Spring Fish Wrap – Jim Harbaugh’s Edition

Welcome to another year of “Spring Fish Wraps”. You may not remember, but last year, we decided to tackle each team on the WSU schedule and take a close look at them, post-spring football condition. Why? To try to get a feel for what to expect in the upcoming season, that’s why.

Why use the term “fish wrap”? It’s a self-hating thing. You know, this article sucks so bad I wouldn’t wrap dead fish with it? Or line the bird cage with it, etc. But it’s a play on words to also wrap up the spring…..get it??

Anyway, I have to admit that doing something like this was/is educational to say the least. At least for me it is. It’s a good idea to dig deep on each team and see for yourself what is going on outside of Pullman. You can see some of last year’s Fish Wraps here (or just search “spring fish wrap” in the blog search window at the top of this page).

That said, time to look at game one for 2009. And what do you know, the rebuilding Jim Harbaugh’s/Stanford Cardinal invade Pullman on September 5th to kick it all off.

What do we have to look forward to? Read on and see the WSU Football Blog angle to Stanford…

LAST YEAR: 5-7 overall, 4-5 in the PAC-10.
LAST YEAR vs. WSU: A humiliating 58-0 wipeout on a damp track in Palo Alto.

Stanford ran over the WSU D for a season-high 344 rushing yards(!), led by Toby Gerhart’s four TD runs, all in the first half as Stanford sprinted to a 31-0 lead. And, uh, WOW were we bad last year!

STANFORD FANS ARE: Pretty happy. Maybe not completely thrilled, but pretty happy with the direction. The rebuilding under Captain Comeback took another step forward last year, just one victory from getting back to the postseason since Ty Willingham’s fleece vest roamed the now-defunct Seattle Bowl sidelines in 2001.

It’s been a while. But to think that they were just one win away from a bowl game, when two short seasons ago in 2006, Stanford was a one-win disaster? An outfit so bad it was being debated as to their place in the all-time WORST PAC-10 teams of all-time? How can Stanford fans be anything but thrilled right now? Ask yourself, if WSU was to be one win from a post-season bid in 2009 in year two of the rebuilding job, after the train wreck of 2008, wouldn’t you take that?? Anyway, the fans believe in Harbaugh, and he has this thing going places.

OFFENSIVE SCHEMES: Stanford offensively keeps things fairly close to the vest. Not your spread scheme by any means, they are more of a traditional pro-set/west coast offense look that you see out of a USC or even UW in the Sarkisian era. Look for a fullback and a tight-end on several occasions, and a lot of snaps with the QB directly under center.

OFFENSIVE RATINGS: Stanford did improve offensively last year, coming off a dreadful 2007 in which they were trolling near the bottom ten in several categories. In ’07, they were 102nd in the nation in rushing offense, and 107th in total offense. Fast forward to 2008, and it’s better. 84th in scoring offense, but an even higher 67th in total offense. In the PAC-10 rankings, Stanford was sixth in scoring offense and total offense. But while the passing game was lacking, ahead of ONLY WSU in passing yards per game(!), they did finish SECOND in the league in rushing offense at 199.6 ypg. So overall, not exactly an offensive powerhouse, but they are getting better.

: Like they are on offense, they are traditional on defense, relying on the basic 4-3 attack. But they will mix things up by blitzing linebackers to bring pressure. And again, Stanford showed improvement.

DEFENSIVE RATINGS: Another area with some improvement. In ’07, they were 98th in the country in total defense. In ’08, they moved up to 76th. In the conference, they were slightly below average, finishing sixth in scoring defense, ninth in pass defense, seventh in rushing defense and seventh in total defense. This isn’t your ’85 Chicago Bears defense (or anything close). But again, they ARE improving.

RB Toby Gerhart.

This one’s easy. Toby Gerhart was the heart and soul of the Stanford offense last year, and really THE GUY for the entire team. Gerhart gashed the Cougs for four TD runs in the first half of the 58-0 blowout, but he wasn’t just a one-hit wonder. Far from it actually. Gerhart would finish third in the PAC-10 with 1136 rushing yards, averaging an impressive 5.4 yards per carry. But he was even more impressive getting into the endzone, finishing was second in the conference with 15 rushing TD’s. Absolutely stacked at 6-1, 232 lbs, the guy is a horse.

