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Tuesdays With Moron

February 10, 2009

Welcome to Tuesday, and a new feature around here – Tuesday’s With Moron. Basically a dot-dot-dot type ramblings, with a look around at things not necessarily WSU Football-Related. We need to step outside the box now and then, and it’s the off-season, so, what the hell.

Leading off…..A-Rod, seriously? Why? Ok, you are an A-class jackass who is phony as it gets, but you were headed to Cooperstown sans juice. AND you lied to the world on 60 Minutes in 2007. Now you admit it, but spin it as the reason you did so was because of the immense pressure of $252 million? Poor guy.

The deal with A-Rod is this – here’s a kid who immensely wants to be liked by everyone, incredibly insecure and one who says and does anything and everything to be LIKED. Even if he sounds phony and rehearsed, Eddie Haskell style. And if everyone was doing it in 2001-2003 down in hell’s exhaust pipe (Arlington), you can see a guy like that totally giving in to the peer pressure and go along with the rest of the crowd. Still, it doesn’t excuse what he did, and it certainly taints everything he has done from that point forward….if he did, in fact, ONLY start in 2001? How can we even know for sure when he started dabbling in PED’s? Should we just take his word for it and root on his pursuit of the HR title? Did he simply move on to HGH, where there still isn’t a 100% reliable testing program? Maybe he’s still on something? How can we believe anything he says about the issue?

Well, congrats on blowing your Hall shoo-in, fraudulent one. And welcome to Pete Rose’s living hell. But at least you have plenty of company (McGwire, Raffy P, Barry, Rocket, Canseco, etc). Curt Schilling is a blow-hard who loves to hear himself talk but he is right on here. Expose the rest of the 103 names on the list failed steroid test. They were supposed to remain anonymous, but what other choice is there now? If they leave things as they are, they will eventually come out and it will be ugly when it does. Otherwise, as Schilling says, they ALL live under the slimy cloud of suspicion, witch-hunt style. Might as well “come clean”, so to speak…..

Christian Bale is a hot piece of property where every thing he touches is going to hit the $100 million mark and T4 looks like it will be a huge hit this summer…..but he sure sounds like a colossal PRICK on that tape.

I loved him in Batman Begins and Dark Knight, and he was good in The Prestige, 3:10 to Yuma, and American Psycho. But wow, did he go off. The next Russell Crowe, perhaps, right down to the surly off-camera a-hole-ness?….

So how ’bout that stimulus package? Let’s hope it works. MORE pork please! Maybe they can pack in some Martin Stadium money for phase IV? Come on Barack!…

The UW money grab appears to be dying on the table in Oly, per the biggest jerk in the House, Frank Chopp. He said in a recent interview that the UW stadium is “no longer a priority”, where he’s even getting mixed signals from Mark Emmert himself. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY RECESSION!!…..Speaking of UW and dying on the table, so ends the brief mutt career of one Jim Michalzcik, as he’s decided the worst NFL job under the most insane, senile owner in pro sports is better than Montlake. The guy never lost a game in Seattle. But at least he was around to help Sarkisian sign the worst recruiting class in modern UW history. All for more money than Paul Wulff makes as head coach at WSU. Way to vet your choice there. And good luck Jim. We still love your Coug-ness, and you are now officially welcome to attend all WSU football functions and the like…..Tough times for UW huh? As BH boldly pointed out yesterday, let’s see….Sarkisian has:

1) Stolen USC’s Defensive Coordinator, and pissed off Pete Carroll in the process.
2) Went after SC recruits (and FAILED to turn them to purple-n-gold) and again, pissed off Pete Carroll in the process.
3) Went after UCLA’s Defensive Coordinator DeWayne Walker (and FAILED)
4) Stole CAL’s lead offensive coach…..making Jeff Tedford angry…..only to see him eject prematurely.
5) Offered Utah’s heralded WR coach and offensive mind a top spot, who takes it….then wakes up in the morning and says NEVER MIND!
6) Had a few recruiting violations and played dumb in the process…..even though he’s been a supposedly “big time recruiting force” in SoCal for many years?
7) Finally, tried to steal EVERY WSU verbal commit in-state, and went o-fer in that department.

Quite a start. And they haven’t even been blown out by LSU yet. Honeymoon is just about over…..

