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Alex Brink’s Final Chapter

December 31, 2007

Ok, so, Alex won’t win any popularity contests. Not here, and probably not anywhere else. But we’ll always have the Apple Cup wins with #10. And since it’s New Year’s Eve, why not look back at the biggest drive of 2007?

Happy New Year, Cougar Nation!

Life Experiences Build a Winner in Wulff

December 16, 2007

I know many of you that read our blog or the usual WSU coverage online already know a ton about Paul Wulff. But the Spokesman today hit a HOME RUN with the background story.

I believe that people really need to know what we’ve got here in coach Wulff. His hiring was big news in eastern WA, and in some pockets of Seattle, but otherwise it was barely a blip on the radar. But there’s just so much more than meets the eye with this guy. Again, Vince hits an absolute home run today with his story, and the accompanying unsolved murder story is a real eye-opener.

Seriously, can you imagine dealing with all this at such an early age? Maybe some of you have, and if so, you know the pain. But wow, wow, WOW. He’s really a moving story.

By the way, I wrote about it at AOL Sports today as well. Some of you know that I don’t write there as much as I used to based on the direction things have taken over there, away from the team-centric coverage and more big-picture stuff. But this story about Wulff, it’s just too good to ignore. I want the people on the national level that read that site every day to understand what we have in Wulff. AOL Sports gets 20-25 million hits a month, so they’re going to have to read about him now! Someone’s got to stick up for all things WSU, and as long as I can represent over there, I’ll throw stuff like this in their faces.

Other quickies for today:

We’ve got a new Cougar in the fold. Kamiak’s Skylar Stormo calls it a “dream come true” to get a scholie from Paul Wulff and WSU. A good 2-sport athlete with decent size at 6-4, 225, he reportedly runs a 4.8. Not blazing but not too bad either. He’ll likely play TE at WSU. You can check out his player bio here. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY.

Here’s a look at the “new” Martin Stadium. Some of you have seen this, but some of you have not. I also included a shot of the new scoreboard. I particularly like the young alumni seating area down below, where tickets are capped at $99 the first three years after you graduate and you get to sit between the 30’s. That’s something that Sterk and company really need to do, and that is reel them in young and get them involved. Make the younger alums feel important, like they matter, and get them spending money early on. That’s the genius of what Oregon State has accomplished. They have Reser to name the field as their “sugar daddy”, but much of what has been done in Corvallis was based on getting those middle tier donors. They reached out to that group and they all feel part of the program, and it’s something that we must do as well. Note that I stretched the images a little bit so the resolution will probably be a little off, but you get the idea.

Speaking of scoreboard, here’s a really good shot I found that someone took at the end of the Apple Cup. If you look closely in the bottom towards the middle, you can see Alex Brink, Bobby Byrd and Chris Baltzer in a group hug. Byrd and Baltzer were Brink’s best friends on the team, so I thought that was a pretty cool shot.

That’s really it. Not much new news floating around out there. I did find KXLY’s recap of the ’07 Apple Cup. It never gets old does it? And from a few different angles, Rick Lukens was right, Brandon Gibson couldn’t have been more wide open! I’ve got that game on my DVR and the week after xmas I’ll try and pull some highlights for your viewing pleasure, but for now, enjoy:

Not Feeling it? You will.

November 21, 2007

I know some of you aren’t really “feeling it” this year. It is, after all, as many are saying, a pillow fight between two 4-win teams. But you know what? By the time Saturday gets here, you WILL feel it. Just like you do every year when these two get it on.
Here’s the end of the 2005 AC in Seattle that I just ripped from a DVD and uploaded. That win capped a 4-7 season, but so what! They wanted it in a huge way. I’ve got more video to upload and I will do so in the next few days.
Especially pay attention at the 2:50 mark, as Willingham “big-times” Harrison, who crushed the Husky D for 206 yards that day, at the end of the game by barely raising his hand to shake it. Then he brushes by Trandon Harvey, the guy who took the bubble screen 40 yards to the house for the game-winner, as if he was invisible. I had forgotten how ugly that game ended and how it could have really turned into a bad scene, but luckily cooler heads prevailed: