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Be A Big Boner!

April 8, 2009

I sure am….

Greetings, Cougar Nation, hope you’re having a great week.

So, finally we have a new basketball coach. And let me tell you, this is one tremendous hire.

Mind you, the hire becomes officially great the moment that we retain the services of Johnson (a.k.a. “the Benefactor”), Thames, and Motum.

But, after we finish up with that trifecta, then we are left with where we were ten days ago. With one exception: we have a better coach.

Now, granted T-Bone is and was one smoothe customer. He is a great recruiter, motivator, and a darn good basketball coach.

But as good as Tony was and is, he is awfully green. And while his offensive sets have been described as creative, I thought a lot of our execution in the half court over the years was pretty abysmal. And I also think that Tony’s rotations have always left a lot to be desired (see our transfer list as an example).

So, now we have a guy with a wealth of HEAD coaching experience, who has won at EVERY level he’s coached. And because Bone teams don’t average 99 a game, you can all relax that the guy knows a thing or two about playing D.

Moreover, to all the “he’s from the Big Sky” haters: THE DUDE HAS coached at the Pac-10 level during the years that the Dawgs were REALLY good (as in #1 seed good even if they were the WORST #1 seed of all time.)

So, the guy is all upside on the coaching end. Then to top it all off, he’s 50 which is JUST young enough to relate to the kiddies but old enough to have a difficult time stepping up and out.

In that way, it sure looks like we have our guys (Wulff and Bone) for a while. Lets sit back this year and support them both through the final growing pains.

2010 is going to be a HELL of a year for Cougar sports.

BONE Lands WSU Gig

April 6, 2009

Get your “Bone the Dawgs” tees while you can, as it is all over now. I guess you saw this coming when Stew Morrill and Mike Davis pulled out early Monday AM, but the leader on day one of the search has prevailed. Per Vince Grippi, WSU has hired Ken Bone as their next head hoops coach, replacing the forked-tongue serpent who slithered off to Virginia, free to toil in the nether regions of the ACC basement (just kidding….kinda).

BH will give his detailed hoops thoughts on this hire in the coming days, and what it means for today AND tomorrow. But as someone who has heard Ken Bone on the KJR airwaves several times the last few years, I can’t help but be enthusiastic over this hire. KJR’s Ian Furness has had him on his show a few times, and the last time he had him on was right before March Madness. After the interview, Furness said “I will tell you what – IF Tony Bennett leaves WSU, Ken Bone is THE GUY for the Cougs!”

Bone is well respected on many levels, and you rarely – if EVER – hear anything negative about the guy. And oh yeah, he wins. Everywhere he’s been. PERIOD.

*77-49 in four years at PSU, including two tourney appearances the last two seasons.

*253-97 in 12 seasons at SPU.

*Combined record at both schools = 330-146

Sounds good to me. But there are questions, as always.

1) Can he recruit the Seattle-area talent, a region full of D-1 players every single year? The same Seattle area that hasn’t been plentiful under the Bennett regime?

2) What happens with Bone’s approach with this roster? How much will he tweak things for a bunch of kids recruited into Bennett Ball into his vision? He is regarded a bit as a guy who has coached different styles, but will it be a bunch of 44-40 type scores, or will he rev things up? Does he have a true commitment to the defensive end, or will he try and make these kids run?

3) How about the assistants? Sanchez is likely gone to UVA, but what about Ben Johnson or Matt Woodley? And who will Bone take with him from the PSU bench?

4) And maybe the most pressing issue of all – can he keep the current young players happy while also reel in the recruits who have already inked their letters of intent (Thames anyone?)?

It is going to be awfully interesting to see what happens. But all I know is I really, really like this move! Compared to the other candidates reported in the media, he was the right choice all along.


The Bone and the Benefactor

March 31, 2009

Greetings, Cougar Nation. Hope you all are hanging in there.

Well, this whole development is nothing short of bizarre.

First, Tony leaves. Then, we decide to NOT interview any of his assistants. And then Tony decides to not take ANY of his assistants with him.

Talk about ‘servanthood’.


Then, Sterk makes the statement in his press conference tonight that the search is going to be “short and sweet” or some such. And you know what that means?

Its time for the REAL bone to step forward.

Yep, out with the T-Bone, and in with the Ken Bone.

Bone will bring one heck of a W-L track record with him along with solid ties both with Sterk as well as the NW. And you know what would put the icing on the Cake?

Bring back Ben Johnson and Sanchez.

