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Fun With Teambuilder

July 21, 2009

I know last week we were “meh” on the new EA NCAA offering. First glance was that it was OK, but that was pretty much it. But I heard more about this Teambuilder feature, where users can create all sorts of teams online and then you can download them into the game. And with that, the historical team possibilities are wide open.

Sure enough, I did a search and found that there were some WSU teams that someone had made, complete with updated rosters, uniforms, the works. So I found the ’97 Cougs, and wondered if someone had made ’97 Michigan? Maybe it was time to replay that classic Rose Bowl? And what do you know, but ’97 Michigan was out there too. So I downloaded both teams and fired up a game.

I won’t totally bore you with all the details, but Michigan won again. This time it went to OT, where they pulled out a 38-35 thriller. Leaf was strong, throwing for over 300 yards and three TD’s, but his lone INT came in the OT period to end the game. An INT that was snagged by none other than the virtual Charles Woodson, Heisman winner in that fateful year. Michael Black didn’t get hurt this time, but the Michigan D held him in check to just over 50 yards rushing. Click the read more feature to see a video replay of Leaf rolling out and hitting none other than LOVE JEFFERSON for a TD….

EA Sports: NCAA Football 10 Video

The footage is a little grainy, I know, but still you can see what’s going on.

There are other WSU teams out there, such as the ’92 Bledsoe’s. I believe I found the ’02 Rose Bowl team as well, with Gesser, Derting, Trufant, Long, etc, but it looked like a work in progress at the time. I am going to try and search out ’91 UW, and see what that would look like to play ’97 WSU against them, two of the best Northwest PAC-10 teams of all-time. Anyway, with this Teambuilder feature alone, I would upgrade the recommendation to MUST BUY!

Speaking of EA, poor Erin Andrews! Sure, she’s got a great life with a fantastic job and a rumored romance with Mets superstar David Wright. But I mean wow, we love her and all that, but a peep-hole video? How gross/scary is that?

She’s a beautiful sideline reporter in a supercharged, testosterone-laden environment, but she’s still a human being. Nobody deserves to have that happen to them. And you wonder what her breaking point is going to be. Will something like this force her to just walk away from the whole thing? She has been interviewed before about dealing with that part of it, and she seems to have some pretty thick skin. Today the LA Times asks if it’s even possible to just let her do her job? This is crossing a line in every conceivable way. Oh, and don’t go searching for the video, one of the most popular searches via Google the last few days. Not only has it been pulled down from every possible site, but, it’s also being used to spread a pretty nasty virus. Hopefully they catch the perv and sue the hell out of him.

Finally, some recruiting news hit the web yesterday. First, Nico Grasu’s brother, Hronnis Grasu, a three-star defensive end from Encino, pledged to Chip Kelly and Oregon. BOO. I guess the lure of his brother in Pullman just wasn’t enough. WSU, UW and UCLA were the other PAC-10 teams on his list. There was some good news though. A corner/running back named Brandon Golden committed to WSU last night. Hailing from Covina, CA, reports he is 6-0, 180, and runs a 4.4 in the 40. Not much else is out there, other than he was first team all-league choice at running back last year, and well-rounded enough that he also led the area in interceptions last season. He’s already mentioned as a likely first-teamer as a DB in ’09. The Cougfan ($) article mentions that he was so taken with the WSU coaches that he committed without even taking his trip to Pullman! Now, it’s July, and a loooooong way until signing day. Now that he’s got a verbal commit in his pocket to a PAC-10 team, well, if he wasn’t on the radar with other coaches before, he sure is now. We know all too well that a lot can happen between now and February.

All for now. As always, GET IN A FIGHT FOR WASHINGTON STATE(or something like that!).

Happy T-Day Cougs

November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all, a great day of feeding your faces.

GET SOME EA! Girl’s gotta eat, even if it’s on TV.

But even with her scarfing down what looks like your typical foot-long hoagie(?), well, we still love EA for simply standing somewhat close to the WSU flag.

We love her A LOT, actually. As the latest polls have shown:

Not sure how a poll can be 98% – 3%, but whatever. Close enough. It is what it is (fake).

Oh, and we wish our friends in Oklahoma City a very happy T-Day. You know, Oklahoma City? The “major league” town that now boos their beloved, hijacked, 1-win OKC Thunder? Have a bucket of KFC with extra skin and a nice warm Bud on us.

But at least they won’t have PJ Carlesimo to kick around anymore.

Moving on, Hawaii. Thought it might be a good idea to think about this week’s game and try to put last week behind us(in honor of Ted Miller, a 16-13 win)…..hard as that is to do. We remember Hawaii from their unbeaten season in 2007 and Sugar Bowl wipe-out vs. UGA. We remember yards and points from Colt Brennan and all those WR’s in the run-n-shoot. But what do we know about Hawaii in 2008?

After starting off a rough 1-3, including blowout losses at Florida, Oregon State and a tight one at home vs. San Jose State, they have circled the wagons a bit. Maybe not in the Oregon State style of circling the wagons, but still, they’ve been tough. Hawaii is 5-2 in their last seven games, including a win over then-#22 Fresno State to kick off their current seven-game stretch.

What’s weird with Hawaii is how they are winning. It certainly isn’t how it used to be, which was overwhelming yards and points through the air. Right now they are averaging 25 points and 364 yards of total offense per game. Not bad, but a far cry from 2007’s 43 points and an amazing 512 yards per game. But however it’s happening, they are still getting it done in the WAC.

QB Inoki Funaki is/was their leading passer. I say is/was because he’s not the starter anymore. Ever since a 5-INT game vs. Boise State last month, his PT has been slowly disappearing in favor of JC transfer Greg Alexander.

Alexander was a big-time QB recruit out of Santa Rosa, CA, setting a national JC record with 71 TD passes in two seasons. Good size at 6-3, 230, and a decent arm, he’s been very good since taking over after Funaki’s 5-pick disaster in Boise.

Hawaii is 3-1 in their last four games with Alexander getting the majority of the action. After throwing two INT’s in the season-opening blowout at Florida, Alexander has an 8-0 TD/INT ratio in just his last four games. Even better, he’s now at 118 consecutive pass attempts without an interception. Sure sounds like the right fit in the run-n-shoot.

But Hawaii has had a weird year at 6-5. Included in some of their losses were the early-season home game vs. San Jose State, as well as a 30-14 loss at Utah State. Not to poke fun at Utah State……they’ve been a regular in the ESPN Bottom Ten with….uh…..WSU…..but that loss was a head-scratcher.

Anyway, Hawaii is still a winning program looking for another bowl game. Greg McMackin only had four starters coming back on each side of the ball for ’08, yet they’ve been able to keep their heads above water. You have to respect how they turned things around after starting 1-3. They could have easily started to gripe about not having June Jones, but when smacked with adversity, the switch went on. And this is a program that is used to winning. Hawaii’s been to five bowls in the last six seasons, and a win over WSU will clinch another bid for 2008. You know they’ll come out firing.

That’s it for today. We’ll get more into it as we hit full preview mode for Football Friday.