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I guess we could continue to beat the already-dead horse about the Apple Cup….but I think you, us and everyone else with an opinion has weighed in. There really isn’t much left to say as we wait for the shoe to drop.

With that, might as well see what else is going on…links-style. And believe it or not, there are some things happening other than the move of this game.

From Grippi, the Cougs had a scrimmage on Saturday, as spring ball enters the last week. It sounded like things went alright, although the ranks are awfully thin right now. Tardy with one carry before heading to the sideline with ice on his left leg? James Montgomery didn’t even play? Tons of linebackers, like Andy Mattingly and now Louis Bland, several defensive backs, etc, all out? Levenseller and Lobbestael still not part of scrimmage action? Wonderful.

Well, at least Kevin Lopina is getting a lot of reps, and with the thin running back situation, there were a lot of throwing opportunities. Lopina turned in some fairly decent numbers – 12-for-17, 162 yards, plus the only offensive TD of the scrimmage. 162 yards? That would be good for Lopina’s third-best total from all of last season (174 yards at Baylor, 167 vs. UW). So it is fair to say he’s playing pretty well given the extra opportunities.

But it is also fair to say that overall, the entire team is far from full strength, and maybe even a shell of the team that we will see in the fall. No offense to the current players who are out busting their butts on the field right now, but everyone knows they are missing some pretty key parts to this thing.

Moving on, from the same Grippi – WSU recruit Brock Motum has reaffirmed his pledge to Ken Bone, Ben Johnson and WSU! VERY, very good news here. The 6-9 Aussie will be ready to roll next fall.

Talk about a productive beginning for Bone – three of the four recruits, all regarded as the most important three of the four, all decide to still come to Pullman? No defections on the current roster? Retaining Ben Johnson? It’s ALL GOOD right now. And don’t forget, our own Kaddy met Ken Bone a week ago, and you can read all about it here.

Read on for more…

Meanwhile, off the field, UW is getting new Field Turf. Big deal, right? We already got ours a couple of years ago, as did Qwest Field last year. But the difference? PAINTED END ZONES! That’s right, UW is getting gold end zone paint, not just the green with their name colored in. So I ask, WHERE ARE OUR CRIMSON END ZONES!?!? Not a big deal, but still. I heard one time that painting the end zones a solid color was actually pretty expensive, over 100K or something crazy, so that’s part of the reason we don’t do it.

Washington State senate bill SB6116 has moved out of committee. It now heads to the senate, where they will vote, then if it passes there, to the house. If it passes all phases, then it becomes reality. Why point that out? Because SB6116 is the bill that has the stadium “language” in it, where not only would Key Arena get the long-desired renovation funds, but the door also opens for Husky Stadium. There is thought that the momentum is building behind this thing, and could be passed this week by the senate. From there it must pass the house, or, it could be “tacked on” to another house bill, such as house bill 2252. Should be interesting.

Here’s a question for you. If the bill means the Seattle Center and Key Arena get a major overhaul, but, UW gets their money to renovate their stadium, what do you think from a WSU angle? I know the NBA has been out of sight, out of mind for many of you. I know I survived without the league this winter. Would have been nice to have the NBA back, but with college hoops keeping some interest, and then with the return of Griffey to the M’s, things have blended nicely. As much as I loved having the Sonics in town, I have to admit I didn’t miss it a whole lot. Now part of that was by design of the prior ownership, where they did every possible thing they could to alienate the fanbase and get the hell outta dodge, on their way to “paradise” in OKC…you know, Oklahoma City? The center of the basketball universe? The Thunder sure put them on the map.

Anyway, it’s a double-edged sword. Having Steve Ballmer own the Sonics in an updated Key Arena and a major Seattle Center overhaul would be a great thing for Seattle and the NW. But it also means UW wins in their tax money grab, and they get their $300 million palace on the lake. We’ll see what happens, but it should be an interesting final week in the legislature.

Around the PAC-10:

USC had a scrimmage on Saturday, and their QB battle is still seriously ON. FOUR high school All-Americans are competing for the job?? Wow, tough times at Troy.

Oregon State is talking about money, and what might or might not be cut in these trying times. Even with Reser Stadium naming rights, a renovated stadium, and all their donors, they are struggling just like anyone else right now. It’s a good read to see how our state cousins in Corvallis are fairing.

