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New Prediction, New Ted

September 12, 2008
Greetings Cougar Nation

By now you all know that we are playing tomorrow.

By now you all know that we are traveling to the game tomorrow.

By now you all know the outcome of tomorrow’s humid-yuck fest:

If we come out strong, we’ll die in the 4th quarter.

If we come out weak, we’ll be killed in the 1st Quarter.
This was NOT a good idea.

Brinkhater’s pick: Baylor 34 Cougs 21

Put this one on Sterk, big time.

However, lest you are feeling too gloomy, today did give us one pleasant surprise, and that is WE HAVE A BRAND NEW TED on

Today, we saw the end of the relaxed, gone-yoga-on-me Ted and now have the Clark Kent played by William Hurt version of Ted:

Of course, I like this Ted, but I am now particularly fearful that this Ted–as well as any other–may not be on this blog as expected in December.

In any case, Go Cougs.

“VIVA LOPINA!!!!!!!”