Romeo Pellum Rips WSU

Looks like Romeo Pellum is feeling like he got the shaft from Paul Wulff and company. Pellum, as you probably know, was suspended from the team for stealing electronics in February, and then was arrested in April for driving with a suspended license. Pellum has decided instead of sticking around and dealing with it, he’s going to leave. Or was he kicked off the team? It’s all a little foggy. I guess it doesn’t matter, whether he was booted or chose to leave, because either way he’s gone.

Anyway, he had some choice words for the coaches as he moves on down the road…

“I felt like I was treated unfairly with that whole situation,” Pellum said. “I was suspended for the whole spring. If you read those charges that happened back in February, it’s pretty self-explanatory what we were suspended for.” Pellum said because he was treated unfairly and not given a second chance, he elected to depart both the team and the university to pursue other football opportunities.

“(The coaches) are untrustworthy and I don’t want to be a part of the Wulff era,” he said. “I wouldn’t say all of the coaches, but a handful.” Pellum also said the team’s strict and unfair nature became evident after he witnessed the suspension of five players, four being reinstated, and three charged legally.

Is he really being treated unfairly here? He was arrested twice in three months this spring. Wulff has a system in place where the player incidents are dealt with in a particular way, with discipline handed down from the players and staff. Either you play by the rules that everyone else has to follow, or you don’t, and you move on. Case closed. At least Jim Sterk, who happens to be Wulff’s boss, thinks that Wulff is doing just fine in the discipline department.

But what’s odd is that Pellum calls the coaches untrustworthy. Yet, as the Evergreen story reports, Pellum claims he is leaving on good terms, and Wulff and Jody Sears both wrote letters of recommendation for Pellum….? Oh well. Good luck to Romeo, wherever he ends up.

Pellum’s loss does hurt though. 65 tackles and a couple of picks last year, and a likely starter in the depleted secondary, he does leave some shoes to fill. We like the Cal transfer, Brandon Jones, and Tyrone Justin at corner (as long as Justin stays out of trouble as well?). We’ll look at the secondary in the next week or so.

Speaking of moving on, in completely unrelated, non-Cougness, Jessica Simpson was released by Tony “Dimples” Romo. And it sounds as though she is devastated. What’s cold is that Romo cut her loose the night before her 29th birthday! Even I can say that’s cold man, cold.

Seriously though, Jess has literally ONE JOB to do, and that is stay a hot chick if she wants to hang on the arm of Mr. Wonderful…..did she succeed, or fail? Check it out:

What happened??

Gisele figured it out and is doing what it takes to hang with Tom Brady. It’s a tough, competitive market for being with an NFL superstar QB. Maybe age 29 is the “cutoff” for Romo, and it was time to trade into something newer and sleeker? Meanwhile there’s probably 3 million females in the state of Texas who are still up popping champagne over Romo’s new-found free agency. Let the bidding begin!

Finally, one last thing on Michael Jackson.

The Sunday after he died, Fox ran the famous Simpson’s episode, where Homer is admitted to an insane asylum and meets a guy who claims to be Michael Jackson (and he clearly is not the King of Pop). It’s a really good episode, if you are a fan of the show or not.

If you recall the episode, the voice of the Jackson impostor sounded amazingly like Michael. Yet, when the credits rolled, there was no mention of him as the voice. There were rumors it was him, but it was never really confirmed.

But now, the truth can be told. Jackson WAS the voice after all. Per wiki:

Michael Jackson guest stars as Leon Kompowsky’s speaking voice, while his singing is provided by Kipp Lennon. For contractual reasons, Jackson was credited as John Jay Smith, and his role in the episode was not officially confirmed until later. Kompowsky was originally set to return in a second episode, except voiced by Prince, but the episode was never produced.


That’s about it for a slow Friday (obviously). ENJOY your weekend, and as always, GO COUGS!

20 Responses to “Romeo Pellum Rips WSU”

  1. Portland Coug Says:

    And Pellum shows his true self. What a jerk to say that crap when he has letters from Wulff and Sear in his back pocket. Good riddance.

    Jessica Simpson WTF is that? Romo did the right thing to sell now instead of getting saddled with her. Yuck.

  2. Chris '04 Says:

    Pellum is showing his true colors here. Dude, you're not Pac10 talent, get over it and see if you can compete for a job at Utah State. If this is the kind of character he displays, I'm glad he's not representing my university anymore. Good riddance.

  3. Pig Man Says:

    Romeo should have thought things through before he broke the law. In classic quitter fashion, quitters always blame everyone else for their own shortcomings and mistakes, and that is all he is doing here. The coaches even wrote him supportive letters and he still bitch slaps them on the way out. He will go somewhere else and probably quit there as well. Bye bye jerk-ass.

  4. Pig Man Says:

    And jessica simspon, pre-fat pants please. Smokin' hot to smokin' not just like that. I would get out now too if I was him. She will not age well. It only gets harder to stay in fighting shape as you age, so sell, sell, sell!

  5. Soze Says:

    Wow, Pot Kettle Black syndrome at its finest. I would think a thief would be pretty untrustworthy.

    Good luck Romeo, try and keep your nose clean.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Jessica,

    Nice FUPA.

