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Tebow Nation, Yet Again

January 9, 2009

I hope most of you were able to catch the BCS title game last night. Quite a performance by Mr. Tebow, showing up big on the biggest stage. He had that slow start with some sluggishness and mistakes, but he righted himself big-time down the stretch. The guy is simply amazing though, and that performance in the second half proves that he is THE MAN in the college game right now. Sam Bradford is a fabulous QB who absolutely destroyed everyone in his path this year, but Tebow showed he is the guy you want under center when it’s winning-time.

The impressive thing about Tebow isn’t just the stats (only two INT’s all season coming into the game), nor is it the great person factor, by all accounts the real deal in every way. But the thing I am blown away by is his ability to lift his team and lead them, and they follow him to the ends of the earth. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a team rally around one player like they do for Tebow. This is a “homer” angle, but maybe Jason Gesser had that touch on his team? That performance vs. UCLA in 2002 with the torn up ankle is a history-book chapter in itself. But even I can see that this Tebow is on another level.

The story is a big one, about how he went on a huge tirade after they lost at home to Ole Miss earlier in the year, where he just went nuts on a rant in a way nobody had ever seen from him before. But when he was done, they all said that they would never let that happen again. And they didn’t. But Tebow did the same kind of thing last night. After that tight 7-7 first half, Tebow reportedly went off at halftime, pretty much losing his voice in the process:

“Don’t be afraid of one-five holding that thing,” Tebow said — or screamed? — at the coaches at halftime. “Believe in us and believe in me, and we can get the job done.”

And Tebow was right. He took that game over in the second half. Per ESPN, “On Florida’s 75-yard, third-quarter drive to take a 14-7 lead, he ran or threw for all but 15 of the yards. That included a third-and-4 run for 15 yards and a dodging, cutting, win-the-collision scramble for 12 more on third and 10. On the 76-yard drive for Florida’s clinching touchdown in the fourth quarter, Tebow ran or passed for all but six of the yards. Twice he completed passes to convert third downs, and then he capped the drive with a trademark jump pass to unheralded wideout David Nelson. “

Meanwhile, how about Percy Harvin!?!? HOLY COW. That kid is lightning, and that’s with one healthy ankle! Talk about speed. He’s got the Reggie Bush factor going for him, where every time he has the football in his hands, you feel like he could take it to the house.

And it’s not like he’s a kid who can only run fly sweeps around the outside and doesn’t like to get hit. So many times they would motion him into the backfield and he would take a read-option handoff right up the middle. He’s going to make a LOT of money at the next level.

But it also has to be said – the Florida defense saved that game! Oklahoma had two huge opportunities to maybe even blow the game wide open in the 2nd quarter, where twice they had it first-and-goal, but both times came away with zero points. Once they went for it on 4th and a foot and were stuffed, big-time. The other on a strange, bobbled, tipped pass for an INT at the goal line right before halftime. Either score gives them the lead – and big-time momentum – heading into the locker room. Instead it was frustration for missing such great opportunities, and you better believe that had an effect on that team.

Speaking of defenses, I know I expected more offensive fireworks than we saw, but wow, the hitting in that game was just huge, by both teams. We knew Florida was going to run and hit as well as any defense around, and that SEC speed and power was as advertised. But Oklahoma fought hard for quite a while before wearing out at the end of the game. That said, huge tip of the hat to Florida’s defense. Oklahoma was one of the hottest offenses in the modern era, scoring at least 60 points in five straight games, and setting an FBS record by averaging 54 points per game on the season. Yet Florida limited them to FOURTEEN POINTS. This from a team that averaged 35 points in the FIRST HALF all year! Amazing.

I will also say this. There isn’t a defensive tackle who would better fit the Seahawks’ needs next year than Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy. Provided he comes out for the draft that is, but if you are looking for a 6-4, 300-lb disruptor up front who can power through double-teams, shoot the gaps with explosive power and also drop back in zone blitzes and grab an interception!? What a player!

So, here’s a question – what would USC do to Florida, Utah or even Oklahoma? Do you think Utah has a legit claim to at least share the title? Do you think USC would handle any team in the country right now? Personally I think SC would beat Oklahoma, and probably Utah as well. But Florida, I’m not so sure. They are so physical and have so much speed on defense. I wonder if Mark Sanchez would be up to the task of beating that defense. Again, Florida just held Oklahoma to 14 points. And offensively, the one team USC struggled with this year, Oregon State, was a team that ran the ball incredibly well. Florida has been running for over 200 yards per game on everyone lately, and that’s against SEC defenses. But I know this – I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT! Wouldn’t it be great to see USC and Florida, in one more game to settle it all??

