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About That Commitment….

December 26, 2008

So UW has been trying to play catch-up in the recruiting world. Obviously Sarkisian (pictured above) has a lot of ground to make up in a very short time. He’s pretty much in the two-minute drill for trying to cobble together a class for the 2008 season. I’m sure Paul Wulff could relate, given that Wulff had to do the same thing when took the job a year ago!

But while Sarkisian was hoping to make a huge initial splash with some big-name verbals, well, it hasn’t exactly happened yet. Granted it is a quiet period right now, and things will heat up in January. Sarkisian is busy prepping his current team for the Rose Bowl. But they will fill their class, and they might even steal a few commits from Wulff. Remember, WSU took a UW commit last year in Cory Mackay. That’s just the way it goes. We as Coug fans know this is likely, so we’ll see what happens.

But UW made a few headlines this week in regards to the ever-confusing verbal commitment department. Basically a recruit who committed to UW post-Ty Willie but pre-Sarkisian, Grant Cisneros of Sumner, has been told to “explore other options”. In other words, he might have committed to UW, but UW is no longer committed to him. As Jim Michalczik said, they are starting over from the ground up in their recruiting efforts, and it appears Cisneros isn’t part of the equation.

Is this all that unusual? Not exactly. First of all, kids commit and de-commit all the time. We know that. It’s the thing Doba hated most about recruiting, and it goes on at every major program in America. And, unfortunately it’s a two-way street in this non-binding verbal world we live in. Schools can in fact change their minds too.

Remember the Michael Bumpus deal? USC had Dwayne Jarrett fall from the sky, backing out on a commitment to Ohio State in favor of the Trojans the last week of recruiting. However, USC was basically full at the time, and needed to find a spot in the class for Jarrett. They took a look at their WR situation, and decided at the last moment to pull the immediate offer to Bumpus and asked him to instead greyshirt, which means enrolling the following January and count against the next year’s class. We know how that worked out.

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Anyway, this sort of thing has happened before at other schools, and it will happen again. It is always tricky with coaching changes, and while one staff might see the kid as a perfect fit? The new staff might not. Sometimes it’s scheme-oriented, like trying to get a read-option QB to fit into a USC-style, west-coast offense. Or maybe it is an offensive line scheme, where one staff believes in huge, 350-lb uglies up front, where another staff likes the lean, athletic, 300-lb types who are in great shape and have some mobility.

Now we can be all high-n-mighty and say “Wulff NEVER did that to his recruits!“….until you consider that Wulff only had three commits to begin with when he took the job last year (Jared Karstetter, Tim Hodgdon, and Dan Spitz). What if he had a greater number, like eight or nine? What if there were some serious character risks in those commitments? Remember Calvin Schmidtke? What if there was a real square peg-round hole situation? Would Wulff had said “pass”?

I think the thing that could sting UW a little in all this is the manner in how this is going down. In the case of Grant Cisneros, he was told via a letter from none other than Scott Woodward himself that his commitment WOULD BE HONORED. Check it out:

Cisneros committed in mid-November during the time after former coach Tyrone Willingham had announced he wouldn’t be returning and before Sarkisian was hired.

Cisneros said he was motivated to do so after receiving a letter from UW athletic director Scott Woodward that all offers would be honored.

Ouch. A letter from the AD saying that the offer would be honored, but now that they have Sarkisian in the fold, uh, never mind?? That, my friends, SUCKS. The article states that he’s just hoping for a scholarship now, whether it’s Portland State, Idaho, wherever. Good luck to Cisneros, wherever he ends up.

Enough of the UW talk. WSU is filling up, now with 16 known commits after three new verbals came in from JC tight end Peter Tuitupou, guard Sebastian Valenzuela, and Jordan Pu’u-Robinson, a tight-end/defensive end hybrid from Hawaii (thanks to Cougfan for the links). All the talk before is that we would likely see around 18 with this class, so things are tightening up. It should be an interesting sprint to the finish!


