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U-G-L-Y Day for the PAC

September 14, 2008

Well, at least we still have USC. But my goodness, what an UGLY day for the Pac-10.

We started things off with our Friday Night Whoopin’ at Waco. But holy COW, what a down day for the conference. Of course we are top-heavy with USC, which looks like they could challenge the Cleveland Browns right now. But the rest? Eh, not so much.

Cal can go ahead and cancel their BCS championship parade, as well as the Heisman ceremony for Jahvid Best, don’t you think? Speaking of BCS, for as great as they claim to be, Cal still hasn’t even been to a BCS bowl in the Tedford era. Anyone else tired of Cal fans and their act of late? To hear them recently, after beating Michigan State and humiliating WSU that they are the greatest team ever assembled. But after losing to an unranked Maryland team, BZZT. Sorry.

TCU wiped out Stanford. I don’t think that was too much of a surprise, and Stanford hung tough for the first half, but then were run over after halftime. But Stanford, geez, just 193 yards of total offense?

Oregon looked doomed, but then rallied to beat an unranked Purdue team in double-OT, and only after Purdue missed field goals at the end of regulation and overtime.

ASU lost – AT HOME – TO UNLV!?!? The same ASU everyone, including myself, picked to finish 2nd in the conference?? Unbelievable.

BYU absolutely smoked UCLA, 59-0. 59-0!?!? Worst UCLA loss in 75 years. I know we just lost 66-3 to Cal, but at least that’s to a BCS conference team. But to go down 59-0 to a Mountain West team?? BYU’s Max Hall threw SEVEN TD’s, including six in the first half? WOW is right.

Arizona lost to New Mexico? Yet another Mountain West team beats the Pac-10. And Zona gave up 36 points to boot, while turning it over FIVE times. New Mexico was 0-2 coming into this one as well. Great.

Oregon State represented well, blowing out a bad Hawaii football team 45-7. Maybe we have some hope for 11/29?

Finally, UW. How ugly was it?

Even the fat Sooner fan with absolutely no life was apologizing for the wipe out.

Let’s just say that 55-14 as the final score was much, much closer than the actual game. Oklahoma had 591 yards of total offense and 48 points….with three minutes left in the THIRD QUARTER. Stoops cleared the bench at that point, but that was as complete a domination that has happened in the Willingham era. In fact, the margin of loss was their worst since 2003.

So, yep, outside of USC? WE SUCK right now. All of us.

Happy Sunday!