That’s it for today. Enjoy your Friday, and GO COUGS!

Uncle Hooty’s Holiday Grab Bag

December 9, 2008

Greetings Cougies,

Is it me, or are there more pumpkins on front porches than Christmas lights? It sure doesn’t seem like Christmastime to me but I hope everyone’s enjoying the season. Which reminds me, here’s a bunch of random thoughts from a guy who knows nothing about anything…

You wanna know what I think about steve sarkisian’s hiring over at uw? Really? Well…he’s got a very unique and somewhat controversial method for getting the best effort from his players…but otherwise…


Thanks to my friend, the mayor of Leavenworth, I spent Saturday night one row behind the scorer’s table on one side of the halfcourt stripe and mi amigo Damone sat on the other for the Baylor game. What a great perspective. I’m a casual basketball fan at best but sitting that close to the action really gave me a new appreciation for the way the game is played. I’m a long way from being so in love with the game that I’d drive to Pullman on a Sunday night to watch the women play but after seeing June Daugherty talk today, I’m a fan. What?

I finally decided to attend one of the Spokane Cougar Club Coaches Luncheons today and it was pretty cool. Well, it was at least pretty cool to be one of the youngest guys in a room full of people. Pushing 40, that doesn’t happen to me much anymore, but I looked like a ripe grape in a bowl full of raisins today.

One of those raisins was none other than Cougar and Detroit Lion legend Gail Cogdill, whom I had never seen before. He’s a big man and looks like he could still kick my ass.

My attendance today was rewarded by the pleasant surprise of hearing Big June speak. I tell you what, as lucky as we feel to have coach Bennett in the fold, true fans of the women’s game will probably tell you that we should feel the exact same way about JD. She’s been winning some incredible recruiting battles which includes this year’s #16-ranked class in the nation and nationally-ranked, ’09 recruit Ki-Shawna (Ki-Ki) Moore, whom Daugherty says will make fans of all of us; and oh yeah, she has already guided the Lady Cougs to 5 victories in 7 tries this year – or the exact same number of games they won all last year (her transition year.) Coach Daugherty is very convincing when she says she expects very special things from her girls the next few years.

OK, enough about that but with all sincerity, I’m officially a big fan of Big June. If you get a chance to see her talk, do it. She’s awesome.

Unfortunately, no football coaches attended, so I have nothing to share in regard to that particular sport of interest but suddenly I am the resident expert on the women’s basketball program. Any questions?

Actually, Men’s Assistant Coach Matt Woodley also spoke but he had the misfortune of following Coach Daugherty so I already forgot what he said. Actually, I thought it was pretty neat that he still stays in regular contact with Derrick Low who has been playing professionally in Australia and is currently the number 11 scorer in the NBL. Unfortunately, his team just (Low called Woodley and told him this at 3AM) went bankrupt and his agent is currently fielding requsts for his services. Looks like he’ll be off to Europe soon. Good luck, D-Low.

If you’re in the Spokane/Cd’A area and haven’t heard about it, you should consider RSVPing for the 2008 Cougar Holiday Lights Cruise on Lake Cd’A on Wednesday. Bring the kids for pictures with Santa Butch!

I just saw a commercial for the Heisman show. How great is this year’s race? Good enough to make Iowa RB Shonn Greene and Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree effectively irrelevant. It’s a shootout among 4 QBs this year: Sam Bradford, Graham Harrell, Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow. ESPN experts seem to think Bradford will just edge out McCoy, followed by Tebow and Harrell.

Professor McBoob begs to differ. According to my highly scientific formula of ranking the players based on 5 statistical categories and assigning 1-5 place values, it should be Bradford by a longshot and a three-way tie for second place. Of course my formula includes each player’s team BCS ranking so that all but confirms the pointlessness of how I just spent the last 15 minutes of my life. But since I went through all that trouble, here’s what it looks like:

Speaking of Michael Crabtree, I just saw ESPN’s first 2009 draft projection and it has the Seahawks taking him at #3. That would be sweet but I’m starting to wonder if QB isn’t a more glaring need. I just hope they don’t screw up their draft standing by winning any more games.