Time for "Little Moxie"?

September 22, 2008

I know people are excited about Marshall Lobbestael. It’s hard not to be, given the start of the 2008 season and the flat-out inept offensive performances we’ve witnessed thus far. I’m right there with you. Efficient, effective, smart, he was the whole deal on Saturday. A 48-9 victory, and the team really seemed in synch with Marshall. Wulff likes him too:

Asked what Lobbestael’s strengths are, Wulff said, “We’re still finding that out. He got so few reps in the spring; Gary and Kevin got most of them, and the same thing in the fall. But you can tell he’s got a little moxie.”

Hmm. I know everyone is looking for a nickname for this kid (Lobster?). The red hair more or less fits with the Lobster. But how about “Little Moxie”? You know, because he shows a little moxie? It’s a stretch, I know. Whatever. I just hope the kid can keep playing like this.

BUT, alas, there’s the question. CAN he continue to play like this? After all, this was an off-the-bench moment against a mid-range Big Sky team. No offense to Portland State, but they aren’t exactly the Oregon Ducks secondary is it? If Little Moxie gets the call on Saturday, he can expect coverage to be a lot tighter, the pass rush to be a lot more fierce, and it’s doubtful he’ll have a running game in his back pocket that was able to get 5.5 yards per carry whenever it wanted to. No, this Saturday will be a much different deal. And oh yeah, Oregon is PISSED after kicking one vs. the Boise State Donkeys. Really pissed.

The sad part of this story is that it appears the career of Gary Rogers is over. I guess he could potentially apply for a medical redshirt and try to get another year of eligibility, but that seems like a stretch at this point. He’s out of the hospital now, but has to recover from a break of the seventh bone from the base of the skull.

The best news is that Rogers was able to move his limbs, and left the hospital under his own power. It could have been much, much worse than it turned out to be. But unfortunately, we can now file Rogers in the Mike Pattinson category. You know, good guy and a QB who hung around and hung around, then finally got his shot, only to have it cut short in his last season due to injury.

We will always wonder what could have been with big Gary. Who knows what he could have done with experience, a good offensive line, an NFL running back in Jerome Harrison and some NFL-type WR’s like Jason Hill and Michael Bumpus around him. That famous drive vs. Auburn might have been brief, but anyone who watched it will always at least understand the kind of upside he had, and why so many people wanted to see this thing work out for him. Good luck to Gary, and get healthy!

Moving on, it’s not exactly a lock that Marshall will get the ball this Saturday. Kevin Lopina’s shoulder is bruised, so he’s not exactly fit to start right now. But Wulff said they will monitor him all week, and leading on that if he’s healthy, he will start.

Lopina’s health is a big concern. Anyone who watched him early in that game on Saturday can see that his arm strength is a problem right now. He sure had more zip on the ball vs. Baylor than he did on Saturday, so maybe that sore throwing wrist is bothering him more than they are letting on? But wow, some of his throws were just terrible, some dying quails fluttering in the breeze. I had some flashbacks to…..never mind.

Lopina also really needs to clean up the turnovers. On both of his INT’s on Saturday, they weren’t just poor throws, but bad decisions to boot. The first on a roll-out on third down, where he threw it deep into an area where three defenders were waiting. It had absolutely no chance. The second one was basically a jump-ball to Gibson, thrown up for grabs, and fluttered away and right to the defensive back. Yes, it was only his second-ever start, and growing pains for him are expected, even if he is a junior. But that’s now five INT’s in roughly two games of playing time. We know how bad turnovers are, but for a team that is so thin and lacking experience in so many areas, the last thing we can afford is giving the ball away so much. And while we did get three turnovers of our own on defense, we STILL lost the turnover battle on Saturday, giving it away four times to Portland State. That just cannot continue.

Finally, major hat-tip to Michael Bumpus!

