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Wulff Speaks, Plus Other Stuff

March 19, 2009

Can it really be, a WSU FOOTBALL story!? Wow. But it’s true. And hard to believe they are going to tee it up in just over a week? Also true. Spring ball is nearly upon us, ready to roll on March 26th, and the first round of media is starting to hit cyberspace. Paul Wulff spoke to ESPN’s best college writer on the planet, Ted Miller, and gave some pretty good answers to some pressing questions, including the fact that Wulff isn’t exactly “phased” by the arrival of the Twitter King, Steve Sarkisian?:

Did things feel any different in recruiting when Washington hired Steve Sarkisian?

PW: Not really. Everything was pretty much the same. Anytime you have a coaching change, a staff change, there’s always that new energy and hope. Any school you are recruiting against, regardless of the team, when there’s a new staff there’s always renewed energy for a little while. But I think that all slows down after a year or so. There was obviously a breath of fresh air on their side of it, no question.

There’s some other good stuff here, including Wulff singling out some players who have had a pretty good off-season. And oh yeah, Marshall Lobbestael is not only going to participate in 7-on-7’s, but he’s already been reinstated from the whole puke-in-a-McDonalds-bag-gate thing…

Meanwhile, the UW Husky Stadium money grab is starting to look pretty real. Even though some media outlets are downplaying the reality of it happening, I don’t know if that’s necessarily the case. Others who follow this stuff and read deeply into the comments of these state reps believe this thing has a chance. A bill in the Senate has been released, called SB6116. This bill has some language pertaining to the county’s ability to tax for things like “stadiums” and “arenas”, but it doesn’t specifically say Husky Stadium or Key Arena by name. However you get the drift. Basically the word is if this bill passes the gaze of house speaker Frank Chopp, well, then UW is going to pull this thing off.

Our friend “Stiffmiester” asked last night in comments, but it’s a very good question – how do the WSU faithful feel about this? Maybe there is a bigger picture angle here, that if they DO in fact toss some tax money UW’s way, that President Floyd and Jim Sterk will be running up the steps in Oly, with future renovation plans under their arms, “shovel ready” and all that? Maybe in a way, we lose…but we could also win? And if it greases the skids for a Seattle Center renovation, which includes a Key Arena remodel in an area that so desperately needs not only a renovation but also an anchor tenant that can deliver 15,000 fans for at least 41 nights a year? See where I’m going with this? YES, it would suck if UW gets their $300 million dollar facelift. But if it means WSU can now ask for the same thing with a straight face? And Sonics 2.0 rise from the ashes, under the umbrella of Steve Ballmer?? Hmmm, maybe it’s not so bad after all….

Oh, Darth Vader. He’s at it again. This time, just being a total smart-ass:

So, the Madness BEGINS today! Who ya got? I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling about Gonzaga this year. This seems to me like it’s their best team in forever, maybe since their Elite 8 team so many years ago? They seem to have it all, including a bum ankle on Ty Lawson, Carolina’s amazing point guard who makes that engine run. Don’t forget, Gonzaga took down Carolina in NYC two years ago. Granted, the characters are different for both teams than they were back then, but that upset was with a healthy Josh Heytvelt causing all sorts of problems vs. Psycho T Hansborough.

We shall see. My Final Four was a little odd, but I’ve got Louisville and Memphis on one side, while yep, Gonzaga, and Pitt on the other side. Louisville cuts down the nets on Championship Monday.

But what do I know?? Nothing. 🙂

Finally, have you heard the Casey Casem prank call? Howard Stern’s guys did a call where they took some sound clips of him and had him call a Chinese restaurant. Check it out:

That’s it for today. ENJOY YOUR THURSDAY, and GO COUGS!