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Photo Contest – Vote Now!

March 29, 2009

Greetings, fellow Cougies.

I’ve emerged from my winter slumber to find a fresh layer of snow on the ground, here in Spokane. At this rate, I won’t start losing my thick winter coat of back hair until June. We don’t dye our kids’ Easter eggs anymore, we just scatter hard-boiled eggs around the shady spots in the yard that still have snow. This is not what I signed up for when I moved here from beautiful Renton, WA…

The deadline for season ticket renewals was Friday. Raise your hand if you didn’t renew. I myself, did not. Now, I’m not throwing in the towel or anything – I’ll still be there when I’m able. I just don’t want to pay for five games and only be able to go to three, as the case has been the last two years with Mini McBoob playing Pop Warner. I’m not going to miss the Family Section and I’m pretty sure the Family Section won’t miss me.

Unfortunately, this means one of the prizes we planned on giving away for our little photo contest (4 tickets to a 2009 game) is no longer available, so we’ll have to find a substitute.

Speaking of the contest, thank you to those of you who submitted photos (and shame on you to those that did not!). While the number of submissions was not overwhelming, it was a fun way to get you guys more involved with the blog. We’ll keep the photo gallery alive on the site so if you ever feel like contributing, please e-mail us at

Now, some of the photos in the gallery belong to Hawk and I and we’re not eligible to win. If we were, I think I would have won with this one:

I took this one from the sideline before the USC game in 2006. Ah, Pirate Girl. And yes, referee-guy, I’m staring at your girlfriend’s boobs…

There were several good submissions and it was actually quite difficult to pick the finalists. Before I get to those, here’s our runners-up…

This one just barely missed the cut. It’s WSUFootballBlog frequent flyer and ZZU CRU founder, Michelle, with Coach Dreamy. NOTE – PER SPECIAL REQUEST, THIS PHOTO HAS BEEN REMOVED!

From pretty, to ugly. This guy lost points for drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade. If that were a Schmidt’s tallboy, I’d have voted you on to the finals.

I just thought this one was pretty cool. It’s taken from far enough away that you can’t tell that this is the new Butch who just got back from the eye doctor and his pupils are still fully-dilated.

I’ve seen this picture way too many times to believe that the guy who submitted it is the actual photographer – but it’s always good for a laugh. The only thing more embarrassing that a grown man wearing purple, is a grown man pissing in his pants while wearing purple.

…and now, the Finalists! The winner will be decided by YOUR votes, Loyal Readers – so please make your voice heard!

The best photo will be part of a new blog header we will unveil before the ’09 season gets started. Actually a few of your photos might make it in, but the winner will for sure be a part of it.

But that’s not all – the winner will receive first choice from Uncle Hooty’s prize bag:

* Mark Rypien autographed football
* 2003 Holiday Bowl DVD featuring the ESPN, WSU and Texas radio broadcasts
* Marcus Trufant Autographed Rookie Card
* Mark Fields Autographed Rookie Card
* One pitcher of beer at your Pullman bar of choice – as long as it’s The Sports Page or The Coug – with the WSUfootballblog gang (Here’s a tip: I get very generous when I drink, so one pitcher will likely wind up being eight…).

So, first place gets their pick of one of those five prizes. 2nd place gets their pick of what’s left, and so on. 5th place gets stuck with whatever is left.

And now….in no particular order… are your 2009 WSUfootballblog Photo Contest Finalists:

“udub Asskick”

These two Cougs swallowed their pride and donned purple and gold on Halloween, looking like two huskies after Stiffmeister and I met them in a dark alley.

“Bone the Dogs”

I haven’t seen one of these shirts in a long time. Seeing two of them next to each other on the field after an Apple Cup victory is more of a rare occurrence than a Tyrone Willingham smile.

“Devard Daaauugggghhhhrling”

The beauty of this pic is not the three studs in the foreground; it’s Devard Darling puking into a garbage can on the sideline right below them. Awesome.

“Mama Sledge”

Gotta love this one of rising Cougar Head-Knocker Mike Ledgerwood and his proud Mama after the Apple Cup victory. If nothing else, “Mama Sledge” wins the award for coolest nickname for a Mom.


This pic is of blog regular Stiffmeister and his crew, prior to the Apple Cup. I’m not exactly sure what the guy in front is doing but it looks to me like like he’s sufficiently liquored-up to enjoy the game. Good for you!