Bump hauled in his first NFL TD yesterday, making a diving grab of a Matt Hasselbeck pass in the end zone to get the Hawks their first score yesterday, on the way to a 37-13 rout of the winless Lambs. Bump only had two catches, and he muffed a punt that was recovered by St Louis, but still, great to see him score a TD. Who knows what the future holds, as both Bobby Engram and Deion Branch are expected to return – hopefully – after the bye week, so he may be headed back to the practice squad. But still, as an undrafted free agent to be playing in the WR rotation by the third week of the season, and contributing? GREAT JOB BUMP!

That’s about it. Enjoy your Monday, a Monday after a WIN, and GO COUGS!

Have Ya SEEN the Line?

September 2, 2008

Some quick things to get your week started after the holiday weekend.

  1. Have ya seen the betting line this week? Basically anywhere from 13 to 13.5 points in favor of Cal. Not sure if you follow betting point spreads, but to think the home team automatically gets three points out of the chute, they are saying that the action is on Cal winning by at least two TD’s. I know we see some crazy early-season lines, but even with just one game in the books in which we looked pretty inept for 3/4ths of the game, this seems pretty out there.

    To put it in proper context, we have only been this big of a home underdog twice since the turn of the century. In 2004, we got an amazing 24 points against USC, but they still covered in a 42-12 romp in the sleet and rain. But in 2006, we were a 16-pt dog to USC in Pullman, and only lost 28-22. And if you really want to dig in, we are 6-2 against the number in our last eight home games as a home underdog.

    But, then again….Vegas seems to know what they are doing, don’t they? They aren’t in the business of losing money. And truth be told, they aren’t saying that 13 or 13.5 is what they actually think Cal is going to win by. They are setting that number where they think they will get a lot of betting action on both sides of the line. So we’ll see, but this bears watching as the week rolls on.

  2. Speaking of Cal, they looked impressive week one, but they aren’t exactly USC are they? They did cough up 31 points at home to Michigan State, a Big 10 team that went 7-6 last year and returned only 13 starters, third fewest of any Big 10 team. However, MSU was bringing back their leading rusher and starting QB. But sophomore WR Mark Dell, who went off for over 200 yards receiving, had just 20 catches all of last year. If you are looking for something to feel good about offensively for this week, maybe this bodes well for Brandon Gibson??
  3. All the NFL stuff shook out over the weekend as final cuts were announced. Bumpus, as we thought, made the practice squad in a move that wasn’t a big surprise. We also heard some good things about Jed Collins, and sure enough, he landed with the Eagles practice squad. Finally, MKB made the Jags practice squad.

    Not so good for Alex Brink however. He was released, as the Texans are keeping just two QB’s, and at last report had NOT been signed to the practice squad. It’s too bad, because initially the buzz was pretty positive that he looked like a guy who could have an opportunity to at least stick with Gary Kubiak’s west-coast offense in Houston. But it wasn’t to be. Hopefully he’ll find his place in the NFL, but if not, well, good luck to the “BIG APPLE”.

  4. How about that Rick Neuheisel?? Our own Longball went out on a limb and picked them to win, 28-24, missing by only a point, while I went with the rest of the national media and was convinced Tennessee would smother the Bruins. Sure enough, even though Kevin Craft had a miserable FOUR-INT first half, he played great after halftime and the Bruins snuck one out.

    Still, you have to wonder how many of these types of games they can actually survive. Just 29 yards rushing, only 288 yards of total offense, four turnovers and they still win? Maybe there’s an issue with Tennessee opening up out west, where they lost for the second consecutive year (remember their loss at Cal last year?).

    UCLA didn’t escape the game unscathed, losing three big-time seniors in Kahlil Bell, Marcus Everett and Logan Paulson. Basically their best skill-position guys on the team. But yet again, we see that there’s actually a reason they play the games! Hardly anyone saw this coming, so, good call Longball.

That’s about it for today. We’ll be back tomorrow with a full recap of Coach Wulff’s radio show tonight, plus some other stuff. Enjoy your Tuesday, and GO COUGS!

