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Cougars All-Access?

August 10, 2009

Lost in the shuffle of the opening of fall ball is one nugget of info – WSU announced that they have re-upped with FSN, into 2016-17. Big deal, right?

Well, it is a big deal for one very cool thing – COUGARS ALL ACCESS!

In addition to the network’s commitment to deliver live events for WSU football and basketball programs as well as Olympic sports, FSN will produce a 30-minute weekly show focusing on Cougar Athletics beginning this season. Cougars All-Access will provide fans a unique look at campus life for WSU’s student athletes, delivering more in-depth, personal, innovative and exciting coverage of the Cougars than ever before.

Cool! You know what the All-Access shows are, right? They are the weekly puff pieces that FSN does right now with Oregon State and that other BCS school in Washington, with behind-the-scenes stuff galore. Love it, love it, LOVE IT.

So, now the natural question is, who will host the show? Will it be:
1) Angie Mentink?

A former UW softball player in the Husky Hall-of-Fame….we can just stop right there. I’m thinking Angie won’t be roaming the Palouse anytime soon, nor would her heart really be into a weekly Coug show? I mean she’s professional and all, but there’s that whole UW thing.

How about:
2) Jen Mueller

I would bet the odds are pretty good here. But wait, after checking out her bio, she’s an SMU grad. SMU is a week-three opponent of our Cougs, so, that might be uncomfortable for all involved. Better move on to number three on the list….

3) Brad Adam?

Brad’s pretty good. Handsome, but not too slick-ass salesman handsome either. He does a decent job in his M’s hosting job, but, his baseball obligations to the M’s will take him all the way through September. So it may not work out.

Which brings us to….you guessed it:
4) Nicole Zaloumis

Not to go all “creepy Erin Andrews” here, but this might be the choice. Zaloumis is the newest face on FSN, after Cara Capuano moved down to SEC country to cover college football. So, low man on the totem pole might have to take on the new job, maybe one that the others wouldn’t necessarily want?

We’ll see. We just added a poll above of “Who Should Host”, so vote early/often. Every vote counts.

Enjoy the rest of the day, and GO COUGS!

What a Day!

November 23, 2008