Fun With Teambuilder

I know last week we were “meh” on the new EA NCAA offering. First glance was that it was OK, but that was pretty much it. But I heard more about this Teambuilder feature, where users can create all sorts of teams online and then you can download them into the game. And with that, the historical team possibilities are wide open.

Sure enough, I did a search and found that there were some WSU teams that someone had made, complete with updated rosters, uniforms, the works. So I found the ’97 Cougs, and wondered if someone had made ’97 Michigan? Maybe it was time to replay that classic Rose Bowl? And what do you know, but ’97 Michigan was out there too. So I downloaded both teams and fired up a game.

I won’t totally bore you with all the details, but Michigan won again. This time it went to OT, where they pulled out a 38-35 thriller. Leaf was strong, throwing for over 300 yards and three TD’s, but his lone INT came in the OT period to end the game. An INT that was snagged by none other than the virtual Charles Woodson, Heisman winner in that fateful year. Michael Black didn’t get hurt this time, but the Michigan D held him in check to just over 50 yards rushing. Click the read more feature to see a video replay of Leaf rolling out and hitting none other than LOVE JEFFERSON for a TD….

EA Sports: NCAA Football 10 Video

The footage is a little grainy, I know, but still you can see what’s going on.

There are other WSU teams out there, such as the ’92 Bledsoe’s. I believe I found the ’02 Rose Bowl team as well, with Gesser, Derting, Trufant, Long, etc, but it looked like a work in progress at the time. I am going to try and search out ’91 UW, and see what that would look like to play ’97 WSU against them, two of the best Northwest PAC-10 teams of all-time. Anyway, with this Teambuilder feature alone, I would upgrade the recommendation to MUST BUY!

Speaking of EA, poor Erin Andrews! Sure, she’s got a great life with a fantastic job and a rumored romance with Mets superstar David Wright. But I mean wow, we love her and all that, but a peep-hole video? How gross/scary is that?

She’s a beautiful sideline reporter in a supercharged, testosterone-laden environment, but she’s still a human being. Nobody deserves to have that happen to them. And you wonder what her breaking point is going to be. Will something like this force her to just walk away from the whole thing? She has been interviewed before about dealing with that part of it, and she seems to have some pretty thick skin. Today the LA Times asks if it’s even possible to just let her do her job? This is crossing a line in every conceivable way. Oh, and don’t go searching for the video, one of the most popular searches via Google the last few days. Not only has it been pulled down from every possible site, but, it’s also being used to spread a pretty nasty virus. Hopefully they catch the perv and sue the hell out of him.

Finally, some recruiting news hit the web yesterday. First, Nico Grasu’s brother, Hronnis Grasu, a three-star defensive end from Encino, pledged to Chip Kelly and Oregon. BOO. I guess the lure of his brother in Pullman just wasn’t enough. WSU, UW and UCLA were the other PAC-10 teams on his list. There was some good news though. A corner/running back named Brandon Golden committed to WSU last night. Hailing from Covina, CA, reports he is 6-0, 180, and runs a 4.4 in the 40. Not much else is out there, other than he was first team all-league choice at running back last year, and well-rounded enough that he also led the area in interceptions last season. He’s already mentioned as a likely first-teamer as a DB in ’09. The Cougfan ($) article mentions that he was so taken with the WSU coaches that he committed without even taking his trip to Pullman! Now, it’s July, and a loooooong way until signing day. Now that he’s got a verbal commit in his pocket to a PAC-10 team, well, if he wasn’t on the radar with other coaches before, he sure is now. We know all too well that a lot can happen between now and February.

All for now. As always, GET IN A FIGHT FOR WASHINGTON STATE(or something like that!).

18 Responses to “Fun With Teambuilder”

  1. Chris '04 Says:

    Looks like you just sealed the deal for me, Sean. I'm still gonna hold out and test drive Madden '10 before I make my final decision, but knowing that I can download All-Time teams is pretty friggin' sweet.

  2. Sean Hawkins Says:

    It is pretty cool, video-game dork or not, to see and play with the historic teams. A great idea by EA to enhance the game. There is a patch that is coming for the game to improve some of the gameplay, and it should make it even better.

  3. '03CouveCoug Says:

    I spent 90 minutes last night getting the names, ratings and years in school right for our roster, so by the time I finished that (at nearly midnight) I had to get myself into bed! I’m going to take my first shot at actually playing the game tonight. Looking forward to it.