Wednesday Ramblings

August 27, 2008

When is it NOT good to lose 300 pounds? Well, yesterday for one, as the d-line has shed some weight in the form of Andy Roof. Coach Wulff wasn’t thrilled with the decision, and per Vince at, one can understand why.

“From where he was a year ago, he has changed his life around 180 degrees,” Wulff said in the statement, “and as a coaching staff we have seen the positive impact he made on this program.”

When asked to elaborate, Wulff didn’t hesitate.

“For any … person on our team, we’re always looking for people to better themselves,” Wulff said during the conference. “To continue to make smarter and more wiser decisions. When people are doing that, and are clearly showing those signs, we want to continue to reward those people in our program.

“That’s what we’re here to do. They’re going to make mistakes, we’re here to help them along the way.”

There are some decent arguments on both sides of the fence on this one. Do you abandon a troubled kid who has suddenly turned things around? Wulff is right, kids are going to make mistakes and they want to have the support system in place. But he’s also right, in that good behavior needs to be rewarded, but bad behavior? Not so much.

The timing, for one, stinks. As “Kaddy” pointed out in comments yesterday, we’re less than a week from school starting. Roof was on campus, not only practicing with the team but also enrolled in school and had an apartment. Now that Roof has been expelled, well, who buys out his lease? Should the student conduct board pass the hat to buy it out?

Then again, as “Michelle” pointed out, let’s get real. It’s not like this was a one-time offense. Roof was on his fourth strike, and normally it’s a three-and-you-are-out system. He has to be held to the same standards as the other students on campus, and if he’s given a free pass, well, isn’t he just being enabled? Behavior like his cannot simply go unpunished. Regardless of how well he had been doing in the most recent of times, he had his chances, and the entire body of work is taken into account.

It’s a shame though, any way you slice it. And we certainly don’t know all the details of the latest offense, as there is a lot of talk out there as to what happened. But in the end, everyone loses – Roof, the coaches, the fans. The trickle-down to what it could mean to the defense is a big concern. On the surface, one might shrug at the thought of a backup tackle leaving the program. But this team? Where the tackles were thin to begin with? The young, thin defensive interior just got younger and thinner. And in this case, young and thin isn’t what you want on the inside….

Moving on, lost in the shuffle was Dan Rowlands stepping away from football while he still can. Bum shoulders have ruined his last season of football, so the o-line will continue it’s shuffle. Micah Hannam will now slide outside to replace Rowlands, and young sophomore guard Brian Danaher gets his chance. Danaher, well, we don’t know a whole lot. He did play in one game as a backup last year. I guess we’ll all find out on Saturday.

Next, is time running out for Mkristo Bruce and Michael Bumpus? Mkristo got off to a hot start for the Jacksonville Jags, recording 2.5 sacks in the first pre-season game. But then he had a couple of tackles the second week, and now after the third game, he didn’t record a single tackle. Meanwhile, the only first-round holdout still left in the NFL, Jacksonville DE Derrick Harvey, finally agreed to a contract last night after missing the first 33 days of camp. Hopefully old MKB can stick with the team, but, well, you can more or less read the writing on the wall.

Bumpus was making waves early on in Seahawks camp, routinely singled out by WR coach Keith Gilbertson and even the big show himself, Mike Holmgren. But after three catches in week one, then two catches in week two, Bump didn’t get a ball on Monday night in San Diego. Now Seattle did make a few roster cuts last night, including WR Joel Filani, so it still isn’t over for Michael. But Bump didn’t get much PT on Monday, and with just one game left on Friday night, this is it. Bump has been a long shot, at best, to make the final 53, but let’s hope he made enough of an impression to be on the practice squad. That’s not exactly the end of the world, and hey, Jordan Kent from Oregon was on the practice squad last year, and now clearly will not only make the club this year, but could even start in the 3-WR sets. Hang in there Bump!