“Li’l Cougs”

Couldn’t resist the “Cute Factor” so we wind up with SIX finalists and only five prizes. These little Cougs are cute – but will they be losers? You decide.

There you have it. Voting will be open on the poll in the right-hand column of the blog from now through the end of April (April 30th to be exact).

Thanks again for all the submissions!


Friday Fun With Video – UCLA and WSU

October 3, 2008

I thought with the current state of affairs around here, it might be nice to look back at some history and feel GOOD about some things? And why not? We’re 1-4, the economy sucks, the political debates rage on where republicans and democrats are CONVINCED they won last night, blah blah blah. Besides, it’s Friday and nobody works Fridays, right?

So, anyway, UCLA. We’ve got this funny little recent history with these guys that is fairly impressive, no? Strange. I’ve looked at it several times, and I still don’t get it. We’ve beaten them when we’ve been awful (3-8 in 1995, beat them 24-15 in Pullman). We’ve beaten them when we’ve been great (1997, beat them 37-34 vs. UCLA in a game that started a history-making season). We clinched a Rose Bowl bid against them in 2002, when Jason Gesser limped through as impressive a performance as many have ever witnessed watching football on the Palouse, a 48-27 win in Mike Price’s last regular season game as the REAL head coach of Washington State. The 37-15 win in ’06, securing what we all thought as a bowl bid with a 6th victory of the season…..but we know how that turned out. Heck, we even beat them last year when UCLA was still pretty good, coming into the Pullman match-up at 5-2 and off a huge win vs. Cal the week before.

So 10 of the last 14, and six of the last seven times, WSU has prevailed. But if you go back a little further, there is one game that more or less started it all, all the way back to 1988. WSU has won 11 of the last 17 in the series if you go back to ’88. But believe you me, it wasn’t always this way…..not even close. What’s amazing is that from 1958 leading up to the 1988 game, UCLA was an amazing 17-1-1 vs. WSU! The Cougs beat them at home in 1979, and tied them in 1981, but otherwise, UCLA had completely owned WSU. But then, 1988 happened. A win that kick-started a strong recent run against UCLA, but also regarded as perhaps the best win in school history.

October 29th, 1988 to be exact, a day that will live forever in the hearts of WSU football fans everywhere.

To do a quick recap, ’88 was a big-time breakthrough season for WSU. After a disappointing 3-7-1 first year at WSU in ’87, Dennis Erickson’s second season was a rousing success, a 9-3 season capped by an Aloha Bowl victory. But what many people forget about that season is that when the UCLA game rolled around, the team needed a victory. They were coming in off a two-game losing streak, including a bitter home loss to ASU the week before, and the team was starting to stagger. After a hot 4-1 start, including huge wins at Illinois (44-7), Minnesota (41-9) and Tennessee (52-24), and at home against #19 Cal (44-13), suddenly they were 4-3 and some doubt was setting in. Perhaps they weren’t for real after all?

Meanwhile, UCLA was crazy/sexy/cool, with Troy Aikman and company as the number-one team in the land. Aikman was a legit Heisman candidate, thriving under the bright lights of the LA market. So the task was huge, and the Cougs got off to a slow start as UCLA sprinted out to a 20-6 halftime lead. It didn’t look good. But WSU rallied, big-time, behind Timm Rosenbach, Tim Stallworth, Rich Swinton, Mike Utley, Chris Dyko, and oh yeah, the current head coach of your Cougars, Paul Wulff, for a stunning 34-30 win. Check out the waning moments, plus the on-the-field interview from Dennis Erickson after the game.

I love how that, even in the situation where UCLA had all the momentum (1st and goal on the 6?), the Cougar D still ATTACKED. Those last two pass plays saw blitzes, and Aikman took some heat. No scaling back at that point, might as well force the issue. But man, the joy Erickson had at the end of that game, with his Dad, how cool was that? Talk about pure joy!

I was too young to be at WSU at the time, but our own Hooty McBoob was a mulleted-up true FROSH in the fall of ’88. He said that, while watching the game in Pullman on TV, when that last 4th-down pass was batted down in the corner of the end zone to seal the deal, you could hear a collective roar all across campus. What a moment. Here’s hoping we’ll experience something similar, again….someday.

Enjoy your Friday, and GO COUGS!