In watching the video, it’s pretty clear that if you get a helmet on Gerhart, you better wrap him up! The guy is not only powerful enough to run you over, but he breaks tackles as well as any back in the conference. But not only does he have that power, he’s also got that little extra “gear” to where he can outrun the defense. Check out some of those runs vs. Oregon State, where he gets to the sideline and then runs away from the defense. SERIOUSLY impressive!

Along with CAL’s Jahvid Best and Oregon State’s Jacquizz Rodgers, Gerhart is one of the top running backs in the west, and he will compete for all-conference honors.

And for what it’s worth, Gerhart is one heck of a baseball player as well. There was even some talk that if he had a big baseball season this year for the Cardinal, he could go pro in the upcoming June MLB draft.

But alas, Gerhart hasn’t had the big season some expected from him on the diamond, hitting .272 with five HR’s this year. So yep, expect him to line up at tailback on September 5th. WONDERFUL.

Safety Bo McNally.

McNally had a fantastic all-around year for Stanford in ’08, leading the team in tackles (76), including 6.5 for loss. But he knew what he was doing in the secondary, also leading the team in interceptions (4). He’ll be the senior leader of the defense. Not an NFL prototype safety at 6-0, 205, he’s still pretty quick and is a very good tackler. He will contend for all-conference honors as one of the top safeties returning in 2009. While Gerhart leads the offense, McNally is the heart and soul of the Cardinal D.


1) What’s the deal with the QB’s?? Another year, another QB “situation” at Stanford. Last year Tavita Pritchard (yes, Jack Thompson’s nephew) won the job. But he did “a’ight”, but certainly didn’t torch the opposing defense. Pritchard would throw for just 1633 yards and 10 TD’s in 2008, leading Stanford to the ninth-rated passing offense in the conference. Granted, Stanford’s offensive coaches didn’t ask him to do too much, but Pritchard couldn’t escape the turnover bug. He threw 15 INT’s, and that’s just too many when you aren’t even primarily a passing offense. As we all know (far too well I might add!), turnovers KILL offenses, and they just can’t have that again. So, Harbaugh has now officially given the keys to the offense over to none other than hotshot QB prospect Andrew Luck.

Luck is a big-time QB prospect who comes straight out of central casting. Big (6-4, 227), strong, and even some good wheels with a reported 4.7 40-time, Luck was highly recruited out of Houston, Texas. But instead of heading to a usual NCAA powerhouse, Luck shocked everyone when he picked Harbaugh and the Cardinal when he signed in 2008. He was a top-5 QB in every recruiting service around, and regarded as one of the top 50 or so players in the country when Harbaugh reeled him in. The best part is what Luck did this spring when given a shot at unseating the established Pritchard. He threw for an amazing 352 yards and FIVE TD’s in the Cardinal spring game, basically assuring everyone that this is Luck’s job. That’s a kid who wants a job. So get ready to see the redshirt QB under center in Pullman September 5th.

2) How’s the schedule? Pretty mild if you want to know the truth. After opening in Pullman, they do have to travel across the country the following week to take on Wake Forest. But then it’s Palo Alto for three in a row vs. San Jose St, UW and UCLA, all winnable games at home. A 4-1 start isn’t out of the question. While they do have to travel to Oregon State and USC later in the year, they get Oregon, Cal and ASU all at home. And of course there’s the traditional Notre Dame game to close the season, also in Palo Alto. Phil Steele ranks their schedule as #71 in the country. Safe to say that the schedule looks to be Stanford’s friend this year.

3) Sounds good. But isn’t Stanford just a little too young this year? Actually they do look pretty green, projected to return just 15 starters this fall. And that includes starting a brand new QB in Andrew Luck. While Luck looks like a star on the rise, he hasn’t taken an NCAA snap. Kids can look great in scrimmages, and they can carry around the press clippings from glory days gone by, but you just never really know until the lights go on and it gets real in a hurry. And what kind of help will Luck have in the passing game? Wide receivers Ryan Whalen and Doug Baldwin were 1-2 on the team in receptions last year, and they are both back for ’09. But after those two, the next leading receiver coming back is none other than Toby Gerhart, who caught 13 balls out of the backfield.

