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New PAC-10 Helmet Schedule Available; Ivory Out

August 11, 2009

Just a quick post on a couple of things tonight. First, the new helmet schedule is making the rounds for ’09. However it’s in spreadsheet format, and not everyone can see it like that. So, we found the creator of the project – SimonOnSports – and discovered he had actual pictures of each conference’s schedule. So we went with the PAC-10 version. Here it is, in full RETRO glory.

Click on it, and do the old right click/save as, and you have your own copy in JPG format. Note – SimonOnSports originally did not have the SMU game available on his PAC-10 graphic, so we added it in for WSU’s schedule. Anyway, enjoy.

Also note that on the sidebar, there is now a link directly to this PAC-10 helmet schedule.

One more quick thing. Earlier today there was a rumor going around that running back Chris Ivory has left the football team. Grippi’s post-practice recap today specified that Ivory was notably absent, but couldn’t get confirmation at the time of what was going on. Now, we know. Both Grippi and Cougfan are reporting that Ivory has been dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules. Grippi confirming the news with SID Bill Stevens of WSU.

It’s pretty disappointing, but I guess it’s not a huge surprise that he is no longer in the mix. With or without Ivory, the running back group was pretty crowded, so this will thin things out a bit. Likely we’ll see a combo of Dwight Tardy, James Montgomery and Logwone Mitz, with perhaps Marcus Richmond or Chantz Staden. That is, if Staden doesn’t redshirt, something alluded to from Grippi’s practice report.

But it’s disappointing in the whole Texas-Doba-Leon Burtnett recruiting thing that had people so excited several years ago. Now Ivory wasn’t part of the first Texas recruiting breakthrough in 2005, of Demaundray Woolridge, Greg Trent, Jason Stripling and James Bradley. Ivory actually was part of the class of ’06, but still in that Texas pipeline that we thought so much of back in the day. Now we did see Chima Nwachukwu show up in ’07, and he’s been starting since day one. But after all the hubbub, now it appears that only Trent will have made the biggest “dent” in all this. Stripling is still around, trying to overcome a bad shoulder one more time, but Woolridge, Bradley and now Ivory are gone.

Oh well. It is what it….is. That’s it for tonight. GO COUGS!