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Halfway to 70-6?

September 6, 2008

Whoopm, dare it is!

Obviously, this is not the game that any of us wanted.

It started off bad, seemingly got better, and then got worse: blocked kicks for scores, can’t get a 4th and inches, penalties after good gains or stops, yuck!

Overall, my take is that this team just came in overhyped at the same time that is brutally uncomfortable with what we’re trying to offensively. Still no pace, still no tempo, and utterly predictable. Obviously, that is NOT what Sturdy has in mind.

And, the loss of Ahmu was just brutal early in the game.

On the offensive side of the ball, Rogers has looked so-so at best, but I have noticed at least twice this half where he actually looked at a secondary receiver. I guess that means something.

The biggest disappointment has been the play of the Offensive Line. Cal is dropping at least 7 guys into coverage AND getting a rush. That has to make things hard.

Let’s hope for a bit of improvement as the game goes on…

And I’m talking about Jason Gesser as a commentator.

We look like a cellar dweller, that’s for sure.

But Reid Forrest Gump looks like an All-American!!!!