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Romeo Pellum Rips WSU

July 17, 2009

Looks like Romeo Pellum is feeling like he got the shaft from Paul Wulff and company. Pellum, as you probably know, was suspended from the team for stealing electronics in February, and then was arrested in April for driving with a suspended license. Pellum has decided instead of sticking around and dealing with it, he’s going to leave. Or was he kicked off the team? It’s all a little foggy. I guess it doesn’t matter, whether he was booted or chose to leave, because either way he’s gone.

Anyway, he had some choice words for the coaches as he moves on down the road…

“I felt like I was treated unfairly with that whole situation,” Pellum said. “I was suspended for the whole spring. If you read those charges that happened back in February, it’s pretty self-explanatory what we were suspended for.” Pellum said because he was treated unfairly and not given a second chance, he elected to depart both the team and the university to pursue other football opportunities.

“(The coaches) are untrustworthy and I don’t want to be a part of the Wulff era,” he said. “I wouldn’t say all of the coaches, but a handful.” Pellum also said the team’s strict and unfair nature became evident after he witnessed the suspension of five players, four being reinstated, and three charged legally.

Is he really being treated unfairly here? He was arrested twice in three months this spring. Wulff has a system in place where the player incidents are dealt with in a particular way, with discipline handed down from the players and staff. Either you play by the rules that everyone else has to follow, or you don’t, and you move on. Case closed. At least Jim Sterk, who happens to be Wulff’s boss, thinks that Wulff is doing just fine in the discipline department.

But what’s odd is that Pellum calls the coaches untrustworthy. Yet, as the Evergreen story reports, Pellum claims he is leaving on good terms, and Wulff and Jody Sears both wrote letters of recommendation for Pellum….? Oh well. Good luck to Romeo, wherever he ends up.

Pellum’s loss does hurt though. 65 tackles and a couple of picks last year, and a likely starter in the depleted secondary, he does leave some shoes to fill. We like the Cal transfer, Brandon Jones, and Tyrone Justin at corner (as long as Justin stays out of trouble as well?). We’ll look at the secondary in the next week or so.

Speaking of moving on, in completely unrelated, non-Cougness, Jessica Simpson was released by Tony “Dimples” Romo. And it sounds as though she is devastated. What’s cold is that Romo cut her loose the night before her 29th birthday! Even I can say that’s cold man, cold.

Seriously though, Jess has literally ONE JOB to do, and that is stay a hot chick if she wants to hang on the arm of Mr. Wonderful…..did she succeed, or fail? Check it out:

What happened??

Gisele figured it out and is doing what it takes to hang with Tom Brady. It’s a tough, competitive market for being with an NFL superstar QB. Maybe age 29 is the “cutoff” for Romo, and it was time to trade into something newer and sleeker? Meanwhile there’s probably 3 million females in the state of Texas who are still up popping champagne over Romo’s new-found free agency. Let the bidding begin!

Finally, one last thing on Michael Jackson.

The Sunday after he died, Fox ran the famous Simpson’s episode, where Homer is admitted to an insane asylum and meets a guy who claims to be Michael Jackson (and he clearly is not the King of Pop). It’s a really good episode, if you are a fan of the show or not.

If you recall the episode, the voice of the Jackson impostor sounded amazingly like Michael. Yet, when the credits rolled, there was no mention of him as the voice. There were rumors it was him, but it was never really confirmed.

But now, the truth can be told. Jackson WAS the voice after all. Per wiki:

Michael Jackson guest stars as Leon Kompowsky’s speaking voice, while his singing is provided by Kipp Lennon. For contractual reasons, Jackson was credited as John Jay Smith, and his role in the episode was not officially confirmed until later. Kompowsky was originally set to return in a second episode, except voiced by Prince, but the episode was never produced.


That’s about it for a slow Friday (obviously). ENJOY your weekend, and as always, GO COUGS!

Brinkhater Declaration, NOT Prediction

September 30, 2008

Greetings Cougar Nation and Brinkhater Army. Hope you all had a Happy Monday.

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, today is Tuesday. And while it may seem like just any other Tuesday to you, to Brinkhater it is “Semantics Tuesday.” And so, in this post, I delve into the simple semantics of the difference between a “declaration” and a “prediction.”

Because I am too dumb to read, I couldn’t consult Mr. Webster to see if my distinction has any relationship to real words or fact.

With that in mind, I am left to simply tell you what I THINK the differences are between the two words/concepts. Simply put, in Brinkhater’s book, a “prediction” is something that you THINK might happen. A declaration is something that is GOING TO HAPPEN (or not).

So, to illustrate the distinction, I will give you a few examples from me own ‘lil life.

First, lets get the prediction thing clear: Each week, I PREDICT the Cougs’ fortunes. And, in spite of my gaudy record recently (17-0), my predictions are simply that: I THINK that they are going to happen. But I don’t really KNOW (if you know what I mean). But in my near 4 decade long tenure as resident Sports Dork del Mundo, I have also been privy or part to several important Declarations.

Like many of you, I spent my wee early days pretty high on Steve Largent and the rest of the expansion Seattle Seahawks.

I remember being SO excited when the Hawks became the quickest team to ever finish with a 9-7 record. “We’re going to the playoffs next year” I said to anyone who would hear me.

Unfortunately for me, someone did.

“As long as Jim Zorn is the starting quarterback” roared the voice of my dear Uncle Hummer, “The Seattle Seahawks will NEVER, EVER make the playoffs.”

Now, mind you, my dear Uncle is more often funny than serious. So, when he made that statement, I HAD to take notice. I mean, it wasn’t as if he was saying that he THOUGHT that the Hawks might not make the playoffs with Zorn, he was saying that the Hawks would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER make the playoffs with “Jimmy Puke Puke” (as he called him) at the helm.

In short, He was making a DECLARATION.

Years later, at the Red Robin on 5th Avenue in Seattle, Sedihawk and I were enjoying our weekly Football Friday Lunch. After talking about the Cougs for about an hour, we quickly shifted to the Seahawks and their Rookie Quarterback Rick Mirer. “Sedi,” I said, “The Seattle Seahawks will NEVER MAKE THE PLAYOFFS with Rick Mirer as their starting quarterback.”

Now, at that time, I was really making a prediction. But in hindsight, because I was right, I was really making a DECLARATION.

The Seahawks never did make the playoffs with Rick Mirer. He was, after all, a miserable failure (takes one to know one, right?)

Years after that, I made a similar statement about another #10 (Zorn was the first) and his fate. Although this time, it WAS a DECLARATION. I let anyone (and it was no one besides Rooster, Sedi, and maybe Hooty who may have read one post or e-mail during that time) that Alex Brink would NEVER lead us to a bowl game.

Tragically, I was right. And to this day, I have the world’s worst Moniker to show for it as a HORRIBLE battle scar.

But, instead of being humbled by the righteousness of my past declarations (and to quit while I’m ahead), I feel the need for more.

And so, to get to the “lead” of this post, I offer you first a picture:

You all know who this is? Its defensive coordinator Jody Sears.

Grant you, the only thing I REALLY know about Jody Sears is that he was an average player on the first Cougar team that I fell in love with (1989).

I also want you to know that despite being the most unfair person in the world, Brinkhater TOTALLY gets the fact that its unfair to judge Mr. Sears on his record at Eastern. After all, who can get a decent defensive player to commit to EASTERN of all places?

That said, Mr. Sears didn’t exactly light the world on fire at Eastern, did he Cougar faithful?

So, if any of you “homers” out there are questioning where I am going with this, I beg of you to look at the state of affairs over at Montlake.

And when you ask yourself why it is that Ty is going to get kicked to the curb in the coming days and weeks, you need to find only one word:


Moreover, when you ask yourself how it is that Oregon State became good after being the laughing stock of the world, you need only speak one word:


When you ask “what wins championships” or “what made us really good from 2001-2003,” you can say:


And if you want to know what it will take to turn this program around, the answer is simply:


Now, with regards to Mr. Sears, I am sure that he’s a good recruiter and a good coach.

But, as a former WR, does he know SO MUCH about the other side of the ball that he is able to match wits with some of the greatest offensive minds in the game?

Does he know enough to be able to coach up sub-par talent and get them to compete with All-Americans who are bigger, faster, and stronger?

My answer is “N-O, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

And so, I give you all this painful, painful, painful, DECLARATION:

The Washington State Cougars will NEVER make a bowl game with Jody Sears as the Defensive Coordinator.

You all can bicker about all the things that you want, but I BELIEVE that Coach Paul and the rest have what it takes to turn this whole thing around.

But how Coach Paul deals with his dear friend Jody will be the most telling and critical decision of his tenure.

He already demonstrated his ability to call a spade a spade and cut ties with Rosey.

Now, the fate of the program rests with this last deep, personal connection.

Sears won’t take us where we need to be, folks, its plain and simple.

Take the ball out of his court. Demote him or let him go.

The fate of the program depends on it.