In the WSU universe, the Stanford game next fall has been moved to Thursday night. No blazing, blaring, official announcement yet…but check out the official Stanford schedule? Looks pretty clear doesn’t it? The question is, what network will host the game? FSN? Or maybe ESPN2? Rumors are out there that it could be nationally televised. Also a rumor to look for one more game to be moved later in the year to Thursday. Maybe on Halloween weekend against the team eternally dressed for that particular holiday?? We shall see….So should Tony roll with the kids or stick with vets to try and salvage this season? I am on the side of BH on this one. Play the kids or else face not only a disappointing post-season watching at home anyway, but a scary 2009-2010 season to boot….Have ya seen the guy pitching Sham-WOW? Wow is right, as in WOW are you ugly. That guy has a mug born for 3 AM infomercials. I heard the product is a complete fraud as well….So Chris Brown beat up the beautiful 19-year old sensation Rihanna!?!? WTF is that?

I recall Kevin Durant in a post-NBA draft interview saying his dream was to, well, you know….I won’t even say it….but Rihanna was prominently featured…..Larry Fitzgerald, enough already with the one-handed circus catches and game-changing TD’s. You’re great. We get it. Now please go back to sucking with the rest of the AZ Cardinals. Seahawk fans everywhere are ready for your to go away now….please……


What’s With the Benedict Arnold Stuff?

December 15, 2008

First we had Marvelous Marv Harshman, the long-time hoops coach. Harshman coached WSU from 1958-1971, and then went to UW from 1971-1985. Harshman always gets talked about as a UW coaching legend, but you don’t ever hear a whole lot about his time at WSU. He did his best work at UW and really put their program on the map, so it’s somewhat understandable. I think they were still working on this whole “electricity” thing when Marv was on the WSU sideline, playing games with peach baskets, a stuffed leather ball and under the soft flicker of candlelight.

Then it was “Benedict” Dick Baird, the former WSU team captain who went on to coach for many years at UW. Baird was a pretty good player in his day, an all-coast linebacker his senior year and he blocked a punt in a 9-7 Apple Cup win….when he was eligible. Few know that Baird missed the Apple Cup his junior year due to “too many trips to Idaho” when the drinking age was 18. Baird has fallen so far into the abyss that he sheds tears about the UW football team on the KJR airwaves and gets into spirited arguments with Hugh Millen. Yes, actual tears. But Baird did put in a ton of time at UW as a coach and recruiting coordinator, and WSU is clearly in his rearview mirror. Can’t fault a guy for making a living, can you?

Then we had Bob Condotta of the Times, the former Coug who writes/blogs daily about the UW football and hoops teams for the Seattle Times. We called out Bob earlier this year and he had to address the UW masses on his blog for being a Coug. Oh well. Again, just a guy trying to follow his passion and get paid doing it. Maybe he’ll unseat the Northwest CHAMPION, Vince Grippi, someday??

But now, news breaks that Jim Michalczik and Johnny Nansen will coach at UW? The hits just continue.

Nansen played a little bit for WSU, and has bounced around the coaching ranks since the late-90’s. He’s still a young guy climbing the coaching ladder. I remember him as a hard-hitting linebacker/safety type who was a pretty good player.

But the big name here is Michalczik. This is the same Jim Michalczik who teamed up Paul Wulff, Mike Utley and Chris Dyko on that 1988 Aloha Bowl team, one of the best offensive lines in school history. Jim Michalczik is going to be the new offensive coordinator AT UW!?!?

Michalczik told the Contra Costa Times Sunday night that “professionally, it was an offer I couldn’t turn down.”

I wonder what coach Wulff is thinking right about now? What will Utley think about this?? One can’t imagine they are real happy about this. Here’s a guy they went to battle with up front every week, and now he’s going to wear the purple-n-gold sweatsuit, recruiting against Wulff and WSU. It’s got to hurt a little bit.

That said, Michalczik could make a pretty big impact at UW. Even though Michalczik will be the offensive coordinator, Steve Sarkisian will still call the plays. But Michalczik is regarded as a very good offensive coach in this league. Not so much for his offensive coordinator chops, but as an offensive line coach, Cal has churned out some very good linemen in his tenure. Cal has had six first-team offensive linemen the last six seasons, all under Michalczik. One of the staples of what Cal does is produce outstanding offensive lines, particularly in the running game. Week in and week out they are known for having a strong, tough, physical offensive line. Anyone remember what Cal did to the WSU defense in week two? Yikes.

So, Coug fans, does it bother you to see former Cougs go to UW for employment?