The success of this program will depend on whether or not we keep that Pac defense. With Johnson, you’ve got a guy that played in the Bennett system and coached it for a decade. On top of that, you have the guy with ALL of the recruiting connections we’ve established over the years.

So, Bone and the Benefactor + Sanchez + Bone’s top assistant at PSU.

You keep all of our recruits, including Thames and the Australian kid (who will both be GREAT) as well as Capers, Thompson, and Casto.

We’ll suck next year, but be dynamite in two years. And then we’ll see if Bone can recruit.

Its a slam dunk. Hire bone under the condition that he keep those two assistants and we’ll forget this day in no time.

Go Cougs.

Breaking News: T-Bone Burns Cougs

March 30, 2009

T-Bone goes Cavalier today and bolts WSU for the trevails of the ACC. Ya, that makes sense.

So, what are your thoughts?

And who is the replacement?

Mark Few? Ben Johnson? Chubby Checker?

Let us know your thoughts.

And here’s mine: STUPID move.

But its still a HUGE loss for us.

A-Rod Finally Finds Biggest Fan

March 18, 2009

After last night’s disappointment, it would be easy to go all "WE SUCK" and stuff. But nah. Not today. Instead I am going to just appreciate the effort for these guys keeping it going when the season was unraveling after the OSU loss. Instead of folding the tent, they came out swinging and gave us a reason to care over the last few weeks. No medals for 7th, sure, but it sure could have gone the other way in a hurry. So for that, I am grateful these guys gave what they had instead of quitting when so many others would have easily laid down.

And thanks to the seniors who helped build this thing. The showed up in Pullman with nothing but hope that things will get better and they could be part of something special in building a program. After 3 straight years of postseason play, I couldn’t be more appreciative of what they gave to the Bennett’s and most of all, to the fans. We officially have a hoops program now, and without their efforts, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We’ll leave the 08-09 season wrap-up to BH for the grade-A analysis. But I will say that at least to me, we are who we thought we were. Basically a near 500 team, capable of beating – or losing to – pretty much anyone.

But today….well….it’s officially WEIRD with A-Rod, isn’t it? I mean a lot of people have played kissy-face with the mirror…..right? No? Well, anyway, the pic sure shows that A-Rod has finally found his biggest fan. He has been staring a back at him his entire life.

The rest of the pics, including some very, uh, "suggestive" photos, can be found here.


Enjoy your humpday, and GO COUGS!

Winner, Winner….

March 17, 2009

Chicken Dinner..

Or so we will say at about 10:30 tonight.

Greetings Cougar Nation and the new love of my life, Michele.

Unfortunately, I have NO TIME today for the in depth, non-analysis that I provide for you all on a routine basis.

That said, despite my earlier sentiment to the contrary, we’re going to win tonight. The reasons, though short here, are pretty basic:

1) We bother people.

The thing that was talked about A LOT the last two years is how dog gone tough we are as a tournament team. The reason: the Pac defense is just a nightmare if you haven’t seen it before. And, as we have seen, #1 seeds like Pittsburgh this year and UNC last year, have a difficult time figuring out how to score against us (you can add all of the non-conference yuck fests we’ve put on teams the last three years right here as well).

To be sure, St. Marys has the shooters to do a Vandy job on us and just light the place up tonight. But, as talented as they are in some respects, this SM team is just not as good as Vandy two years ago, Oregon of years past, or CAL this year. And as good as Patty Boy is, most point guards aren’t as good when they can’t get out in the open floor. And, unless we put up another UCLA brick job, we’re going to frustrate the holy hell out of them tonight.

Remember in our losses this year, both Baylor, the Zags, as well as our Pac-10 foes had seen us and prepared for us before. Ditto LSU via Trent Johnson. And given how unseasoned we were early, remember we nearly even with Pitt with 5:00 left.

So keep in mind that not only have the Gaels not played us before, they’ve had a whopping TWO DAYS to prepare.

Its not enough time.

2) Let Down City

St Mary’s is going to be mad. Real mad. But, have you ever tried to take your anger out on somebody you can’t beat up or who doesn’t play the anger game? IF you have, you know that trying to do so doesn’t relieve anger or frustration, it builds it.

Unless we fall down 20-4 to start this game (which we won’t), St. Mary’s is going to get more and more frustrated as the game goes on. Dare I say “Bank on it.”