Have you seen the new Martin Stadium sign?

It’s, well, it’s “alright” from the pics at the official site, which you can see here. A little different than I think we thought it was going to be, at least from the artist renditions.

It’s not the super-terrific Taj Mahal grand entrance that folks were dreaming of, but it is certainly better than what we used to have, which was, uh, nothing. Remember??


Finally, we thought it would be a good idea to see what the Okie State blogs had to say about grand old WSU. I couldn’t find a whole lot, but there is some stuff floating around.

That’s about it for a busy Wednesday. Look for our first official “Football Friday…Only on Thursday” tomorrow. Enjoy your day, and as always, GO COUGS!

Friday Fodder

August 15, 2008

Top o’ the morning to you. First of all, we should apologize for the delay on new content. It’s been a weird week for the WSU football bloggers, from vacations to other commitments of the personal and professional variety. But we’ve come back out of hiding. One way or another, things will be fresh from here on out. And a huge hat tip and welcome to Longball for his excellent first-person coverage of practice. He’s a good addition to the family here and we welcome him with open arms.

Just some Friday stuff to wind down the week today:

Does Michael Bumpus have a shot to make the Seahawks? I know when he first signed with them we thought hey, that could be an excellent fit, he could learn from Bobby Engram on how to be a pro, etc. But it sounds like things are going pretty well thus far. Three catches in the exhibition opener was cool, but Keith Gilbertson and Mike Holmgren have gone out of their way to talk about him, about how he’s impressing and is right in that mix of the young WR’s. With Engram’s injury and Deion Branch likely out the first 5-6 games, the wideouts are thin. I would be happy if they just practice squad the kid this year, and then who knows, maybe next year he could find a spot on the active roster. While not blessed with blazing speed and not exactly built like T.O., still, there is a place in the league for guys like Bumpus. Good hands, well coached in college, knows how to get open and most of all, doesn’t shy away from going over the middle. Keep it up Bump!

Speaking of injured WR’s….what’s up with our injuries right now? Losing Jeshua Anderson is a blow, not just from what he could provide in his production, but, most of all, a major legit deep threat is now out until October. Just the idea that he can run by almost every corner he would line up against this fall is an exciting proposition, but, not having him on the field means the defense has one less thing to worry about. And of course, it also means that Brandon Gibson will likely get extra attention. Not that he wasn’t going to see double coverage this year anyway, but remove the home run threat from the other side? Not a good thing. But add in the hamstring strain to Daniel Blackledge, another promising talent who had an impressive spring session, and an already-inexperienced group takes a step back.

I do love the buzz on Michael Willis, and everyone who has seen him since spring ball claim he’s the real deal. But will he get “white line fever” as Bill Bavasi put it when he was fired? As in, once he steps between the lines and the lights go on, will he be able to do it like he has done in practices and scrimmages? We hope so, but, it’s hard to say now because we haven’t seen it yet. And Benny Ward is big (6-3) and is a senior, but he hasn’t done much yet either. Then again, he really hasn’t had a shot with the WR’s we’ve had on the field the last few seasons, so, who knows. He’ll certainly get the opportunity now! A real wild card in this receiving mix could be Devin Frischknecht, who had a good article this week in the Times. Even coach Wulff has said that he looks like he could play on Sundays with his hands and athleticism, so, he could be a real big surprise this season. Also nice to hear Jared Karstetter showing some ability. Sure would be nice to see him redshirt and put on about 10-15 lbs of muscle, as he does look to be on the skinny side. But good hands, athletic, tall, he could be something special down the line.

