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Congrats Photo Winners!

May 4, 2009

Happy Monday(?). First of all, a big congrats to the photo contest winners. “Mama Sledge” held on, but it was pretty close:

1) Mama Sledge (pictured above)- 92 votes (29%)

2) Devard Daaaughhhling – 85 votes (27%)

3) Bone the Dawgs – 82 votes (26%)

4) Li’l Cougs – 56 votes (17%)

5) U-Dub Asskick – 42 votes (13%)

6) Stiffmeister’s ???? – 21 votes (6%)

314 of you took the time to vote, so, thank you.

Each of the top five finishers will be contacted with their choice of prizes. Mama Sledge will get first pick, Devard Daaaaaughhling gets second pick of what’s left, and so on. And Stiffy, sorry for the 6th place finish. Something tells me we’ll run into you this fall and Hooty will buy you a pitcher anyway? So really, you’re ALL WINNERS!

And the reason we went with this contest in the first place? We’re going to make a new blog header sometime this summer, and we want to incorporate your pics as part of said header. But it doesn’t have to stop there with the contest finalists. If any of you have any ideas on what would make a great header, please feel free to share! Contact us at, or just leave a comment, whatever. We will also update the photo gallery that you see on the top-right of the site, so again, anything you want to share, send it on. We want to involve you as much as we can.

Moving on, there were some tough cuts at WSU late last week. A casualty of the new era of tight spending? Sports Management is going to be cut from WSU. While in Pullman I wasn’t part of that program myself, I know several people who were. Our own Michelle is part of the program now, and has helped create a Save Sport Management campaign on Facebook. Check it out if you get the chance. Over 960 people have joined their group, and the list continues to grow. And straight from the Facebook page:

They will host a feedback forum on the budget noon-1 p.m. Monday, May 4, in the CUB auditorium. JOIN THE “SAVE SPORT MANAGEMENT!” RALLY!!! WE WILL START AT CLEVELAND HALL ON MONDAY, MAY 4TH AT 11:15 AM AND MARCH TO THE CUB FOR THE Q & A SESSION.

Budget cuts suck, but it is part of the times today. Even big, bad UW had to cut their swimming programs. And per Steve Kelley, UW A.D. Scott Woodward is MEAN! Woodward took all of 30 seconds from criticizing Jim Sterk and Elson Floyd to inform the UW swimmers that they were done, buh-bye.

But to all of you involved in the WSU Sports Management cause, GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

Finally, it’s going to be slow in the WSU universe. Football news is heading into a dead period (unless something happens off the field….fingers crossed). But we will still try and fill the void. Look for our little spring “fishwrap” series to start soon, where we’ll look at each WSU opponent for the upcoming 2009 season and see if we can get a read of what we’re in for next fall.

That’s it for today. Enjoy it, and GO COUGS!