The Quacks had a scrimmage on Saturday as well (seems like everyone had scrimmages Saturday) and it went “just OK” according to Chip Kelly. Jeremiah Masoli had a big day though, three TD passes plus a 51-yard run. Anyone who watched Oregon late last year and the improvement in their offense as Masoli grabbed that job can see that they got pretty scary by the end of the season. Who knows what they can do with a full season of him leading the offense, but he looks born to run that system.

Cal had their spring game on Saturday. The defense sounds clearly ahead of the offense, and threw a lot of blitzes at the O. Kevin Riley was “okay” according to their recap, but maybe a little indecisive if not disappointing?

UW had a scrimmage too – did we mention everyone had a scrimmage Saturday? – and they took a big step towards an undefeated 2009 with a running game so dominant, so brilliant, it blinded those who dared to stare directly at it….OK, not really. But they did churn out 174 rushing yards. LOOK OUT LSU!

Locker played OK – 10-16 for 133 yards (hey, LOPINA WAS BETTER!) – but he sounds like he is starting to get more comfortable in the pro-style offense.

“He’s starting to understand the nuances of the position within our system,” Sarkisian said. “I thought he was much more comfortable today than he’s been the entire spring. The one pick was a miscommunication between him and (Aguilar), I thought the rest of the day he had a really good day. He felt comfortable, distributed the ball well, had great huddle presence, had good command at the line of scrimmage, I just though he handled the day well.”

OK, it must be said – Is it me, or are they serving up super-sized helpings of hype to anyone who cares out there? I guess the change from the closed off, angry, guarded Ty Willie to the Twitter King in Sarkisian, with his arms wide open to all comers, is a big part of it. But the media seems to be playing along. Whatever. We’ll see soon enough if it’s the real thing.

That’s about it for a Monday. Enjoy it, and GO COUGS!

11 Responses to “Monday Links”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Screw the NBA. They spit in your face when they left so why welcome them back into your bed. It is like the long-time wife goes off and screws some young guy, but then says if you refurb the house I will come back. And if the NBA bill means UW gets their tax money then HELLS NO!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ditto Anony #1

  3. Gibby Says:

    CKB is awesome baby. One could not ask for better starts than this. Hope he can coach as well as he represents. I see all 3 of the new baby cougs playing next year.

    The fussies are all hype. Kjr nurses off theit teets and it is in their interests to have them hype the team = more listeners. Kiro is all sports now and the fussy flagship has major competition now. Kjr will pull out the stops to jack off Uw. U thought it was awful before wait until football season. It is an unlistenable train wreck anywho. Tracy taylor is hot though and she likes the cougs, from eastern washington.

    Done with david stern’s nba. It is headed for a lockout so, let the league impload, oust little napoleon and then pick up the pieces at a discount. Getting in now is a terrible idea as Ballmers group would overpay to move a team. Not the time to buy right now so let them get desperate.

  4. sedihawk Says:

    Just heard an update from the Save Our Sonics guy. Turns out this bill has been modified to have stronger language and it is NOT a dual-stadium issue. The bill out of the senate now is only for the Key remodel, not the UW renovation. Phew.

    Now it will move on to the house where it will meet some major opposition.

  5. Lucas Says:

    Sedi, are you saying that UW’s funding side of the Senate Bill is dead?

  6. sedihawk Says:

    Lucas, that is what Brian Robinson said on kjr about a hour ago. These bills are supposedly different and the language was updated in committee to make it stronger towards Key renovation with SB 6116. Robinson said UW is going through what Wally Walker and Howard Schultz went through, in that you take some lumps the first few years in Oly. But his words were “dead”.

    But man, with slimy politicians, you just never know.

  7. calebcherry Says:

    Today’s ESPN ‘lets do everything we can to kill time, not talk about the draft… but talk about the draft’ focus was on “Mock Draft for the Ages.”
    A pretty fun read, and the only reason I’m linking through this blog is because they’ve got two of our big cougar arms listed on the draft board of all time college QBs.

    I’m glad to see that coming out of college, Bledsoe and Leaf, are seen as physically athletic and capable of being valued as a high pick to play at the NFL level.

    Glad to hear UWs money grab might be ‘dead.’ Fairness doesn’t even enter the realm of my critique now. When education on every level is as strapped as it is in our state… not even the biggest football fan in me can stomach state money going towards anything but making classrooms smaller than they were the year before.