QB Jeff Tuel committed to WSU last week, now up to five commits. Tuel is a 6-3 QB from Fresno who plays in a no-huddle spread offense, so, he could be a good fit. He sounds like a legit two-way threat with good good quickness, clocked at a 4.6 40 and a fast 4.13 shuttle time. He has a ways to go with his strength, benching 225 while squatting 305, but that isn’t bad for a high school senior-to-be. That weight room stuff will come down the line. He’s smart to boot with a 3.42 GPA / 1360 SAT. We’ll see. One thing I believe Cougfan pointed out is that all five commits are of the three-star rating, some sort of first. Something like we’ve never had the first five commits all at least three stars? Whatever. You never want to get caught up in star-gazing or anything, and recruiting is just such a crapshoot. But all I know is that we’re off to a good start to building Wulff’s first full, complete class from beginning to end.

Off-topic, but Lee Pelekoudes, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?? Jarrod Washburn was claimed on waivers, and you hold out for a starting pitcher from Minnesota on their 40-man roster as well as demanding the small-market Twins pick up Washburn’s $13 MILLION owed for next year? REALLY?? Wow. A chance to shed an albatross of a contract from Bavasi, the mistake that keeps on giving, and instead you take a knee? Just think how many GM’s out there would do the happy dance if they could jettison $13 million from the payroll on a 34-year old pitcher who is 5-12, an ERA near 5, and the league hitting nearly .290 against. Do they really think Washburn is the answer to anything, next year or beyond?? Do they not understand how $13 million in salary can go a long way towards the rebuilding job next year, spent on a much-needed bat or two? Good job Lee, you just completely handcuffed the “real” GM who will take your spot after the season. But don’t take my word for it. Check out what Dave Cameron at USS Mariner had to say:

In case you weren’t sure, today was a great reminder that we’re all rooting for the worst run organization in baseball. There’s not another franchise with worse leadership or more incompetence in positions of power. From the CEO on down, these people don’t know baseball. They don’t know how to run a baseball team, build a roster, or win baseball games.

This organization is a massive collection of failures. They pile ridiculous decisions on top of each other, only outdoing their stupidity with an arrogance that refuses to learn from their mistakes. They are the of MLB, only they refuse to go out of business.

I’m far too attached to the childhood memories I have to ever root for another team, but if the M’s screw up this offseason and don’t completely overhaul the baseball operations department, hiring somebody who actually understands baseball, I’ll spend the next few years rooting for these people to fail miserably and be embarrassed publicly.

These people don’t deserve success. They deserve to be looking for new jobs.

Fire them all.

Finally, to wrap it all up, Bud Withers column from last Sunday on the summer in Pullman? WOW. Words can’t fully do it justice, but it should be required reading for WSU fans far and wide. The whole thing of wearing the purple jersey if you “dawg it” during practice is funny and all, and it’s great to hear how hard everyone is working. But the biggest thing that caught my eye was the account of how the team pledged to go dry this summer, yet someone violated the agreement, and what happened afterwards. The players meeting at 6 AM to go over the whole thing, the heart-to-heart talks that led Greg Trent to tears? That is the kind of stuff that is what changing the culture of a program is all about. It isn’t putting on a hat and standing at a podium and giving sound bytes to the media. It’s everything ELSE that you don’t see, the deep commitment to getting better on and off the field, that’s what it is all about. How can you not like the new message? It will take some time, but be patient, because these growing pains will pay off.

Happy Friday, and as always, GO COUGS!

Cougs Aren’t Alone in Scholie Losses

May 6, 2008

Afternoon update – We’re now out EIGHT scholarships. 22 for next year’s signing class, 77 total. That makes us the worst in the BCS. Good thing we have so much outstanding depth, isn’t it?? Looks like Idaho took stupid pills too, as they are also out eight scholies. WONDERFUL.

We lamented last week’s asleep-at-the-wheel deal with old Dobes and that pesky school and grades and such. Sir Brinkhater went over it at length, so give it a read if you want. But guess what? We aren’t the only Pac-10 school faced with scholarship losses after all. It appears Arizona is also looking at some losses, and both Oregon and Oregon State appeared to be below the line in terms of an APR score of 925. Overall, USA Today ran a story in January that speculated 28 football teams and 70 basketball programs would be hit with scholarship losses.