Moving on, there was another “turncoat” this weekend, but of the different variety. Casey Locker, cousin of UW’s Jake Locker, pledged to WSU. Locker is a 5-10, 175 lb safety from Ferndale who was player of the year in their conference. He’s regarded as a two-star recruit who chose WSU over UW and Boise State. Here’s a good link to ESPN, including some video on the kid making some plays. Probably not a top-shelf player, but might be a decent contributor in the secondary and on special teams down the line? Hard to say what he’ll do, but he looks like he could make some sort of an impact.

Big recruiting weekend for the Cougs, but we haven’t seen anything break – yet. Hopefully the frigid temps didn’t scare anyone away, but I guess we’ll see how things shake out over the next few days.


Flag-Spotting, Week Two

September 6, 2008

Another week, another appearance. Once again, a fantastic job. Hats off to “CougWill”, Will Walker, for making the trip to Gainesville for this one. Just a great job, and another week of flag-spotting comes through to shake the foundation of ESPN Gameday!

Ok, maybe not shake their foundation, but still. In your face Lee! Speaking of Lee, I doubt he’ll pick us as his upset special this week. As you probably know, he did pick us to win last week, and went out of his way to say “how tough it is to play in Pullman, and this one’s in Pullman!” Just a week too early. I wonder if he knows Bill Doba, his old coaching buddy from Indiana, is actually not the head man anymore? Whatever. Hey, any time we’re on ESPN, it’s gravy as far as I’m concerned. Besides, Lee is probably fresh off another round of Hooters commercials, and you know his mind isn’t where it should be about 90% of the time.

Moving on, nice to hear the talk about the 1988 Aloha Bowl team reunion happening today. Of course Coach Wulff was the center on that team, but man, that was one heck of an offensive line. Mike Utley and Chris Dyko were downright nasty up front, and Cal’s own Jim Michalczik joined Wulff to form a strong middle of the line. Grippi wrote about this a few days ago, and the relationship between Michalczik and Wulff. Bonds formed in weekly battles against the opponent, it sounds as though Wulff and Michalczik are friends forever.

That ’88 team was something special though. The 9-3 record in Erickson’s second year. The upset of UCLA, where people on campus that day still say that right when that game ended, you could hear a collective yell throughout the area, with everyone basically celebrating at once when it was finally clear we were going to win that game. Of course, the thrilling Apple Cup comeback victory, 32-31, when Rosey ran it in. Here’s a trip down video lane:

Rosey would have over 3400 passing yards that season, and actually got Heisman votes. Tim Stallworth had a huge season at WR. But maybe the biggest testament to that team’s success was the running game. Steve Broussard had 1280 yards rushing that year, but Rich Swinton came off the bench to go for 1,018! We’ve never had two players go over 1,000 yards rushing in the same season. In fact, we’ve only had twelve instances – EVER – to even have a player go over 1,000 yards rushing in one year. To think that two of those times happened in the same season? Not only were they talented backs, but that was one hell of an offensive line.

Finally, the experts have weighed in. Have you seen anyone calling for the upset? Doubtful. But have you seen anyone even calling for a close one? Sportsline’s Harmon Forecast has it at 10 points, 30-20, and that’s about the closest I’ve seen from the national guys. However Grippi picks Cal, 28-23, and I think he’s right. We might be in for a very close game today.

But most of all, the thing I’m hoping to take from today is IMPROVEMENT! A close loss would sting, no doubt, but this season is about getting better.

We’ll be back during, and after, the game today. Enjoy your day, and most of all, GO COUGS!

This May Take a While

November 29, 2007

If you are on the edge of your seat, waiting for what you think is a foregone conclusion that Mike Price is the next head coach? You might want to cool it. Jim Sterk went on KJR last night with Elise and Ian, and he did in fact acknowledge that Bill Moos has talked to Mike. But Sterk said that he himself had not yet talked to Mike, at all. When asked if Price was interested in the job, Sterk wouldn’t elaborate, saying that was up to Price on however he wanted to talk about the situation. But Sterk did say that Price was NOT THE GO-TO-GUY ON THE LIST, and this search is not about Mike Price.

Here’s the link to the interview. It’s a really interesting listen, and I encourage you all to check it out.

If you heard Sterk last night, you might want to dig in for the long haul. The impression he gave was that this is, in no way, going to be a rush job. Despite what you may have heard from whatever sources you may have, Sterk flat-out said that this is going to be a thorough, detailed process leaving no stone unturned. He even mentioned that they won’t set a true deadline, but that the end of the year the new coach should be in place (!?!). End of the year?? I don’t think we like the sound of that, not when December is such an important month for all recruiting efforts, but especially one that Doba had stead-fastly decided that we would be different and we would wait things out, jumping in late on a lot of kids. Not such a swell idea now, is it??

