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’08 Schedule – Now With Helmets!

May 5, 2008

This is making the rounds among the various message boards, but the above is your 2008 Pac-10 schedule for all teams. Now WITH HELMETS! Click on the picture and it blows up to usable size. Right-click, save copy as…and you have your own. Enjoy.

Speaking of ’08 – Beginning later this week, we’ll check in on our opponents for 2008 and see how things shook out of their spring practice sessions. Spring surprises, biggest disappointments, key injuries, major holes to fill, you get the idea. All with a WSU spin.

We’ll lead off with the HATED OKIES. Hated is a strong word, and it’s all just fun-n-games, right? But hate is a key term here, for reasons we’ve gone over before and will go over again. A hat-tip to Longball for remembering that 85-29 hoops humiliation to OK State down in their house a few years back. Wouldn’t you have loved to have seen Low, Weaver and Cowgill get another shot at the clowns in black-n-orange? Just another reason to look forward to the beginning of the Wulff era at Qwest Field on 8/30.

Another ’08 deal – Have you ever seen a baseball team collectively struggle more than the M’s right now? I’ve never seen a team press at the plate like this. It’s pretty amazing to see an entire group just a huddled mess in the corner, fetal-position style. It’s Cinco-De-Mayo and they have DONE stamped on their foreheads, already? Really? Steve Kelley has a good take on it here. This is why you traded five players, including what looks like an all-star closer in George Sherrill and an everyday CF in Adam Jones?? I know Bavasi’s dad just passed away, but boy, his decisions of late have the look of a guy who is going to be out of a job sooner rather than later. If they have any hope of contending, they have to win big over the next few weeks. Otherwise we could be talking fire sale by the All-Star Break.

Finally, saw Iron Man yesterday. OUTSTANDING movie. Great plot, special effects, acting, it’s all there. I put it right there with the first Spiderman and Batman Begins for top comic book movie. Now I’m not a comic book geek or anything, and I’m sure the losers were blogging away that the color of red in Iron Man’s suit wasn’t quite right. “Worst Shade of Red EVER!”

I just choose to enjoy the damn movie already. And I thought it was great. They also played the new Batman Begins trailer, and holy cow, talk about powerful. Seeing Heath Ledger as the joker, well, I touched on that before and won’t go into it again. But pretty chilling stuff to say the least. The new trailer can be seen online here, but let me tell you, your PC screen does absolutely NO JUSTICE to this thing. It’s going to be gigantic on the big screen.

We also saw the trailer for the new Indy Jones movie. No, Short-Round didn’t make it, unfortunately.

But there is a rumor that none other than Jet Li will be in the new film as Short Round! Seriously. Also I think I saw Harrison Ford’s grandfather dressed up as Indiana Jones. Indy is so old he passed his grandpa in age. I know makeup and special effects can do a lot, and it looks like it could be pretty cool for fans of the genre and seeing Indy kick Nazi asses. But after seeing a commercial last night for the original Indy trilogy that is going to start next weekend on USA, you can just see the difference in one big way – he’s really OLD. He looks old, he moves old, he talks old. We’ll see if it flies.