So I was obviously watching a little ESPN tonight and one more thing I saw was a little soundbite from Peter Gammons. This guy has to make some pretty decent coin, no? That being the case, why not invest in some dental work, Pete? With Pac-10 football still top-of-mind, all I could think of when he flashed a grin at the end of the interview was that his chompers are the exact same color of ASU’s helmets – and that’s just gross.

Yes, Cougar fans, welcome to football’s off-season. Only 8 more months of stories about women’s basketball and Peter Gammons’ teeth.


Tuesday Linkage

June 3, 2008

Non-Oregon related post, so, Duck fans, no need to read this….Just some Tuesday random things of interest in Coug-ville.

  • The NCAA preview mags are hitting the stands. Lindy’s hit last week, and now Athlon’s has made it. If you are scoring at home, Lindy’s has us at 10th, while Athlon’s sees us at 9th. I guess it isn’t a real surprise, given the questions of depth and losing guys like Brink, Bumpus, Collins, etc. I still like EA Sports and the Armed Forces Bowl prediction, but we’ll get into that later this summer.

  • Athlon’s and Lindy’s both slurpin’ up some Tebow. Athlon’s has him as the top Heisman contender and we’re likely to see him repeat. (I don’t know why I’m pointing that out, other than we love to see who or what is hanging around the rock star.)
  • The “mystery” kicker has been revealed! Cougfan broke the story yesterday, but finally, the JC kicker Wulff has been talking about since shortly after signing day is a known commodity. Nico Grasu, a 6-1, 190 lb kicker from the class of ’07, has enrolled at WSU and will be ready for fall camp. Wulff mentioned a few times at the Seattle football dinner that this mystery kicker has a strong leg, particularly great on kickoffs (hello!). What a welcome thought, a kicker who can actually get the ball into the endzone? Cougfan’s story is a premium one, but I found this profile of him on as site called “Chris Sailer Kicking”. Check out the link, it’s a quick read and you get the idea that he’s well-regarded for kickoffs. Maybe, just MAYBE, the days of the squib are over!?!
  • The Evergreen has a commentary about how we need “Sheriff Wulff” to clean up the football team. Nothing earth-shattering, but a good view from campus on the heavy lifting ahead for coach Wulff. We’ve already said it a thousand times since December, but this is going to be a tough climb to change this thing and get it pointed in the right direction. Hopefully we’ve seen the bottom, but it could get worse. Just be patient, that’s all.
  • AD Jim Sterk talked to Cougfan and sounded optimistic about the stadium renovations. Major fundraising is about to start for Phase III, and it could break ground in January ’09, that is if the luxury seating sales go as planned. So far, so good. Our own “Kaddy” mentioned a rumor making the rounds that there could finally be a naming rights deal coming together, but we haven’t heard anything substantial on that. Stay tuned.
  • Non-Coug related – the Sonics story is picking up steam. Less than 2 weeks now until the trial, and the P-I ran an article about how ugly things could get if it makes it to court. Save Our Sonics founder Brian Robinson hinted last week that there are rumblings that the NBA is starting to push hard for an agreeable settlement for all sides, and the bottom line sounds like the court case could result in some black eyes and bloody noses for all involved. I’ve swung both ways on this thing, part of me saying let’s drag these liars into court and make them sweat, force them to stay and make them eat at least $30 million in losses over the next two years. You know, pound of flesh, scorched earth, the whole thing. But then I see the hype surrounding Lakers-Celtics, and I remember back to how great the NBA can be when you are actually good. I think about the power players involved in this court case, and I believe that at the end of the day, somehow a settlement will be reached to guarantee the NBA in one form or another in Seattle.
  • Finally, coach Tony had a lot to say about Pullman and how it’s the place for him. Cougfan has a story about him, and he talked at length about a variety of things, including the schedule, Pullman, the incoming recruiting class, etc. Jim Moore had a big story on him last week as well. Both articles were sounding awfully good.

    I told Brinkhater that I heard a radio interview with Tony last week on KRKO-1380, and he really and truly sounded happy and content to be in Pullman. It’s not that we’ve totally doubted him, but I know I’ve at least taken a pessimistic view on how long he’ll stick around. You know, too young, too successful, too handsome, too this, too that to stay at WSU. Well, I will say this – after turning down Indiana, LSU, Marquette and who knows what other programs (Stanford? Cal?), as well as Michigan last year, I’ve crossed over to the believer side of things. Hearing him speak in his own words about the community, the direction of the program, the recruits coming in, I honestly believe now what the other optimists have been saying all along – he really IS happy. And he is going to stay for some time. So, I’m choosing to relax, not follow every ‘net rumor, and just enjoy the time he is actually here. I’m not totally naive, and I know that the day will probably come that he will leave. That will be a heart-breaking day. But I think what would be even worse would be to wake up the morning after he leaves, and ask myself why I didn’t just enjoy the time that he was here instead of wringing my hands on where he might go. I don’t want to feel like that, do you?

