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Jeshua Anderson Faster Than Robert Griffin

September 9, 2008

A bit of a light day in regards to WSU stuff out there, but we’ll touch on a few things.

Interesting sub-plot this week to the WSU – Baylor game. Did you know that while our own Jeshua Anderson was winning the 400m hurdles in the NCAA championships back in June, a frosh from Baylor named Robert Griffin was coming in third?

Yes, this is the same Robert Griffin who was fantastic in his first-ever start last Saturday. Griffin was a hot-shot QB out of Copperas Cove, TX, a 4-star prospect rated as the #12 QB in the nation last year according to He was the top-rated prospect signed by new coach Art Briles, and landed Griffin over the likes of Tennessee, Houston and even Stanford. This kid is a BIG-TIME talent.

That said, he’ll be making just his second ever start as a true frosh, and first against a BCS team. I know, we’re down right now, but it goes without saying we’ll be faster and stronger on defense compared to what Griffin faced last week in Northwestern State…..right?? Anyway, let’s see what Jody Sears and Chris Ball can cook up on defense to confuse the youngster. Throw the kitchen sink at the kid! What do we have to lose at this point?

Speaking of Jeshua Anderson. Did anyone watching the broadcast catch what Jason Gesser said about Anderson’s hernia? Anderson told Gesser that he has had the hernia for FIVE YEARS! He basically had this baseball-sized “thing” bulging out of his lower stomach area for five years. EWWW. But let me get this straight – he played football last year, of course, but also was winning track championships, as well as a true threat for the Olympic team with a hernia??

First of all, how did he do it all this time with this thing? And second, if he has had it all this time, how the heck was it missed by trainers or a team doctor or whatever during physicals? Strange, to say the least.

Have you seen the line for this week? Baylor is a 2.5 point favorite. Are you surprised? A close look at Baylor saw them blown out at home by Wake Forest in the opener, but whomping on a weak sister last week. Meanwhile we were in the game for while vs. Okie State, and if not for some major special teams breakdowns, who knows how tight it could have been. But then we were embarrassed like no other time in WSU history last week. All that said, I would have thought Baylor by at least 6 or 7, at home, against a team that can’t get out of it’s own way right now. But we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – Vegas USUALLY knows what it’s doing. It’s what they do.

I don’t know how you can predict what we are going to see this week. Will we respond from the beating? Are we as down and lifeless as we looked on Saturday, both on the field and along the sideline? The coaches aren’t already losing this team….are they? This entire week of practices is going to be very interesting to try and get a read on where everyone is right now.

Finally, Cougfan has a good seen & heard column up, as well as a Notebook. And they are FREE articles! In the seen & heard, they are on the side of another chance for Rogers, but also mention how Lopina could eventually be an effective option with his legs and mid-range accuracy. The notebook touches on the QB situation, youth and lack of experience on defense, particularly the defensive line.
So, the QB situation. It will be debated today, tomorrow and the days to come. Where do you fall in the debate? Rogers for another week, or is it time to go to Lopina?

Enjoy your Tuesday, and GO COUGS!

Worst Weekend Ever?

September 8, 2008

I know things are bleak right now. How can there be anything to feel good about after that happened? The losses are bad enough, but when you are losing in the fashion we just witnessed, well, you start to second-guess everything. Times like this make you wonder why you are even a fan. But as our own Hooty so aptly pointed out yesterday, yes, amazingly enough, the sun DID rise. Life will go on, with or without you. So nothing left to do but to rub some dirt on those wounds, get back up and get after it.

What an ugly weekend in the state of Washington football. First UW gets hosed on a celebration penalty that wasn’t. Ok, well, I know none of you shed tears for UW, and for obvious reasons. But did anyone see that call?

Locker shouldn’t have thrown that ball up in the air like he did, period. It is a rule, right out of the rule book, that if a player does that, he gets penalized. End of story. There is a whole new effort by the NCAA this year to tone down the unsportsmanlike stuff. In fact, there was even word that players were shown a video this summer that shows exactly what they cannot do this year, and throwing the ball up in the air as part of celebration was right there. As the refs said, it wasn’t a judgment call because a player clearly violated the rule. And even Paint Dry said as much, in that no, there won’t be any protest or anything like that, because it’s in the rule book. It is what it is. But what a bitter pill to swallow.

Then of course, our worst-ever game. We don’t need to relive it. I know Wulff has watched tape from that game already yesterday, but they should hold a ceremony where they burn the damn thing in front of the entire team. But the basic message should be to learn from their mistakes, work harder than ever, and live for today. Yesterday is gone, and it distracts from the present. I mean what can they do, hit the reset button and play that thing all over again? Doesn’t work that way. Just like you might say to your five-year old, hey, it’s ok to make a mistake. Just don’t repeat it. That’s how we learn.

Then you have the Seahawks. YEESH. Talk about flat and unprepared. Special teams breakdowns, unable to run the ball or even complete 50% of their passes with a young, beat-up WR crew. The defense held their ground for a while, but ultimately the flood gates opened…..sound familiar??

What an ugly weekend.

Some quick links:

We have a QB competition. I have to admit from where I sit, I’m a little surprised this is coming down now. I was more or less expecting Rogers to get the full month to get comfortable. And the offensive breakdowns can’t be laid entirely at the QB’s feet, can they? It’s hard to imagine many QB’s being able to execute with the new offense, new skill guys, overwhelmed offensive line, etc. But then again, we need a spark of some kind right now, and maybe the coaches have been contemplating this situation for a while. As Hooty pointed out yesterday, maybe Rogers is just not a fit for the type of offense we are running right now? I know it’s hard to say that after what, six quarters of football out of Rogers thus far? But maybe they want a more mobile option back there, and there’s no doubt Lopina moves better than Rogers. With the offensive line still in a state of flux, and the propensity to throw “LOOK OUT!” blocks, Lopina’s ability to run away from pressure might be just what we need. But we’ll see. Maybe Rogers responds from this adversity and takes a stronger hold on the job. Or maybe this is the chance to make the change.

If you are wondering about our next opponent? Baylor blew out their I-AA opponent on Saturday, trouncing Northwestern State 51-6. They rolled up 530 yards of total offense, scored on their first five possessions and didn’t even allow a first down until they were up 30-0 in the second quarter. I know Baylor looked bad from what I saw of their opener vs. Wake Forest, but even though they played a bad team in NW State, they at least have a winning feeling now. They have gone out and schooled someone, so they probably have some new confidence we can only dream about.

The worrisome thing about Baylor right now is their already-improved QB play. Freshman Robert Griffin (pictured) came off the bench in the Wake Forest blowout and looked impressive in garbage time, and did so well he got the start vs. NW State. He was, in a word, dominating. 15-for-19 for 294 yards and three TD’s through the air, while running for 42 yards and another TD on the ground.

Griffin is a really talented kid, a top-30 QB recruit for the class of ’08 who enrolled early and participated in spring football. It sounds like they have their QB to build around under new coach Art Briles. Briles, if you remember, was hired from Houston, and he has a good track record with young QB’s. Kevin Kolb was a true frosh in Briles‘ first year at Houston, and they ended up going to a bowl game.

That’s about it. We’ll recap the radio show tomorrow evening. Otherwise enjoy your Monday, and we’re still saying it…GO COUGS!