Hey, it’s Colin with Sham-Wow?

Good morning to you all, great Coug Nation. Hope the week is winding down on a positive note for you? At least it is now very positive for LeAndre Daniels and Tyree Toomer. We remember the story with Daniels and Toomer, where they were spotted walking off with a couple of bikes that didn’t exactly belong to them? Something else with a hacksaw may or may not have been involved? Well, turns out that NO CHARGES are to be filed! Once again, the liberal, left-wing media makes something out of nothing….but all in all, great news. Especially if they are innocent, as some have suggested that this thing could have been a misunderstanding from the beginning. Seems like there is always more to the story than what initially makes headlines, and that’s clearly the case here. Wulff hinted that this might be the outcome. Remember this interview Wulff gave in June, after the uniform unveiling (fade to black….)?

Q. I have to address the Tyree Toomer and LeAndre Daniels situation. They’ve been suspended from team activities. What else, if anything, can you tell us about their situation?

A. First of all, it’s a mistake, and a poor choice by a couple young guys that have never been in trouble prior to Washington State or in their first year. Both have been done very well academically as well. I think when it’s all said and done, there’s a question mark on whether the charges will even be filed. There are some issues there behind the scenes that look favorable for the players.

Q. Have you spoken with them, and if so, what was your message?

A. Oh, yeah. I had a message. But we don’t need to talk about that one here. But, bottom line is they’re very remorseful and we’ll deal with that, and the bottom line is they need to make sure they learn from those mistakes.

Q. Do you expect them to rejoin the team, and if so, when?

A. Yes we do, and hopefully soon.

I’m sure Chris Ball and Jody Sears are happy to hear two of the members of the secondary are now free and clear, and ready to hit the field next month!

Moving on, so have you seen the new SportsNation show on ESPN?

ESPN Radio’s own Colin Cowherd, a former northwest native and complete UW lover has teamed with the super-cutie-pie Michelle Beadle to bring a new show format to the worldwide leader in sports.

Note – while I have been sweet on Michelle, as she seems ultra-cool, funny, and quite a little ball of fire, well, with the Erin Andrews stuff lately, I just don’t feel it. The Times’ Jerry Brewer has kind of brought me down a bit, and most of you might feel the same way….but wait, there’s more…

Michelle is good at what she does, she looks good doing it, and that’s all I have to say about that….anyway, I have caught the show a few times over the last couple of weeks, and I have to admit it’s a pretty good take on all things sports/pop culture. Very fast moving and hip, filled with polls, twitter comments and reactions, youtube videos and such, all while debating the hottest topics of right now. You know, sort of like a blog, only on TV? What’s funny is that Colin Cowherd HATES BLOGS with a passion and doesn’t hide any of those feelings on his four-hour radio show. Yet, here we are. Anyway, the show is TAYLOR-FRIGGIN-MADE for short attention span America! Yes, I include myself in that.

But one thing has struck me about seeing Colin out from behind the ESPN mike and in front of the camera. Is it me, or…..

Just saying.

So in honor of Colin’s new hit show, and to honor the passing of Billy Mays and Michael Jackson in a very roundabout, serious-reach-type way, we present the biggest hit going right now…yes, it’s “Jam Wow”!

I guess it’s a tribute to Billy Mays because, well, even in death, at least he’s STILL NOT VINCE with Sham-Wow. And an honor to Michael Jackson, brought to you by the biggest MJ-lover/1985 imitator, Alfonso Ribeiro! Although I’m not sure Alfonso, or is it Carlton from Fresh Prince, can move like that anymore?

Enjoy your Thursday, GO COUGS and all that other stuff.

11 Responses to “Hey, it’s Colin with Sham-Wow?”

  1. Selahcoug Says:

    Why in the world would anyone give Cowturd a tv show? It is bad enough to listen to him (if you don't have any other sports radio options), but who in the hell wants to look at that guy? I'll take Dan Patrick anyday over that a$$ clown.

  2. Lucas Says:

    I really like Cowherd. He had tons of good things to say about Wazzu on the Legend's of the Palouse series.

  3. Sean Hawkins Says:

    You are right Lucas, he did have a lot of good things to say on that DVD. But that was a while ago and I don't think he truly gives a rip about WSU. He is much more a UW fan, so that's kinda why we're making fun, that's all. I do like his radio show though, even if he's too into BIG markets, BIG money, Yankees, Red Sox, SEC football, warm weather cities, etc. But then again, it's a national radio show and he has to play to his audience. He's got some good views on a lot of things outside of just the radio world, so I like that about him.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What is with jerry brewer! That guy is 100% negative and like a moth to a flame is drawn to the negative. Cannot stand the guy. Anyone read his article from when he visited oklahomo city to dance on the sonic grave? He bragged in the first couple of paragraphs how he was mistaken for Waynam Tisdale's brother. Who gives a rats ass! Dope.