And one more thing from Sterk on Price. Let’s just say if Sterk wanted Price and he was the clear-cut #1 choice. Would there be talk of this long process with Moos and Floyd all actively involved? Sterk also said that there is really a committee, including a few team captains, and they are all going to have input on what they are hoping for in a new coach. Sterk admitted himself that he loves to get input from many different people before he makes the decision, so it’s not as if he’s sprinting to the podium with his arm around Price. But if they wanted Price that badly, this thing would already be over, ala Houston Nutt at Ole Miss. This is not going to be a quick process.

Maybe that’s actually the best news of all. Moos and Sterk and Floyd are extremely confident in their situation, and it was hard not to listen to Sterk and feel nothing but good feelings that they are going to do EVERYTHING THEY CAN to get us the perfect fit. They are smart guys who know what they are looking for, and Sterk himself has shown he can think “outside the box”. To this day, nobody saw the Bennett’s coming, yet here we are #6 in the country and a team with legit Final Four aspirations. The June Daugherty hire is still considered a major get, and in a few years they could be a factor in the conference. So let’s just see what they come up with. Maybe it will be a name that nobody saw and we’ll be absolutely blindsided. But I know this. We should feel great about the guys leading this search, because I don’t think we could be in better hands.

Price did speak to (who else) Howie Stalwick, and more or less danced around the topic. Moos said they talked but it was a “feeling out” process and that was the extent of the details. In the same article, John L. Smith said he was interested and Moos had contacted him already as well. And the Cal guys, Gregory and Michalzcik, both admitted interest as well. Again, not a surprise.

Meanwhile, Moos does say that things are moving fast. At least as far as the preliminary call list, Moos is basically done according to the TNT. I imagine that he’s been glued to the phone the last couple of days, and that they are ready to dig deeper after the initial contact phase.

For the rumor-monger, Pat Hill at Fresno State is mentioned in Howie’s article. While he didn’t come out and say he wants the job, a “source with Fresno State ties” admitted that Hill is very interested in WSU, but Hill said Wednesday that he hadn’t talked to anyone. And if you really want to dig rumors, how about the one that said Rick Neuheisel had been spotted in Pullman Wednesday?? Nah. I don’t think we can fathom going there, even if the Go-2-Guy sure can.

Finally, Jim Walden – if anyone thinks he is cool with Price returning??? Think again. He went out of his way to push Wulff in the P-I yesterday, and he was just getting started. He also went out of his way to piss on Price’s candidacy, both in print and on the radio. I heard him last night with Jeff Aaron, and he said Price “won’t happen”, for many reasons, including age, the circumstances with how he left and his poor record the last couple of years which shows that he really hasn’t built much of anything at UTEP. Here’s a link to the story, although you may have trouble getting to it. Reading some of these quotes from Walden, and hearing him last night, I don’t think he’ll go out of his way to buy Price a beer if he returns to Pullman:

“If they’re beating up Doba (in recruiting) because of his age now,” said Jim Walden, one of Price’s predecessors and now the Cougars’ extremely colorful commentator on radio, “why wouldn’t they beat up Price for the same thing?”

“I don’t think a coach that leaves a school when he’s got them in the Rose Bowl and goes to another place is what you want,” said Walden, as usual holding back not at all. “I’m not thinking that’s a serious move for a school.

“We didn’t divorce him. He left us. The Cougar in me says, ‘No.’ Maybe it’s emotional. Or maybe I have a deeper feel for the school that says we’ve got to get better.”

“What is he doing for UTEP that we would get excited about?” Walden said. “Has he been to four bowls in four years? Won 50 games? What makes us think he’s a great prospect? I’m not trying to knock the guy, but let’s move on.”

Finally, on the air last night, Walden said not only “it won’t happen” but that he doesn’t think Price wants the job or really cares to get it. According to Walden, the only reason he would do it is if he can get Eric the head coaching job down the line, just like everyone has speculated. And that Price doesn’t need the money or the new challenge at his age, and that he’d likely just take the job and spend more time at his lake place than out on the road recruiting or doing the extra work it’s going to take to get this thing back to where we want it to be. Safe to say, Walden IS NOT IN THE PRICE CAMP!