The Quest for Money

My good friend and colleague, Vincent Grippi, is reporting at the Spokesman that the Apple Cup is moving full time to Quest Field.

The reason? A big fat bucket of money.

So, no more snow bowls in Pullman in November.

And all you folks in Eastern Washington, get ready to drive over the Mountains if you want to see another Apple Cup.

Nothing quite like taking our Apple Cup game far away from the true blue Crimson and Gray, is there Mr. Sterk?

This is a HORRIBLE move, one that will be sure to tilt the advantage in the rivalry to the Defeateds. And yes, the moola is good, but wait til a heavily partisan Dawg squadron results in a missed field goal that costs us a shot at a BCS game.

This sucks!

50 Responses to “The Quest for Money”

  1. TiltingRight Says:

    I’m actually a Coug that doesn’t HATE this idea, if it’s done right. Seems pretty clear I’m in the minority, though.

  2. Sedihawk Says:

    Absolutely, positively HATE THIS IDEA. HATE IT. Putting that game in Seattle when it’s a WSU home game is a complete and utter disaster. To punt our home field in a rivalry, just for extra money and the UW purple bloods don’t have to make the trip over to chilly Pullman? Do people really understand how big of a home field disadvantage this will be? UW will fill it at least halfway, if not more. Guaranteed.

    The only way this could ever even be a somewhat acceptable idea would be to have the game move there 100% of the time, ala Colorado-Colorado State in Denver. Don’t let UW host it every year.

    When you act small time, and you think small time, you will ALWAYS be small time. The best thing that ever happened to the rivalry was moving it back to Martin Stadium in the early 80’s. This is a small time move.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Horrible idea… No more snow??? I cannot believe Mayor Johnson does not complain more about the money lost by local business. Even if Pullman gains another home game early, nothing brings them in like Apple Cup!

  4. Soze Says:

    Jesus, I’m growing tired of being a Coug. I’m going to start playing Mega Millions with the objective of winning and then donating every penny to WSU athletics, so they can stop screwing the students/fans over dollars. Un-effing-believable.

  5. TiltingRight Says:

    $2 million per year. That’s 4x what we make now. Yes, we lose homefield advantage, and it doesn’t feel like a home game at all. But the money is bigtime.

    Sedi: The game will be at Qwest every year. 50/50 ticket split, every year. Home/Away teams in name only.

  6. Jason Says:

    Great post man. I look forward to coming back and checking out some more that you got.


  7. Sedihawk Says:

    Tilting, I see what you are saying. Initially it was reported that it would be moved to Qwest for years it was supposed to be played in Pullman, then at UW the other years. Now both the Times and Spokesman are saying that it’s an annual thing, Qwest every year.

    I’m not digging it…but who am I to tell the school to turn down $2 million guaranteed, every single year, for one game? If they can somehow enforce the distribution of tickets is fair and it’s not 80-20 UW to WSU fans, then it could be OK.

  8. WsuCoug1997 Says:

    Let me weight the options:

    Game at Quest-
    1) I won’t have to take Friday off work.
    2) My drive will be about 1 hour to Seattle vs. 5.5 hours to Pullman (ohh I mean 7.5 hours by chartered bus).
    3) I can sleep in my own bed instead of the lovely Holiday Inn Express.
    4) Blah
    5) Blah
    6) Blah

    NO…. Don’t do it. Martin Stadium, WSU Campus, The Drive, The Weather (or at least chance of snow), being in “Cougar Country”, etc. Sterk, do not move the Apple Cup to Seattle and to their backyard!!!!!!!!

  9. Jimmy Mac Says:

    This sucks for us, but also for them because I believe we’ll fill Qwest 3/4 full of Cougar fans in THEIR home town ever year. UW Students and Alum are pathetic.

  10. Travis Says:

    This is the worst idea that has ever cooked up by our athletic department. I have been part of the last 5 Apple Cups in my time here at WSU. In the worst of times the best thing to cling to is playing the rivalry game, here or there. There is nothing sweeter than defending Martin, or toppling Husky Stadium. This guts the rivalry in the name of bullshit corporate sponsorship. I don’t care about the money, it kills any home field advantage either side had, and definitely favors the Huskies. I can not fathom trying to scream til my throat bleeds, or storm the field, or any of it like I have and will in Martin. This year is my last season before I graduate, and I can not believe that the best part of Cougar Football is going to die in Husky Stadium, even if we win.

    This is unforgivable. Coach Walden needs to raise his voice, refuse to call the game, whatever. He fought to legitimize this program and our University, and we just sold all of his work, and his successors work down the damn river.

    I was going to buy season tickets when I graduated and donate as much as I could. Now, I don’t know that I can. If the athletic department is going to act like Eastern’s or Central’s and buy into the little school mentality, then they can get the funding of one.

