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Vince Grippi for US Senate?

July 29, 2009

Hello Followers. I trust that you are having another pleasant week—the last week in the month that precedes the hallowed start of Cougar Football!

That said, while I know that it is only July of 2009, I felt it important and timely to let you know that my channels have been strongly signaling that none other than Sir Vincent Grippi, the 2008 Washington State Sportswriter of the Year, is actively setting himself up to challenge Patty Murray, the two-term Democratic senator from the State of Washington in her re-election bid in 2010.

In case you haven’t noticed through the Cosmos or through your own secular points of communication, Grippi has been sending out numerous “feelers” to the political establishment by drastically changing his overall phraseology on his now world famous blog, Sportslink.

Apparently, Grippi’s sudden change in blogiconaclastic tone has created quite a stir for insiders operating both inside and (paradoxically) outside the beltway of Washington, DC. As David Gergen of Harvard University communicated to me recently: “One of the things we always look for at the early stages of the campaign is a switch in self-referral from the first person singular directly to the third person, a la Robert Dole.”

(Said Gergen some more)“But what is particularly interesting and fascinating about Grippi’s approach is that he appears to be trying to bridge the first and third person by referring to himself in the global collective (i.e., “we” or “us”) as a way of bringing to light all activity that could be relevant to a broad-scale, grassroots campaign. I mean, have you seen Grippi’s Twitter page recently? It’s electric!”

While Grippi’s incessant use of the words “we” and “us” to describe ostensibly singular journalistic endeavors is peculiar (for recent examples, see here, here, and here), additional signals of a budding Grippi megalomania are becoming increasingly apparent. For instance, there have been numerous reports from my sources that Grippi has been photographed and videotaped on several occasions doing shirtless sit-ups in the Spokesman’s newsroom while shouting “Who’s the T-O of this town, suckas?” to interns and other staffers who pass by.

Meanwhile, other reports have linked Grippi to the increasingly puzzling, consistent, and irritating emergence of “Kick me if you want Vince to Run for Senate in 2010” signs that are frequently attached to the backside of fellow Spokesman reporter Greg Lee.

Needless to say, Sir Vincent, even though it’s a small state and an even smaller Cougar community, “WE” at the WSU Football Blog COMPLETELY endorse your run against Murray in 2010. For all that you do, Vince, here’s four Carma Chameleons for you, our brother……..

And to the rest of the true and unbridled faithful, I bid a hearty “Coug-De-L’Amor” to all of you.

-Osho Rojo