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Hello world!

August 14, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Breaking News: BH Gone from WSU Blog

June 26, 2009

Sacramento, CA:

In a stunning development, BH, formerly known as Brinkhater, announced his formal layoff from the WSU Football Blog effective at 5:38pm on Thursday evening. At the announcement, BH read the following short statement:

“For the past five years, I have had the privilege of being a co-founding Blogfather for the greatest sports blog in the entire universe. But now, it has been made clear that it is time for me to step aside. Of course, I’d like to thank all of the fans and readers out there for their support over the years—especially Michele, Ben Million, St. Louis Glenn, and Cougar Jen. But most of all, I’d like to thank Sedihawk, Rooster, Hooty, and Longball. They’ve been really, really great to me and my family.”

When cornered later at the nearby Elephant Bar on Arden Way in East Sacramento, BH provided few additional details on the decision, but did note that the future involved certain changes. He said, “As people know, my role on the blog has been to compliment Sedihawk’s knowledgeable takes with a healthy dose of idiocy. But now, as I look toward the future, I wonder whether making sophomoric fun of college athletics and, at times, athletes was what I needed to be doing with my time. So, I guess it was time for me to move on. Maybe in that way, they did me a favor.”

When asked about future plans, BH noted that he’s looking forward to “spending more time with the family” and “just being a fan for a season.” When asked what he thinks about the future of WSU Athletics, BH became animated:

“I look at the Basketball program and I think that there’s a chance for them to be special in the years to come—maybe not next year, although I think that this team could be fun like last year’s team was fun down the stretch. And where Football is concerned, well, I think the path is clear: keep kids off the stretcher in the pre-season, find any good QB play, and win 4 games. Do that and the future is bright.”

Will he ever blog again? “Yep, and probably about sports, since I think about sports more than anything else.”

His favorite WSU Football Blog Moments: “All of last spring I thought was really great work across the board. Getting the first links from Ted Miller and Benedict Condotta at the same time, that was so cool. Seeing the site meter go past 100,000 was amazing. And I really liked our work on the election last fall– Vince Grippi was so great throughout that whole thing.”

Then, following some brief muttering, BH took a deep breath, sighed, and then said, “But now is not the time and place for those reflections. This is a sad, sad day not only for me, but for the army of supporters who have occasionally followed my musings over the years. I really feel for them right now too.”

With that, BH packed up and left the bar, noting that unemployment is expected to reach as high as 18% in California over the next 10 months.

Goodbye, BH. You will be missed—at least by one.

New Uni’s

June 13, 2009

The new uni’s have been officially unveiled and are officially open to morons like you and I for ad nauseum scrutinization.

Here they are.

Have at it.

Rising Star Mackay Injured in Car Accident

May 8, 2009

In an incredibly sad story, rising redshirt frosh defensive end Cory Mackay was injured in a car accident last night near Washtucna, heading home to Redmond after wrapping up finals. Cougfan has more details here:

While some information is still trickling out, the good news is Mackay is listed in stable condition at Harborview. However there is some talk out there that Mackay may have suffered a serious back injury.

Pray for young Cory.


April 24, 2009

PER, there is your Apple Cup news…Maybe we can call Oregon? Oregon State perhaps? Maybe another NW school will want to play us in Seattle, but not UW!

Discussions of Apple Cup at Qwest Field End
PULLMAN, Wash. – Regarding the ongoing discussions about the possibility of moving future Apple Cups to Qwest Field, Washington State University Director of Athletics Jim Sterk released the following statement Friday:
"President Floyd and I have decided not to pursue further conversations about moving the Apple Cup to Qwest Field," said Sterk.  “I want to reiterate that at no time did we have a finalized agreement. It became evident an understanding on ways to maintain the neutral-site atmosphere in regards to ticket allotment could not be reached; therefore, our student-athletes and Cougar fans would not be best served without this key component. I was not going to continue following a path that was not in the best interest of WSU Athletics, the university and our fans.”
“What made this possible agreement attractive were the additional number of tickets available to our fans, the financial gain seen by the athletic department, and the tremendous exposure created by playing a game of this magnitude at one of the premier sporting venues in the country. However, the final details could not be ironed out.
“We appreciate the relationship we have with First & Goal and will work with them to maintain WSU football’s presence at Qwest Field.”
— —

Sterk Alerts WSU Nation

April 22, 2009

Jim Sterk ran a chat today at, and as one might expect, the majority of the time he was on the defensive in regards to moving the Apple Cup to Qwest.

Give it a read here:

But there was a nugget here that might open some eyes. When asked about the PAC-10 and where we are right now, Sterk laid it on the line:

"I’d like to point out that in the 1960’s WSU membership in the conference was at stake and only a close vote saved the school from being ousted from the conference. The Pac-10 is one of the most prestigous conferences in the country and allows the WSU athletics program and the university’s academic programs to be on the same field and classrooms as Stanford, UC-Berkeley, USC, etc. The athletic program at WSU is the only way this membership is achieved. Our annual budget is currently $14 million BELOW the next lowest member in the conference. If we do not take action to create revenue and level this playing field, we may be at some point in the future be facing ANOTHER VOTE. I will do everything that I can on my watch to prevent such an action. This is why I am pushing Phase III of the renovation and a considering the Apple Cup move."

Scare tactics…..or something else entirely? When you are in the basement, and are so far down there that 9th place is another $14 million away? Not to over-react, but Jim, when you put it that way?? Sign the damn deal already and move the AC to Qwest!

The Quest for Money

April 16, 2009

My good friend and colleague, Vincent Grippi, is reporting at the Spokesman that the Apple Cup is moving full time to Quest Field.

The reason? A big fat bucket of money.

So, no more snow bowls in Pullman in November.

And all you folks in Eastern Washington, get ready to drive over the Mountains if you want to see another Apple Cup.

Nothing quite like taking our Apple Cup game far away from the true blue Crimson and Gray, is there Mr. Sterk?

This is a HORRIBLE move, one that will be sure to tilt the advantage in the rivalry to the Defeateds. And yes, the moola is good, but wait til a heavily partisan Dawg squadron results in a missed field goal that costs us a shot at a BCS game.

This sucks!

The River Cometh

April 14, 2009

Xavier Thames re-ups on his commitment to go to the greatest university ever.

Two down, one giant Motum to go.

We’ll have more on the promise of our basketball program in the next week or so.

Now, onto the Moron.

Ben Johnson STAYING at WSU

April 9, 2009

No link this moment, but Ken Bone just said on KJR that Ben Johnson is STAYING IN PULLMAN! Nice, on many, many levels!

That is all.



April 8, 2009

Nice! Hooray team Tiger, hooray Masters. And thanks to "Woody" for the heads-up. I like the showing of the colors in random places. Who doesn’t? And where is ATLCoug??.

I know he went to Stanford, but cool of him to support the Cougs by putting on the hat for a shot. I guess…a Tiger…..wait for it….can change his stripes? MMMMMM??