    Apple Cup was the celebration to end all celebrations for me. I have forged some of the greatest frienships I will ever have in the icy cold of 4 AM Apple Cup campouts by the student gate. I’m glad this last one in Pullman was as good as it was, because that is how I’ll have to remember the Apple Cup.

    A Piece of Cougar Football died today.

  11. Jenkins Says:

    You guys who think the Cougs will fill half of Qwest every year (especially if the Cougs aren’t nearly as good as the Mutts in a given year), let alone anything more than 50%, are kidding yourselves. The crowd will be about 3/4 UW fans every year. In fact, the “embarrassment” factor of having the stadium be 75% purple every year, even years in which the Cougs have bowl chances and UW doesn’t, probably will have a negative effect on recruiting/publicity/merchandising/donation solicitation, and various other things. Maybe the $2 mil per year makes up for the financial aspects — and it likely exceeds it by far — but being shown up and looking like UW’s bitch in a “home” game will be embarrassing. Sure, we’ll be able to make excuses about it being on the other side of the state, etc., but it’s going to suck if we can’t fill at least 35-40% of the stadium.

    At least we can sell this as something of a “destination” game, like the Red River rivalry, the CU/CSU game, and so on, but everyone knows what it really is – a game where we’re at “home” but outnumbered, 7 miles away from the other team’s school.

  12. Sedihawk Says:

    This is a done deal btw (obviously it is clear this is happening based on all the reports). But a little birdie told us late last night that this is done, and to be ready for up to 10 straight years of apple cups in Qwest. $2 million per year, guaranteed.

    While I agree with the majority, that giving up your home field advantage to play in their back yard is just so wrong, so many ways….$2 million per year? That’s a better payout than some bowl games. Given the economy and our own financial woes, I certainly can understand why they are doing it.

    I hope beyond all hopes that they can somehow, some way control who gets access to tickets. But I am afraid Jenkins is right. UW has such an advantage here. They can say the allotments will be fair, etc, but if they get a 75-25 pro-UW crowd, it is a NIGHTMARE, $2 million or not!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I love any pic of Shaumbe Wright-Fair! My starting running back on the wsu fb All-Name team.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Any hey, how’s that for an idea by the way? The wsu fb ALL-NAME team. Lightbody!!! Mkristo!!!

    I think ten years in Seattle will pay for better facilities in Pullman and then we can move the AC back to Pullman.

    Plus by then I’ll be able to afford to take off work, drive to pullman, hotel. . .

    Go. . .

    Cougs! ! !

  15. kaddy Says:

    I don’t think this is a done deal, but one thing I want to point out is that Sterk is a very smart man, and he understands all the pros and cons of a deal like this, so rest assured he isn’t taking any of it lightly. I don’t like the idea of not playing AC in Pullman, but that is a truckload of money for a dirt poor athletic department. WSU fans bitch and moan, but the fact is that we only have ourselves to blame – if Cougs donated more to athletics, this would never be on the table.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    This is a vary sad day. My parents have already said that they will not renew their season tickets for 2010 because there is no home Apple Cup. Also remember that we were only going to play one game in Seattle as a promo of the new field, then it was my understanding that the reason that we kept having a game at Quest was to bring in big name schools that would not make the Trek to Pullman. Stirk thinking that bringing back an early home game will make up for lost $$$$ on the Palouse he is crazy. If SDSU comes to Pullman in Sept see if the Seattle Cougs will cross the mountan if FSN has it on. Floyd and Stirk need to wash those Bad Idea Jeans.

  17. Michelle Says:

    What Kaddy Said…

    Also, I think it’s unfair to assume that this was “cooked up” by our athletic department as some have suggested. It’s not like one person made this decision, it probably included quite a few people from either side (so get off the “ kick)And from what I understand, these first and goal people approached the schools, not the other way around. Not saying it’s a great idea, but we really don’t know enough of the details to point fingers.

  18. Sedihawk Says:

    Well, we were told it was “done” late last night. Maybe we got bad info (wouldn’t be the first time!).

    I have no doubt that Sterk always does what is in the big-picture, best interest of the athletic department. I mean four years ago, who would have dreamed that we would have the ability to pay a college hoops coach $1 million per year in Tony? Michelle knows first hand what the program was like back then. Not that Tony didn’t deserve it – he did – but the very idea that little ‘ol WSU could find the money to do such a thing? I think without Sterk, Tony would have left after the year-one splash.

    And, as long as I have known Kaddy, he has always beaten the “we have ourselves to blame for our financial woes” drum. He was right when he first said it, and he is right again today. Look at the PAC-10 numbers, the donor amounts, the season ticket levels. We are 10th out of 10, and that is the reality of this situation. We need every financial inch we can get right now.

