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Cougs Land Casto

April 17, 2008

I guess the sweet call of Big-Time Georgetown just wasn’t sweet enough. There was some speculation that this could happen yesterday, but today is a new day. Vince at has broken the story this afternoon that Washington 4-A State Player of the Year DeAngelo Casto is headed for Pullman!

Now, he still has to become eligible. Casto says things are cool and he’s on target to be able to join the team next year, but stay tuned there.

If you haven’t seen him, Casto is a wonderfully talented 6-8 power forward who has really evolved. His offensive game needs some improvement, but he’s got all the tools you look for at a young age. Regarded as a tremendous leaper, he’s also known for a soft touch around the perimeter. He’s got a very strong frame, and you can see that once he gets into an NCAA lifting program, he could really pack on the muscle. He’s a nice addition to next year’s team and who knows, perhaps he’ll break through and see some court time as a true frosh?

The exciting thing about Casto is how well he performed when the lights were the brightest over the last couple of seasons. He averaged a double-double the last two years combined, but just in hte state tourney alone this year, he averaged nearly 19 points per game on a deep, talented championship team. Casto also set a tournament record with 25 blocked shots in four games, including a dominating EIGHT in the title game!

I think this basically solidifies this year’s recruiting class as the greatest in school history, at least in regards to pre-season hype. Marcus Capers, James Watson, Klay Thompson, Michael Harthun, Nick Witherill, and now DeAngelo Casto makes this a class that we could be talking about for a long, long time. Nice “get” Tony, and welcome to the family DeAngelo!

Cal RB James Montgomery to Washington….State??

March 21, 2008

So news breaks this week that touted RB James Montgomery of Cal is leaving Berkeley. Lots of talk about the reasons, but mainly, he’s not happy at Cal. And of course, the usual connect-the-dots nature has many Seattle scribes placing Montgomery at UW, the school he originally committed to but ultimately changed his mind. But in the words of Lee Corso….NOT so fast my friend!

Guess who is elbowing their way into the picture?? That’s right, Paul Wulff and the WSU Cougars have snuck into this thing. Per the Sacramento Bee, Montgomery says that he’s wide open, but right now it’s Washington State, Florida and one other SEC school that wasn’t mentioned.

But we will go one step further. Brinkhater, he of the Sacramento area, reports an insider conversation he had yesterday evening with a Berkeley know-it-all. Basically, the word is, it’s WSU by a large margin, and Florida as a distant 2nd! The one big pull for Florida is that one of Montgomery’s best buddies, a player from Cordova High School, is headed for Florida. But otherwise, the odds are strong Montgomery COULD be a Coug!

If this happens, well, first off Montgomery would sit out next year, and would be eligible for the ’09 season. He would have two years of eligibility left at that point, so in essence it would be like getting a monster JC transfer, but you’ve had him practicing with you the prior year. Can you say INSTANT impact?? Team him up with Ivory or even Tardy, and we could be looking at one strong backfield! Stay tuned. We’ll have more information as we hear it, but for now, the rumors are strong that Montgomery is a “hard lean” towards Crimson!