3) Free Throw Shooting

Besides brother Klay who has done a bit of a clank job from the line lately, everyone else is shooting free throws well. Included in that mix is brother Casto who seems to have found his touch. We’re going to lead late, so we’re going to get fouled late. So, we’re going to have to make our free throws. We will. And we’ll win.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Onward to South Carolina.

Cougs 61 St. Mary 52

Wanna Get Screwed?

March 16, 2009

Sure seems like the message that the NCAA sent St. Mary’s today.

First, they leave them waiting at the alter of the Big Dance. Then, they stick them with a game against a WSU team that would have been dangerous in the NCAA’s. For them, the match-up is a big stinkin “Yuck.”

As Vince and company already have posted, the Gaels lost ONE game at home this year–to the Zags by two.

So, they’re tough.

That said, when bubble teams have their bubble’s burst on Selection Sunday, their motivation to move on often goes with it–and they often TANK first round NIT games.

However, St. Mary’s matches up VERY well with us (and vice versa) so it should be a heck of a game.

That said, if we advance, does South Carolina or San Diego State scare you?

They sure don’t scare me.

Simply put: win on Tuesday and I think we’re heading to New York.

Lets go get em.

NIT Time

March 15, 2009

Thanks to SC’s miracle run, we are headed to the NIT.

The bid is TOTALLY locked up now that Arizona is in the Big Dance.

BH’s prediction: Round 1 at either St. Marys or San Diego State.

Meanwhile, the draw is HORRIBLE for the UW who I don’t think will make it out of the first weekend.

CAL who I penciled in to KILL Michigan State will face Memphis in Game 2 and will LOSE.

Out of all the teams, AZ has the best chance to make it to the second weekend.


Gonzaga’s draw is GREAT. Look for a total THRILLER between them and UNC in the Sweet 16.

We’ll be back later once the match-up is announced..

Bellotti Steps Aside

March 13, 2009

It is breaking all over, but if you haven’t heard, Mike Bellotti is stepping down as head coach of Oregon. He will take over as AD on 7/1. It was announced recently that this was going to happen, and Chip Kelly would be taking over sooner rather than later. But I have to admit to being surprised it is happening now? Anyway, it is Chip Kelly’s show now. HOORAY spread offense!

So, naturally the question is, how much does this change the landscape in the NW? Were talented recruits spurning UW & WSU for Oregon because of the mustache(or no mustache?) and sunglasses? Or is Oregon Football, brought to you by NIKE, such an overpowering factor that this really isn’t a big deal to where Chip Kelly, Chip from My Three Sons or Steve Kelley could walk around the sidelines in a headset and lead them to a bowl game??

Whatever happens, the spread is here to stay in our corner of the world. And like Oregon or hate them (which is likely if you are reading this), even I can admit that when that offense is clicking, it is a sight to behold. Remember how suffocating the Beaver D was last year against our Cougs in Corvallis? Go watch what the Ducks did to them last year with the Big Daddy on the line. It is impressive, and here to stay. Who knows….maybe, JUST MAYBE, we will actually see more than 50% of our own spread guru’s playbook this fall with Todd Sturdy? PLEASE??

Oh, and Ernie Kent might want to stay close to the phone… BH texted me moments ago, a new AD and their new hoops building might want a new face for the program? After a 2-win Pac-10 season, it might be last call for old Ernie.

So, why the picture of Mike Price?? Well, for one I can’t stand Bellotti. That much is obvious. But also because the Bellotti "path" is EXACTLY what Saint Mike should have followed at WSU! It’s not hard to look back to the early part of the decade with such promise, strong recruiting, etc, and wonder what could have been had he not been tempted by Alabama. And it is a lot easier to get to Coeur D’ Alene from Pullman compared to El Paso. See, EVERYONE could have won here!

Not that I have lost faith in the direction under Wulff – I haven’t – but it will always be something to think about how these last six seasons might have gone had Mike stayed the course. Oh well.

ENJOY the rest of your day, and GO COUGS!


March 13, 2009

Cougs’ NCAA hopes officially die tonight at the hands of the Bruins.

(Anyone else think that this felt a BIT like our North Carolina game last year??)

Baynes wound up playing well while Thompson had the EXACT same type of game that he had @USC a few weeks back.

As well as Tony coached us the last three weeks, tonight was his worst.

The match-up of Taylor v. Shipp was inexplicable and his adjustments didn’t work (were there adjustments?)

Lets hope we’ve done enough for the NIT. Arizona’s potential drop from the dance does NOT help.