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Grippi Accepts, WSU Football Blog Concedes Defeat

November 6, 2008

Pullman, WA–Amidst a flurry of controversy surrounding the outcome of the election, the Grippi-Blanchette ticket today shocked the world by declaring themselves the victors of the highly contested contest for Washington State College Sportswriters of the Year. In a statement released on the Spokesman Review’s website, Grippi said:

Though there is no way I can make a victory speech as literate and as moving as our next president’s, I can make one that fits the tenor of the recent election held on the WSU football blog. Yes, I know we didn’t get a majority of the votes (though we did get a plurality, which makes us the winner – see Dino, I told you an Italian could win in this state), and yes, I know Bud Withers voted 22 times for us (thanks, Bud), and, yes, I’m aware Jim Moore thought he was ordering a new lite beer from Miller called Sedihawk when he accidentally voted for our esteemed opponent, but still we are thankful there are 89 people out there who had nothing better to do than waste their time … sorry … express themselves, in such a manner. We are truly humbled. And we promise to serve all Cougar constituents as well as we can over the next few months. Unless, of course, we win the lottery.

Following the announcement, Sedihawk and Brinkhater convened with campaign chair Longball, as well as the campaign’s lawyers, where they apparently decided to concede. Moments later, Brinkhater released the following statement:

After much deliberation, it became apparent to our campaign that Cougar Nation has spoken and spoken loudly. While we wish that the outcome of the election had been different, we wish to offer our congratulations to the Grippi and Blanchette campaign for the quiet–in fact silent–eloquence that they exhibited throughout what was a grueling 10 day campaign.

Now that they have won the election, Sedihawk and I promise to work alongside Grippi, Blanchette, and the Spokesman Review staff to provide Cougar Nation with the best sportswriting in the country.

In addition, it is also our intention to work alongside Vince Grippi in a new campaign to make sure that JT Levenseller is appointed as the starting quarterback of Washington State University’s football team as soon as possible.

Thank you.

While Brinkhater’s innuendo was interpreted by some writers and school officials as flip, sources close to both campaigns suggested that a collaboration between the WSU Football Blog and Sportslink was possible if not imminent:

“One thing we know now is that none of the previous rules of reporting and engagement apply,” the source said.

“This is a new age for print and cyber media folks alike and the uniqueness of this Cougar Football season only adds to the novelty and complexity of the current environment. One can only imagine what might be possible and forthcoming with this new, post-partisan coalition of WSU Sportswriters.”

Stay Tuned.