    Also watching a brief WR spotlight on the top 8-10 WRs on the NFL network, I can’t help but thing that if this were last year and B-Gibs had left he would slated well above the names like Derek Williams (PennSt) and Brian Robiskie (OhioSt … I’m not going to say THEEE before that school, ever) which were listed in this years group.
    I really hope to hear his name called this weekend and a chance to grow into a 4th, maybe even 3rd WR spot on a competitive team.
    Does anyone think he’s still talented enough to make a team and hopefully get that payday he deserves in a few years?

    Can’t wait for this weekend! GO COUGS!

  8. Stiffmiester Says:

    CKB is really impressing me. He has the POTENTIAL to make us say Tony who? The way has stepped in so foar and seamlessly solidified the current and future roster left to him by Bennettdict Arnold is impressive. Even more encouraging is his stated commitment to not doing the entire “scrap that sytem it’s not mine” thing most coaches who are worried about making a quick resume enhancement stop seem to take. He has mentioned that there should be a gradual transition form Bennettdict ball to Bone ball.

    This tells me that he understands a combination of things. One, that he knows these kids are built perfectly for the transition to Boneball. They have at least a year of slow down offense under their belts. Capers, Casto and Klay also have the athleticism to get out run, so if there is a clear opportunity let the thoroughbreds out they should have the go ahead to do so. Last year the onlytime we saw this potential was in the UCKLA game. I look forward to seeing a little more freedom next year.

    The retention of Big Ben means so much more than the Aussie pipeline continuing. The possibility of the pack defense cintinuing as we know in the near future is cool but I look forward the cool mutation we can see in the future.

    As good of a job that CKB did in keeping his team together I am(a
    homer) believer so far in CWP. The gains that we saw in the training table/weight room alone tell me that this culture is changing. We can temper our expectations but for one will not temper my optimism. these kids have been thorough a crucible last year and I feel that fire has made them stronger. Time will tell.

    On the Sonics front, This bill will cut out the Fuskie Muttlake provision. I too feel burned by Napolean Stern. That being said this is the time to get the deal done. As Sedi mentioned the Senate has cut the hated Defeateds money grab out of the legislation. To quote Brian Robinson “it is DEAD.” However as much as it would make burn a hle in my stomach if the purple and piss got their money,it might have worked given us a window of opportunity to get some for us. Personally I don’t want to take that chance. Anyway, enough of the the Stiffmiesters long winded ramblings.
    Go Cougs

  9. Sedihawk Says:

    Good work Stiffy. Also Bone hired Curtis Allen, a strong move to help recruit the puget sound region (he’s well-regarded anyway but a former UW player and Tacoma product). I like his addition.

    As far as CPW, it does sound good. And while they are thin as hell right now, the words have been good in terms of intensity and physical nature of play, something lacking last year. It will be a better year, whether that translates in the final score or not we’ll see, but I have no doubt it will be better.

    On the Husky deal, I’m still officially worried! I know Robinson’s words were strong today, very strong to throw out “it’s dead” in terms of Husky stadium. But I also heard from someone at WSU this afternoon, and they have someone in Oly telling them that there could be some slight-of-hand going on here and that UW may still get what they are after. I don’t know any other details than that, but let’s just say that some at WSU aren’t sharing the same sentiment as Robinson today.

    And, Bob Condotta is going as far as to call the same bill the “Husky Stadium Bill”. Check it out:

    Doesn’t sound as dead as Robinson says it is! Lots of mixed messages right now.

  10. Stiffmiester Says:

    you are right in your earlier statements that you neve know woth slimy politicians. That being said I figure I might have heard some hooping from the the rest of my family. My brother is in deep with the Grinch. He is now a the senior lawyer with a division of the transportation department and his wife is a judge appointed by Pristine Gregliar. Like my blogfatehr friend Hooty, I grew up with the stench of purple and piss on my Crimson and Grey soul. I haven’t heard any squawking from the relatives yet so there is hope that the coastoes won’t get the money grab and the
    ac and a new toilet bowl to flush their dreams away in.

  11. Stiffmiester Says:

    House Bill 6116 has made it out of the ways and means committee and this is the one that excludes the Fuskie funding!

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