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Game On – Apple Cup ’08

November 22, 2008

Here we go.

4:40 1st Quarter (Brinkhater): Iron Triangle is playing inspired football. Bland and Trent are shooting gaps nicely. Offensively, why either team throws is beyond me. Totally agree on the comment that Fouch v. Lopina is the worst QB match-up ever. We need 3 first downs on this drive!

1:34 1st Quarter (BH): 2 yard punt gives the Defeateds good field position. Too bad. This game really deserves to be 0-0 at halftime.

End of 1st: 1/4 of the way to a 0-0 Game. We can only hope

12:17 2nd Quarter (BH): The dream ends. 7-0 Dawgs. How we respond on this next drive will be crucial. You know you’re bad when 7-0 feels totally out of hand.

11:43 2nd Quarter (BH): Game Time. Lopina shows he’s in a league of his own–I’ve never seen a guy do a better pre-snap Peyton Manning Routine. Amazing. If D doesn’t hold, we’ll fold.

9:39 2nd Quarter (BH): See, see, see! 1-2-3 Kick! First three and out of the season. Meanwhile, I’m cramping up from typing. Someone get me off the field!

7:42 2nd Quarter (BH): Damn it, do NOT take Lopina out. 0 touches and 11 picks is not a large enough sample.

5:00 2nd Quarter(SH): Nice 30-yard screw-up by the refs. Aren’t two knees down, uh, down? Yeesh. (BH). Time to start drinking…

4:00 2nd Quarter. (BH) Thank god Lopina is still in.

3:00 2nd Quarter (SH) Jeshua Anderson and Tony Thompson both out. Anderson with a chest injury. Walden ripping Lopina on the radio for throwing off his back feet!

2:00 2nd Quarter (BH) Thank god Lopina is still in. (SH) Nice fake. Get some points here please?

1:13 2nd Quarter (BH): Thank god Lopina is still in.

10-0 Halftime. (SH)AWFUL. Willie Griffin already at 87 yards rushing. Our defense is fighting but they can’t hold up like this over a full game. They aren’t getting any help at all at offense. Lopina is just off, there is no other way to say it. Someone asked if he was still injured from that concussion and there might be something to that. He does look off (even more than usual).

NOT looking good.

14:55 3rd (BH). Thank God Lopina is still in.

11:21 3rd (BH). Now, I’m really going to make my first drink. How Wulff and company justify Lopina’s play is now beyond ridiculous. I would venture that every fan in Cougar land would rather watch JT lose 52-0 then watch Lopina’s 31-0 suck fest.

9:00 3rd (BH). At least our D is playing hard.

6:41 3rd (BH). Ice Cold Martini in tow and now I realize that we’re only down 10-0. We have a chance!


END OF 3RD: 10-7 DAWGS. What do you think will happen? At this point, I’m thinking a 14-13 win.

12:35 left: HUGE STOP on a 3rd and 2 followed by a missed FG by the pupps. WE have the MO, we have the MO!

11:30 left: MO, no mo….Bad three and out. Watching Lopina get blasted was painful. REEEALLLY Painful.

8:30 Huge 3rd and 2, completed to Daley. We MUST hold them to 3.

5:08. Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock. Its getting REALLY late. If they get 6, we’re done. If they get 3, we might be done.

3:24: Dawg kicker misses chip shot. WE’RE GONNA COVER!!!

2:56. Lopina throws a ball away instead of taking a shot or loss. Finally, PROGRESS!

2:02. Brinkhater’s streak ends fittingly in a 5 yard throw when we needed 7. Classic end to a happless season.

0:56. Ball on 20, only 3 to tie

0:00 10-10 after K gets inexplicably behind the defense. We barely make a chip shot to tie as time runs out. Greatest Apple Cup of All Time

REMARK: UW FANS. YOU GUYS SUCK–simply because you are tied with us after 60 minutes–wow you are bad!!!!!!!! ALSO TOO: WSU. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING SO MUCH STINKING HEART. GREAT HEART. GREAT HEART. GREAT HEART!!!!!

1ST OT (O): Great call to go on 4th and 1.

1st OT (O): 3rd and goal from the 1 1/2. Go to a full set, please!!!

1st OT (O): Lopina blows an easy touch. Too bad. Lets go D

1st OT (D): Put 10 in the Box. YES! Now 3rd and 6.

1st OT (D): Now the field go attempt (We held).


Both teams are so bad!!!!! Lets hope we’re the second worst!!

2nd OT: HOW the hell does UW NOT score points with a running game like this? They get 5 YPC.

NO GOOD AGAIN! Mattingly almost picked it before, but NO GOOD! Hold your breath…

2nd OT (o): Cougs win. Brinkhater’s streak lives.

Final Thought til Later:

This game was won for four reasons:

1) The heart of the defense and the Iron Triangle.

2) Great, clutch kicking.

3) Willinham’s inexplicable T.O at the end of the game.

4) Lopina’s heart

Congrats Coach Wulff, Congrats Seniors, Way to Go Cougs.