    As for the whole Erin Andrews thing, how despicable of a person do you have to be to do something like videotape someone through a peep-hole?!? I hope that they find the pervert who did it and Andrews sues him right down to his toes, along with the website that allowed the video to be broadcast in the first place and the hotel where the taping took place. Some prison time may be in order as well…talk about disturbing.

    Personally, I hope that she keeps on doing what she’s doing, just so this doesn’t beat her. While I’m not enamored with the whole “sideline reporting” thing (they just don’t add much to the coverage), Andrews does a competent job. It would be a shame if this incident caused her to walk away from sports reporting, however I certainly wouldn’t blame her if she did!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The 2003 Cougs are now online. Kegel, Darling, Sammy Moore, Scott Lunde, Troy Bienemann, it is all there. On Defense it is fun to attack with Derting at linebacker plus Acholonu and Brown on the ends and all those good defensive backs. The guy did a great job on the uniforms too, very much looking like 2003.

  5. Chris '04 Says:

    I'd be willing to bet that if you took a poll of the general viewing public, 50% of the people would not know who Erin Andrews is and of the half that does know who she is, 95% of them haven't seen the video. The quicker she lets this die down the quicker the media will fawn over the next smile our Supreme Leader Obama makes.

  6. Stiffmiester Says:

    I haven't seen it yet but a family friend is on the development team w/ Microsoft and he is ranting about the generation XBox. So get ready to have to buy new a system in the 1-2 years.

  7. '03CouveCoug Says:

    Preach on, Chris '04! You're probably right, on both fronts!

  8. WSU91 Says:


    Supreme Leader Obama? Surely you jest…

  9. Chris '04 Says:

    WSU91, I was being flippant. CouveCoug got it.

  10. Longball Says:

    grrrrrreat, I love it when politics seep into the FOOTBALL blog.

    Regarding Grasu, does anyone else have as little trouble as I do shrugging off losing recruits to UO? I guess i just feel that any kid who goes there really isn't our kind of kid anyway. (Not that I wouldn't have given a small appendage to have J – Stewart line up in our backfield.)

    And frankly, though Grasu doesn't exactly fit this bill, we've flirted with the superstar recruits in the recent past and been burned. Give me the Bad News Bears any day. The guys you had to turn over every rock to find, who come in hungry with a chip on their shoulder and are just thrilled to even be here.

    I love that the same day the much publicized Grasu goes to the Ducks, Wulff quietly gets a verbal from an under the radar speed machine who hasn't even been evaluated by the recruiting service yet. Heck, the kid has not made his visit yet, he just loves our coaching staff.

    Good luck to lil Grasu, but don't worry about the Cougs. We will still get our guys.

  11. WSU91 Says:

    Sorry, Longball – my bad

  12. Brian Says:

    This article says that our new commit Brandon Golden is likely to be a first-teamer at DB in '09? Is that a typo and should have read '10, or will he really be ready to play this upcoming season for us?

  13. '03CouveCoug Says:

    I think they meant 1st team in his high school league, Brian. Sounds like the kid will be part of the 2010 class of incoming freshman to Wazzu.

    You're right Longball…lets keep the political talk out of this blog…we come here because its fun, and talk of politics could certainly ruin that fun. Additionally, I agree with you on the kind of guys that we need to recruit. Hard workers that aren't impressed with anything but the opportunity to win at the Pac-10 level. In regards to Grasu, maybe he is a soft player who is impressed with comic books and xboxes, but we can hardly begrudge a kid for going to a program that has nice amenities and a recent history of success. Good luck to him, except against the old Crimson and Gray.

  14. '03CouveCoug Says:

    One last thing, then I'll shut up. Just a quick question…how much weed does one have to smoke in order to name their son "Love"? Discuss.

  15. WSU91 Says:

    Agreed – no more politics…


    Any word on how Louis Bland is progressing? He tweaked his knees in springball, haven't heard anything. He was a force in the Apple Cup.

  16. Sean Hawkins Says:

    Haven't heard anything new on Bland. I wonder if he'll get a mention in the weekly diaries on Cougfan? But no, nothing new. It's been pretty quiet lately, but that's the way it goes in July.

  17. Longball Says:

    I hear ya CouveCoug. Wasn't Love Jefferson a real live R&B recording artist of some sort?

    Varsity football, played piano and his name was Love… I'm pretty sure the ladies didn't stand a chance.

  18. '03CouveCoug Says:

    Was he really?!? I hope so…

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