    Michelle Beadle is sugar. I saw her at a Mariner game several years ago once with a tv crew and it turns out it was for a show on safeco field. She was glowing she was so beautiful.

  5. Lucas Says:

    Well I've never heard him say a peep about UW. Maybe because until a few months ago, I didn't have much access to his radio show.

    Not to mention, I went to the ocean with the g/f for a 3 day weekend. After watching Sportsnation for about 15 minutes (about all the more I can watch sports before she gets bored), I went to change the channel and she said "It's ok, that guy is funny."

    All I know is he is from Gray's Harbor and went to Eastern. Come to think of it, the perfect recipe for a Husky fan 🙂

  6. The Coug-A-Sutra Says:

    Cowherd was on record on at least five occasions last summer saying that the Huskies would be surprise contenders for the Pac-10 title last year. "Whoop dare it is"

    Sedihawk's right, he simply LOVES the UW. And he loves them almost as much as I love Sham-Wow. (And what fabulous 80's-90's outfits those lady dancers have on in that vid….Yowza.)

  7. Sean Hawkins Says:

    That Michelle Beadle was doing a segment of "Cathedrals of the Game" for HD-net I believe? I saw that episode where they do Safeco. It was really cool, plus some good Seattle baseball history. I think they replay it every now and then on the new MLB network, it's pretty good.

    That same HD-net did another series called "Fields of Glory" where they went to college football stadiums (not with Michelle though). They did one on Oregon, and WOW, what amazing facilities they have. You really can't believe it's a college football team when you see the behind-the-scenes stuff. They have nicer facilities than some NFL teams.

    Way off track…and "Sutra", yeah, some of those 80's outfits are hilarious! Some of that footage is I think from Dance Party, the movie? Kid-n-play or something? You can't miss the wedgie-style haircut on that one guy. But I love the dancing of Alfonso Ribeiro! He was on some Pepsi ad as a little kid doing Michael Jackson, and used to dress like him on Silver Spoons all the time.

  8. WSU91 Says:

    I listen to Cowherd's radio show from time to time coming in to work. He's sometimes funny and colorful and sophmoric – like calling pro-wrestling fans "booger eaters". Other times, I think he's off base – like suggesting the M's should trade Ichiro for Jimmy Rollins. (hmm…what do others think? This blog does the M's once in a while). He still has a love of Seattle sports teams. But that's Seattle, not State of Washington. And since he's an ESPN guy, what else would you expect but big market bias with occasional love for his hometown?

    In general, it's getting to the point for me where other than college football, I can't watch ESPN.

  9. Sean Hawkins Says:

    ESPN can drive you crazy if you don't care about the Yanks or Sox. Notice next time you watch sportscenter or ESPN news, and after they do a Yankee highlight they almost always go to extra lockerroom interviews or throw up some extra graphics, maybe even ask Buster Olney about anything Yankee related and all that. Not always with the Sox but they do it with the Yanks all the time.

    But it's a bigger problem with MLB, and that is the game has become too regionalized. Colin has harped on this for a long time, and it's ture. There are what, two national games a week, and the rest are all local games to local markets. It is great for following your own club but if I want to watch the Phillies and I am in Seattle I have to buy MLB extra innings (or wait until the playoffs). Nobody outside the market gets a chance to see the less famous teams. So when ESPN chooses to go overboard on the Yanks/Sox they know they are broadcasting about the few MLB teams that move the needle on a national level.

    Rollins for Ichi?? Not that the M's ownership would ever agree to trade him, and Rollins would be nice to have at short, I would have a hard time with that one. Ichi is aging, but he's still so damn good. I guess if they traded Ichi for Rollins, then went out and got an MVP-type bat for right field, then it's a win. But straight up one-for-one inside a vaccum, I wouldn't do it.

  10. WSU91 Says:

    Sean, I agree.

    I've always thought the major difference between the big three leagues in the US is in how they each choose to market their sport.

    The NFL markets the game of football.

    MLB markets specific teams.

    The NBA markets specific players.

    The NFL can get you to watch the Browns vs. Vikings regardless of who your favorite team is, because it's the game that matters, not so much the teams playing. How many people nationwide would want to watch the Indians vs. Twins?

    OK, enough from me about stuff not really WSU football related. Like politics.

  11. '03CouveCoug Says:

    Cowherd is getting way too preachy and know-it-all-y for me to listen to him much anymore…so much so that I usually listen to the local clowns in Portland on my drive to work. And those guys are pretty bad. I remember when Cowherd started at ESPN. He would actually take calls and read emails from people that disagreed with him or had another point of view. Now, if he even considers taking on the dissention, it’s only so he can hang up on them in 5 seconds and ridicule them for the next minute. Get off your high-horse, guy!

    We get pretty inundated with Cowherd down here in Portland/Vancouver because this is where he was before he got his ESPN gig. I haven’t seen the TV show, but I’m not sure I want to.

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