crimson color (although I think lighting has a lot to do with this):

Crimson helmets with Cougar head logo and white face masks, and the school name remains small across the chest. Black shoes complete the look, and it’s sharp. The stripes on the jerseys and wavy stripes to the pants are gone, and the lettering is much more of a block-style with an extra crimson outline.

Finally, the look that we have seen in the last two Apple Cups. It’s also a look that has done us well over the years (1988 Aloha Bowl, 1997 Apple Cup, 2005 and 2007 Apple Cups). Yes, I’m talking about the gray helmets with the Cougars script, same simple, clean jerseys, solid gray pants with the WSU hip logo, and black shoes. I have to admit…..I FREAKIN’ LOVE IT!

So there you have it. Feel free to chime in via comments or vote in the poll for your favorite combo.