  7. Sean Hawkins Says:

    It is disappointing at the tone Pellum is taking on the way out the door. Especially with the letters of recommendation and all that. But what can you do but wish him luck and move on? "Pig Man" is right though, he is blaming others for his f-ups. Oh well. And Soze is right too, man, WHO is untrustworthy here??? Maybe he thought he was going to get another chance, or who knows, maybe the punishment they wanted to do didn't fit the crime, at least as far as Pellum thought? And maybe he's being made the example of here?

    I don't know Chris '04, but I thought Pellum was Pac-10 caliber? 65 tackles and a couple of picks was actually pretty good for this defense last year. Not a superstar shut-down corner, but still, that's not bad. I was looking forward to seeing him improve this year, but it's not meant to be.

  8. Chris '04 Says:

    Sean, the dude is legally blind in one eye. Pac10 talent he is not.

    I could have had that many tackles and lucked into that many picks had I been playing on the team last year. The secondary gets more opportunities to make plays when the front 7 are as bad as they were last year.

  9. Chris '04 Says:

    To add to my dislike of Pellum, here are the schools that offered him a scholly:

    Arizona State
    Idaho State
    Weber State

    Not exactly a list that screams talent.

  10. '03CouveCoug Says:

    There is no denying that Pellum would be starting for us this season, however, there is no arguing that he’s at best a mediocre CB as compared to the rest of the Pac-10. Perhaps we’ll luck out as Coug fans and see a young CB get a chance and surprise us all as a result of Pellum's dismissal (Daniel Simmons? Nolan Washington?).

    I think the most disappointing thing about this story is the seeming 180 degree turn that Pellum’s tune took from last season to this spring. If I recall correctly, he held himself accountable for his poor play early on, made improvement as the season wore on and even had the guts to call out his teammates for not being on the same page as the coaching staff. In short, he showed a lot of promise as a leader of the team. Instead, he makes an absolute bone-headed decision to break-and-enter and burglarizes a teammate. He follows that up with a second arrest two months later. What the hell happened?

    Like others have commented here, sounds like sour grapes from a guy that should be taking a hard look in the mirror instead of calling out the very coaching staff that is helping him get a second chance. Bottom line, good riddance to him. Given the turn for the worse in his behavior, he could have been a real bad presence in the locker room this coming season.

  11. Sean Hawkins Says:

    You are right Couve, in fact Pellum was sort of a "feel good" story for a while last year? The whole thing about being legally blind and overcoming it, etc. Remember this?

    "I'm really proud of him," cornerbacks coach Jody Sears said. "I really rode him pretty hard in spring camp and fall camp, but he's come a long way. In the last two or three weeks especially, he's really taken on a new leadership role.

    "I'll tell you what, he's really good on Saturdays. I mean as far as being mentally into it, and being in the flow of the game, and leading. He always has so much energy."

    Pellum has six tattoos that all have special meanings to him — one is a tribute to his siblings, another to his mother and grandmother, another that wraps beneath his neck that says "Living the Dream."

    "I really feel like I am living the dream right now," he said. "I just try to set a good example, obviously being a starter you have to set a good example for younger players. We need a lot of leadership right now to turn this thing around."

    Too bad it ended this way.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Pellum not pac-10 talent, please just stop. Romeo Pellum was WSU’s top cornerback as a sophomore last season. Even if the pass defense sucked he was still the best we had. He led led WSU with six pass breakups, tied for first with two interceptions, ranked second with 51 unassisted tackles and came in third in total tackles with 65. One eye or not that is good enough to play in the conference. And don't try to justify your stance based on his schools on his recruiting list. For fun go look up Will Derting or Trufant or Erik Coleman's list. Pellums is just as impressive as those school legends.

  13. John Says:

    I don't see how Pellum's misdeeds are any different from Hicks', so why would he be kicked off the team when Xavier is still around?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    But to hear Pellum, he was not kicked off. Just suspended for the time being. He chose to leave I guess instead of serving the punishment.

  15. Sean Hawkins Says:

    Chris '04's point is well-taken though. This isn't like losing Alterraun Verner from UCLA, or Syd'Quan Thompson from CAL. Pellum wasn't in that class, no doubt. They'll be fine.

    But I also believe a secondary is only as good as what's in front of them. We'll get to that later!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Wulff is a !@^&#& joke. I've bled crimson my whole life and I can't wait till he is gone.

  17. Soze Says:

    Anony… who should we replace Wulff with?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Urban Meyer.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Levy. Sterk. George Clooney. Carrottop.


  20. Addiction"07" Says:

    Chris 04 you seriously sound really bitter like are you one of those guys who loves football and you were just never good enough to make the team or what? And if you could have done so much better why don't you play for "your" university? the fact that romeo is blind in one eye and did as well as he did shows how great of a player he is. And there is nothing wrong with the way he handled himself just because the coaches gave him good recommendation (as they should he's a great football player) didn't mean he had to return the favor if he felt they were unfair that's his right to speak on it you're not in the locker room so you don't know what goes on. And I'll agree with you about being happy that he's not representing your school because he's so much better than wasu. And Pig Man I don't see where he pins any blame on anybody he said he wasn't being treated fair so he left were in that does he blame his coaching staff for legal problems so I don't really get what that comment was for but I guess.I just want to wish you goodluck Romeo wherever you go I can only see your football career getting better for you.

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