    Happy Tuesday!

Update: Wulff Interviewed Friday Night; Jim Walden Loves Paul Wulff, Hates Mike Price

December 8, 2007
I want YOU, Paul Wulff, to coach my Cougars!

Updated 1:30 PM 12/8/07 – Paul Wulff has officially been interviewed by the Cougars. The Spokesman has the details. If you’re scoring at home, that’s now three names that have been through the official process – John L Smith on Thursday, Kevin Sumlin on Friday and now Paul Wulff Friday night. We’ll see where it goes.

I had mentioned this a week or so ago, about Jim Walden’s interview on KRKO 1380. Walden has gone out of his way to explain why Wulff is the guy to hire, and it’s a good listen, even if it is a week or so old. Check it out. The recruiting angle in-state is a good point, as well as Wulff’s background. The other thing about this is to listen to his opinion of Mike Price. No, coach Price, Walden will not buy you a mug down at the Cottage, a pitcher at the Page, a pop at the Village (if it’s still there?), or even a calzone at Sella’s!

Another good listen is Wulff on with Jeff Aaron of 1380. Good stuff. You can catch it here.

One thing to like from hearing Wulff? He considers himself an offensive coach. Wide open on offense. Led the Big Sky in offense 4 of the last 5 years, even #1 in the nation 2 of the last 8, ranked as high as second a couple of other times. Lots of spread option, no-huddle, dictate to defenses what they want to do. VERY aggressive, he even says they’ve had a game where they’ve done nothing but the 2-minute drill on every play! Best of all, he’s adaptable on offense and they are not predictable (read: Not the same, tired, one-back offense). And of course, a former lineman who has a lot of pride in what the big uglies up front do on a week-to-week basis.

Meanwhile, sources claim that Oklahoma co-OC/passing game coordinator Kevin Sumlin interviewed yesterday, per the Spokesman. The same story says that John L interviewed on Thursday. But the Times comes out and says that they claim that Sterk is off-campus doing these interviews! So which is it? We’re working on our source to see what the real deal is, but it’s pretty murky. See what happens when you don’t communicate? Speculation/rumors/Internet blogging blabber!

What do you think of Sumlin? He’s been a pretty mobile coach with a background of job-hopping, but that can be looked at in so many different ways. He’s doing what it takes to climb that ladder. WSU background as a grad assistant from 88-90, so he does have at least SOME NW/WSU roots. He’s mainly been a Big-10/Big-12 guy, though, from Minnesota, Purdue, and then Texas A & M and finally Oklahoma. The buzz is pretty positive about him, and I doubt they would interview him if they didn’t think he was a viable candidate. And Oklahoma’s offense is pretty strong, with young Bradford tearing it up as a frosh this year at QB. And we know they can run the ball with a guy like Adrian Peterson from last year.

The obvious weakness is no head coaching experience on any level, but you need to start somewhere. Supposedly he’s a good recruiter, but how can you quantify a claim like that? The article mentions he helped land Taylor Stubblefield at Purdue, but that is already being disputed and some say that it was really Greg Olson that really got Stubblefield. So who knows.

John L? He is who we think he is. But to get an interview is one thing, to actually get the job is a whole different deal, we know this. So it might have been a courtesy chat more than anything else. Someone posted in the comments yesterday, calling himself SpartanFan, and said STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS MAN! But he laid out some points as to why:

Let me tell you a bit about John L Smith….

I am a Michigan State Spartan. Born and raised. I’ve seen every game played by the football team since 1983.

Here are some tidbits about The L:

1) I can remember the day he was hired by MSU. His current team, Louisville was playing in a bowl game, and word spread throughout the stadium that he was leaving AS THE GAME WAS BEING PLAYED. It was a total boondoggle. And the funny thing is that the Louisville fans, almost to a person, were saying “Good Riddance”, “Your act has worn thin”, “He’s not the real reason the team is any good anyway”. I thought it strange at the time, and just wrote it off as sour grapes. But in the end it was all true.