To make things a little more shaky on Stanford’s QB situation, third-stringer Alex Loukas tore up his knee this spring and will be out for the beginning of 2009. Meaning that Tavita Pritchard, the same guy who was beaten out for the QB job and is now the backup, will likely be the only QB among the top three on the depth chart who has thrown an actual pass in a game situation to start the year.

WSU FOOTBALL BLOG SEZ: The first game is always a dicey proposition. You see teams bust their butts all summer long, and so much focus is put on game number one. It’s like the driving motivation for all that hard work, and you hope it all pays off. But weird things tend to happen early in the year. In fact, last year Oregon State went down to Palo Alto to open up the 2008 season, and they LOST to the Cardinal in what was regarded as a bit of an upset. Nobody knew just how big at the time though, as really that loss kept the Beavers out of Pasadena! Had Oregon State won that game, the Civil War loss to Oregon would have been irrelevant as the Rose Bowl bid would have already been secured. And that game was mistake-filled by OSU, as the Cardinal finished at +3 in turnover margin. The first-game yips were evident, as it can be especially tough when you open the season on the road.

But that said, we can’t exactly erase 58-0 from the memory banks, can we? After all, Stanford just sledgehammered the Cougar D, time and again. The Cougs also turned the ball over FIVE times, compared to zero for Stanford, so that had a lot to do with it. But when you can’t do the basics like stopping the opponent from running for 344 yards on you, you are in for a long day.

Obviously the key for WSU this year will be to crowd the line of scrimmage and commit to stopping the run. If they can somehow do that, and put young Luck in obvious passing situations, they have a shot. But if Gerhart is constantly getting 5, 6, 7 yards per carry and moving the chains, it could be another long day defensively. But we’ll get to all that stuff later this year, Football Friday style…..

For now, I have to say that I like the looks of Stanford. Even though Luck is young, he looks the part. They should be better through the air. Combine that with the return of Gerhart to bring balance to the offense, and given Stanford’s lower-level schedule? 2009 sure looks promising for a return to the postseason. Not bad for year three in what was thought to be a massive rebuilding job.

That’s it for today. Enjoy your Tuesday, and GO COUGS!

10 Responses to “Spring Fish Wrap – Jim Harbaugh’s Edition”

  1. Nuss Says:

    Stanford is more or less the model of what we ought to try to accomplish this year.

    With the running backs we’ve got, if we can keep our line reasonably healthy, running the ball a TON and controlling the clock can be a great way to stay in the game with more talented teams. Mix in a few turnovers, and all of a sudden you’re pulling some upsets.

    That’s a pretty straightforward way to get from one win to three or four without having to play too far above your heads.

  2. Sedihawk Says:

    The thing is Nuss, last year was such a throwaway on so many levels. You had a QB who started the majority of the games dealing with a fractured vertabrae. They reeled in the offense so much as the season went on, that we never really saw what they wanted to do. Go watch the no-huddle vs. Okie State, then go watch the USC game and it is like watching two completely different programs.

    But turnovers kill and after leading the universe in turnovers last year we are primed for a possible turnaround. Phil Steele hammers this home every year. I bet we are one of the teams that appears on his “turnaround” list once his preview hits the stands.

    But yeah, we are going to run the ball a few times! There are too many decent backs and too much returning depth on the O-line not to lean on the running game!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We definitely have a different team from last year. I hear guys saying how they are going to be hitting the weights hard over summer just so they can COMPETE for their positions. Everyone seems to have this fighting mentality and they want to win.

  4. Portland Coug Says:

    A football preview before mothers day? Who knew. Thanks for some football reading. I love preview seasona and this gets me off on the right foot. Maybe its the pollen in the air that clouds the judgment but I smell a chance at an upset. I do not question that Furd is better than us but a rook QB on his first start on the road and no superstars at wide receiver makes this alum full of crimson hope. But holy hell how are we going to stop gerhart? He looks like a faster John Riggins in that highlight. He is a meast – part man, part beast. He will run through Chima arm tackles all afternoon. Better have our tackling boots on for that battering ram.

