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Vote Butch

August 11, 2009

OR else you’ll get some of this.

Yep, Butch is back in the Capital One Mascot Challenge. Hooray Butch! I love the scouting report from the website – 6’3″, stacked and packed? Really? I’ve seen a lot of Butch’s in my day, as I’m sure you have too. But I’ve never seen one 6-3 and full of muscle!

Butch is a former Capital One champion as well, winning in ’06. He’s definitely got a shot this year. We’ll do our part. And at least he can rock the evil of the Thriller:

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Meanwhile Grippi had a mega post today, doing his best Ted Miller impression by linking to all the other PAC-10 news and stuff. Good work Vince. In the post, he again mentions Chris Ivory’s departure, but still no official word on the reason for the dismissal. We’ll have to wait and see what turns up. But whatever the reason, it was time for him to move on.

In the same post is a link to coach Wulff’s talk with the media, as reported by Teddy Miller. The overall tone?

“We don’t spend a lot of time addressing what other people think because it just doesn’t allow us to keep moving forward. They’re road blocks. It doesn’t matter. If you look at years past, the Cougs have been picked in the lower half and have done extremely well. I’ve coached teams that weren’t predicted to do well and have done well. The thing about it is they are predictions. So many things can happen, from teams improving and staying healthy to good teams that get too many key injuries that [once] were good teams but by the end of the year they’re not a very good football team. Those things no one can predict — coaches can’t, media can’t — we can only control what we can control. If we spend a lot of time worrying about anything other than that then we are just slowing ourselves down. It’s about us and the work we have to do to take care of every single day and each week. That will remain our focus.”

Sounds like major circle-the-wagons time right now. And there is very little motivating tactics out there that are better by telling elite athletes that nobody thinks they are any good. Just keep building up the chip on the shoulder, and eventually you become a nightmare to play on a weekly basis!

Cougfan has a charting of the weight gains for the Cougs. It’s a premium article (but they are running a 2-for-1 right now, 2 months for 9.95. Not bad). While we don’t have any details beyond what is already out there, Joe Eppele is mentioned as having put on 15 lbs of grade-a beef. Nice.

ESPN’s Bottom Ten has rolled out with a new edition (and with a Michael Jackson theme to boot, ala WHO’S BAD!). Yes, UW is on the list. No, WSU is not. But alas, WSU is on the so-called “waiting list”, as in stink it up early, and they’ll be happy to seat you in the bottom-ten. Great. Also worth mentioning that UW’s week-two opponent, the scrappy Vandals of Idaho, are #3 on the list.

Stay tuned for something out of our own Longball with an eye-witness report of fall camp. Enjoy your day, and GO COUGS!

Ch ch ch ch Changes… Two Generations of Longballs Check Out the New CUB

August 25, 2008
As I am sure you are all aware, Cougar football Saturdays will be getting a face lift over the coming seasons and while we usually focus on the stadium renovations I took some time today, along with my dear old dad, Papa Longball, to check out the new and improved CUB. Here’s what we saw:

Being snuggled up so close to Martin Stadium, as a gathering place for the Crimson faithful, the CUB has always had great potential that is finally being realized. Here we see the cleaned up CUB exterior.

A lot of work has been done in the Glen Terrel Mall area, but most of it will still be recognizable. It is when you enter the CUB that you may not recognize where you are. Here you can see the main floor complete with video game consuls where students can get their Wii on.

Pretty cool, and looks to me like it’s already a hit with the student body. Also on the main floor you’ll find a food court…

Still waiting for most of the vendors to set up shop, but once they’re all in, the new CUB will be full of dining options including this place…

… which has a tragic name, but promises beer so who am I to complain? Dupus Boomer’s (ugh), along with a couple other eateries will be on the lower level of the CUB which looks like this…

The window to left with the frosted Coug logo is the new Bookie which has entrances on the main floor and the lower level. I was bummed that they hadn’t been able to duplicate that good ‘ol Bookie smell. Ya know what I’m talkin about? Oh well. One of my favorite things about the new Bookie… you never had a view like this from the old one…

After seeing the new construction on the back side of the CUB from the new Bookie windows, Papa Longball and I decided it was time to take a closer look. From the main floor food court you can exit the back of the CUB on a couple different stairways, either to the stadium, or to the CUB ballroom balcony.

Lets hope we get our cannon back on that balcony soon!

The stairway tower over the SW corner of the stadium is one of the most interesting parts of the renovation and provides direct access from the main level of the CUB to the walkway behind the west end zone stands. It also provides an awesome view of the stadium which begs the question, will there be restricted access to this during games, or can I just watch from here for free?

Looks like one of the best seats in the house isn’t even in the house.

For those who are too chicken to take the millions of stairs in the tower, there is an elevator, but today it was out of order. Under a blistering sun and 200 degree heat, Papa Longball and I had no choice but to hike up and down that tower the old fashioned way. While this is an easy feat for a young, fit specimen such as myself, it took its toll on Papa Longball who is 150 years old, has 2 peg legs and only one good eye. But in Cougar land no sacrifice is without its reward and for being such a trooper the old man was rewarded with what must be the seasons first photo-op with Butch T Cougar!

To show he is still in good spirits and no worse for the wear, Papa Longball flashes that universal symbol for overcoming adversity, the Mike Utley Thumbs-up. What a trooper!

All in all we came away quite impressed with the new CUB. It will definately be a popular spot for the Crimson faithful to gather on Cougar Football Saturdays for years to come. I’ll meet you all at Dupus Boomer’s on September 6 for pre-game pitchers!

Until then,