2) MSU had two major recruits during John L Smith’s tenure: Charles Rogers and Jeff Smoker.
a) Charles Rogers– a pot-smoking slacker who later became possibly the biggest bust in the history of the NFL draft.
b) Jeff Smoker– one of the top QB recruits at the time, shocked everyone by leaving Manheim PA for East Lansing. JoPa was pissed. By Smoker’s junior year, in what was supposed to be his Heisman Trophy campaign, Smoker left the team mid-season, and checked himself into rehab, leaving the team virtually QB-less. What’s more, the unpublished fact was that Smoker’s coke habit was so bad, and that he was so deep into his dealer that he had been threatened physical harm, and that Smoker ran off to rehab to avoid getting a little payback. There were also rumors about point-shaving, but once Smoker claimed a medical addiction, it became an untouchable subject.

3) John L Smith teams are woefully unprepared. He seemed literally unable to make any kind of adjustment to the game plan on the fly, just standing on the sideline with that goofy look on his face.

4) His team’s are in poor physical shape and wear down during the season.

5) His “cowboy boot and mountain climbing” schtick is just that. All hot air and no substance at all.

Cougars, I implore you. Do NOT allow this man to become coach of this team. Do some research and draw your own conclusions. But don’t just let that man walk in and take the job without asking some very serious questions about how that man handles a program.

Not exactly a glowing endorsement from his last job? Oh well.

Finally, to help you through a Saturday of no football, how about another picture of Tim Tebow’s girlfriend?? Happy Saturday, and congrats on that Heisman Tebow!

Turkey Day Q & A; 2002 Rose Bowl Clincher Vid

November 22, 2007

First of all, it’s good to be Tim Tebow. I would imagine he’s got a lot to be thankful for today. And I’m not talking about the Heisman front-running status either.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled WSU blogger ramblings. We did a quick Q & A with UW blogger John Berkowitz of the UW Football Blog. He does a fine job of covering his team and has a lot of passion for his Huskies, even while living in Illinois. Check it out here (Brinkhater was especially funny). It eventually morphs into a hoops discussion and how we’ve topped them 5 straight…and counting….but give it a read anyway.

Second, I don’t normally do this kind of thing, but I couldn’t resist – my 6-year old proudly donned the colors at school yesterday, and he told me he got a lot of “Go Cougs!”, even here in Mill Creek. But I loved the picture that the teacher took of him yesterday, so I just had to share:

“Ahhhhh, yeah. One on each arm, and dressed in the colors. That’s how I ROLL Daddy.” He’s got something to be thankful for this year too. Not quite Tebow, but hey, you have to start somewhere. Nice work son.

More coaching change chatter going on. The Go-2-Guy was on KJR yesterday afternoon, and while he didn’t specify a source on the matter, he concludes that it’s his belief that it’s “basically a done deal with Doba” and that we’ll see a change. Meanwhile Sterk gave another no-comment on Doba in today’s P-I, only to say that it will be addressed after Saturday’s game. And again, the silence is deafening among the WSU Football Blog “sources”, so you can sort of connect the dots here. Personally I’m leaning heavily towards a Monday morning presser to announce a change, but we’ll see.

Finally, I’ve been feeling some memory lane type-stuff this week with all the Apple Cup highlights and stories. I thought I’d put up some video of when we blew out UCLA 48-27 to clinch the 2002 Rose Bowl bid (I’m trying to use Blogger’s video feature, so I don’t know if it’ll look good or not compared to AOL Uncut of Youtube, but I thought I’d give it a shot.).

It’s just the last minute of the game, but there are some Gesser highlights mixed in and of course, post-game comments from Price and Gesser. I love the true emotion in Price after that game, after witnessing Gesser step up on one leg and take us home, it’s just fantastic. He really is at a loss for words, like many of us were after watching that game unfold. I also like Keith Jackson talking about Bill Doba and how he’s “a pretty damn good defensive football coach” after Dobes got the Gatorade shower. I also like listening to Bob Toledo hugging Gesser and saying “you’re a hell of a Warrior” a few times. The MVP of the history of WSU, hands down.

Hmmm, how about a Price – Gesser coaching combo in Pullman? Maybe Price is the head guy, Gesser can be an offensive/QB coach, Doba stays as the DC and when Price steps down, Gesser gets the “dream” job?

Nah. It makes too much sense.

Brinkhater will come out swinging tomorrow with the final Football Friday of 2007, complete with a prediction (note that unlike our Cougs, Brinkhater is a perfect 11-0 in picking WSU football games in 2007. The perfect season is on the line tomorrow!). So, to all, Happy Thanksgiving!