  5. sedihawk Says:

    MEAST is right. A little sad though, as that was what they used to call the departed Sean Taylor of Washington. The MEAST!

    I had watched Gerhart before, and thought he was impressive enough. But the video is eye-opening, even for a highlight. To see him turn the corner a couple of times vs. the Beavs, even after breaing tackles? That is Oregon State he is running through, not a Portland State or Montana or whatever. He is the real thing. The D better get ready for a steady diet of number 7.

    Ah, it’s way too early to actually preview a game. This is just to take a look at Stanford coming out of spring ball, nothing more. A LONG way to go, and a hell of a lot to sort out, before we play Stanford!

  6. '03CouveCoug Says:

    I think we can beat this club, assuming that our offensive and defensive lines heal up this summer and make it through fall camp relatively unscathed. Big assumption, as I’m well aware. Having seen Stanford play a couple of times last season, beating them I think basically comes down to running the ball and stopping their run. Crack analysis, I know.

    Simply stated, when Stanford didn’t rush for more than 200 yards last season, they lost. A couple of games, they got just over 200, and still lost. Given that their offense probably doesn’t change much from last year, I think we load up against Gerheart and dare the true soph. QB to beat us. With their lack of playmakers at receiver, this seems like a pretty safe play of the percentages. Roll up Hicks as a rover and gang-tackle Gerhart like hell. Get them in 2nd or 3rd and long and then throw the kitchen sink at the young QB to see if he can handle it. Easier said than done.

    On D, Stanford was pretty vanilla, rarely straying from their base 4-3 last season when I saw them (even in 3rd and long situations). Their LBs really attack the line of scrimmage and take on/defeat blocks pretty well on running plays. Notre Dame killed them with play-action late in their game last season and I think that if our Cougs can establish any semblance of a running game early, they can do the same, especially down the seams with the TEs (whoever they may be!) The Stanford LBs didn’t play well in space against OSU, ND or UA, and I’m hoping that the same holds true this season. The question is does WSU have a QB that can take advantage?

    I think the Cardinal are in for a surprise on the Palouse.

  7. '03CouveCoug Says:

    Funny that Sedi says it’s too early to preview it and then I do precisely that! I’m a tool.

  8. Moose35 Says:

    Found this from the bootleg. Good take on the Cardinal. Don’t be weighed down by the lower number of ret. starters. Harbaugh isn’t worried. They have at least 7 or 8 players on defense who have a lot of game experience but aren’t listed in the precious starters section. Harbaugh has been recruiting up a storm and it is all clicking. At least 7 wins this year or maybe even 8 this year in more improvement.

    And wait til you get a load of Luck. He looks like Elway with a couple extra inches of height. You better hope the defensive ends understand containment because Luck has great feet. Just wait.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I can throw a football pretty good im told. I can throw a good 50yds, with training i cant even imagine how sweet ill be able to throw.Im 185lbs and stand 6’0″ ft. tall, athletic build. Im also not enrolled in any college right now and am still young. It would be great to do something i’ve always wanted to do, lead a football team. Thats why im leaving this comment. email is neilpa@eden.rutgers.edu

  10. BornCoug Says:

    I really enjoy watching Gerhart run. I can’t believe his size and ability to run away from defenses. Amazing!

    The thing I started to notice as I watched the video was the job the line was doing. Did it ever seem like someone was missing an assignment? In the OSU game, Gerhart wasn’t touched until he was 5+ yards up field in probably half his runs. Give Gerhart a lot of credit because he always seemed to find the open hole although at times the hole was big enough for 2 or 3 Gerhart’s to run through!

    Stanford’s offensive line and receivers seem to do a really good job. Look at the SC game. Everyone is accounted for and nobody gets a free shot at Gerhart. SC gets to him faster but there were some well designed plays executed just as well.

    That’s where WSU needs to get to. For me this is somewhat year 1.5. Last year was basically a throwaway. It wasn’t until late that most of the team fell into line and started to buy in. Just competing this year is a a huge step up from last year. Our line has to live in the weight room from now until next fall, get healthy, and execute. Simple as that, right?

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