Misery loves company I guess. Academics are going to be a new focus, not just with our lads but everywhere. The more programs lose scholarships, the more emphasis is going to be put on the classroom. If we didn’t know before, we certainly know it’s high on the list now!

More bad news. They are pushing for felony charges on Andy Roof. Not good. I know someone put some comments a few days ago that said there is another side to the story and Roof was basically provoked/attacked, and it was mainly self-defense. Still, felony charges are scary. Let’s just hope for the best outcome here, whatever that might be.

Finally, some good news out of the NFL mini-camps. While only a small blurb, it was encouraging to hear that our own Michael Bumpus made a favorable impression with the Seahawks. Per Keith Gilbertson (yes, that Keith Gilbertson):

Of Bumpus, Gilbertson said: “You can tell he was very well-coached collegiately. He did a nice job, and we threw a lot of stuff at him.”

Nice! We thought he was a good signing when it was announced after the draft, and while still a real long-shot as an UDFA, stranger things have happened. Go BUMP!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Trouble Finds Roof, Again

April 28, 2008

Say it ain’t so Andy! Yep, apparently the anger demons have once again taken down Andy Roof. Per the Evergreen, Roof assaulted THREE MEN outside a house party on Saturday night, where one was left unconscious. Yikes. I guess those 28 days in rehab didn’t do the trick. I think we all would be pretty shocked if he puts on a WSU uniform again. You don’t want to kick a kid when he’s down, but man, Andy, you need some help. Good luck to you.

One more piece of bad news. Looks like Doba left a “phantom” on his way out the door to the lake place. While the WSU athletic department overall is doing well in the classroom, graduating 92 % of players who exhaust their eligibility which is good for second only to Stanford in the conference, well, the football program failed to come through. As a result of poor academics, the football program will lose six scholarships, down to 79 from the standard 85. This isn’t good news for any football program in America, but for WSU, where depth is always an issue, this is not a happy deal. At least Wulff wasn’t surprised by this:

“When I got the job we knew we were going to take a hit this upcoming year,” Wulff said. “We have to go in with a mindset that this next year we’re going to play with 79 instead of 85.”

Sigh. We’ve heard all along that Wulff has been taken aback by the rebuilding job in front of him, and that was mainly due to depth on the field. But it’s clear there is heavy lifting ahead off the field as well. Just remember Cougar Nation, if/when we hit some rough spots over the next few seasons, think about the condition of the program when it was handed off before you complain about what you see on the field. This thing is going to take a while to get it into the shape Wulff needs it in order to be successful. Let’s give it some time.

Finally, some good news – Brink’s draft revisited. Even though Houston recently released QB Craig Nall, the Texans will still have five QB’s on the roster, including Brink. Given that teams usually have two QB’s active on gameday, plus a third emergency QB, that leaves Brink at the back of the line. But stranger things have happened. And given that he’s now an official draftee, he’s going to get a shot. Gary Kubiak comes from a west coast offense background, so not having a Bledsoe-like arm might be OK for the Texans. Again, good luck Alex.

But the news is good for our draft hopefuls as well, as many are finding free-agent homes. As many have already heard, Michael Bumpus is a Seahawk signee. Who knows, given the Deion Branch injury, there may be a real shot at making the roster. He’ll have to fight for table scraps with UW WR Anthony Russo, who also signed.

At least Bump can learn from Bobby Engram, who is a pretty good role model in terms of playing the slot and how to get open. And the west coast offense might be a great fit for a guy like Bump, a system designed for the intermediate passing game and doesn’t require a bunch of burners running 4.3 40’s every play. I know it’s a stretch, but if Bumpus has any hope at the next level, that’s a system that could work and a guy in Engram that he could emulate pretty well.

But others have signed, including Husain Abdullah in Minnesota, Jed Collins in Philly, and even Charles Dillon ended up in Indianapolis. The odds are long for each, but again, undrafted free agents make it every year for one reason or another. Anything can happen.