    I HATE LOSING MARTIN STADIUM for our rivalry game. I can’t imagine the merchants in Pullman are thrilled with losing this game. But without a doubt, money or not, my biggest fear is that the game turns into a UW home game. If you don’t think they can slime their way into making that happen, you don’t know your enemy very well. There have been UW alums pushing this idea for years, and they are getting their way. In an ideal world it will be split 50-50, but do people really think that is going to happen?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Benedict Condotta has a good read on the situation:

    He does not see it as done yet but the Spokesman and you guys do.

  20. Longball Says:

    What planet did I wake up on this morning? This is a big blow, but…

    I honestly cannot argue with the economics of this situation. Coug fans, for all their bluster and righteous indignation just do not give at a level anywhere near where they need to to expect us to compete. 20 mil over 10 years is money we just cannot say no too. Anyone seen phase 3 of the stadium renovation yet? Yeah, you haven’t. Cause they don’t have the money to start it. And Phase 4… probably a pipe dream at this point. this sucks, no doubt, but if we are going to get the facility upgrades and other things the program needs, we need this money. Frankly, nobody else is knocking on our door with an annual gift of 2 mil.

  21. Longball Says:

    I will say this, though. It should start either this year, or 2011. It is total BS that we get permanent away team status AND they get the last real AC in their house this year.

    The reaction from fans on both sides is overwhelmingly negative. I hope Sterk and Co. anticipated how huge of a kick in the nuts this was going to be and are prepared to deal with it.

  22. biggie Says:

    The 92 Snow Bowl was my freshman year and still one of the best days ever. Selling Huck the Fuskies t-shirts in the snow before the game, watching Brunell cry like a girl and seeing Bobo snowplow the endzone with a TD grab on a route he couldn’t remember to run right. That is Apple Cup, and they’re ripping the heart out of the student and alumni experience by even considering this. Maybe the economics make sense more then ever, but it isn’t going to get me to open my wallet again anytime soon. I’ve donated – even during the debacle that was this past season, but this is rolling over for the Huskies plain and simple no matter what the payoff. I hope Sterk is counting the ill will from his alumni base as part of this deal, because he won’t win that back anytime soon.

  23. '03CouveCoug Says:


    Why do we need a facility upgrade if we’re just going to sell out and move one of the few games that actually sells out anyway? Why do we need extra seats or loge boxes when we’ll never fill them for the likes of Nevada, SMU, and every other Pac-10 school with the exception of Oregon and SC?

    To me, WSU is just rolling over. As Sedi wrote earlier, this is a small-time move. It would be one thing if the location were truly neutral. But its in the mutts backyard. We’ll NEVER truly have 50% of the people at Quest wearing Crimson. It just wont’ happen.

    If this move is made permanent, we will have basically sealed our fate as forever the little brother. That is not something to be embraced, and no amount of money is worth it.

  24. Chris '04 Says:

    Jim Sterk’s contact info:

    Sterk, James M
    Director of Athletics
    Athletics, Intercollegiate
    Bohler Gym 110b
    Pullman, WA 99164-1602

  25. Chris '04 Says:

    Scott Woodward’s contact info:

    SCOTT WOODWARD; 206 543-2212; Box 354070

    •Director of Athletics, Intercollegiate Athletics
    Graves Hall
    FAX: 206 616-4334

  26. Selahcoug Says:

    I agree this is a terrible move. This is just taking a huge dump on your regular supporters, the season ticket holders. You move the biggest game of the year with the biggest crowd other than homecoming and they will never get the stadium expansion done. Season ticket sales will plummet as people will just buy Homecoming tickets and call it good. The 2 million a year sounds good, but what will the overall fallout be in lost donations and season ticket sales? This move can destroy the football program and before long, we will be western.

  27. Auburn Coug Says:

    They can put whatever spin they want on it, but this is one of the worst ideas EVER!!!!! I am so glad that I have been paying all the extra fees on my season tickets to upgrade a stadium that is now not going to even be used for the biggest game on our schedule. While I did have to give up my season tickets for the upcoming season do to other economic issues, I had only considered it a temporary event. I light of this, it may lastmuch longer. I cannot support a university that turns it’s back on students and alumni. While it would be more convienent for those of us that live on the westside, you can’t get around the fact that Qwest is only 7 miles from the UW campus. Plain and simple, it will be a home game for the Huskies EVERY year.

  28. Sedihawk Says:

    Just heard the evil one (Grippi) on the KJR airwaves.

    1) It IS done and “nothing can stop it”…but minds have been changed before.

    2) Why is this happening? Money, pure and simple (duh). But Elson Floyd wants this to happen, wants the money. The cuts from the state are going to run deep over the next few years, and the opportunity is just too great here.

    3) The payout is $2 million. I believe there have been some reports it would only be $1 million per school? In reality it is likely $2 million per school.

    4) Grippi also said that this thing could really be for TWELVE YEARS, six years per school home game (not 6 years total that is floating around out there).

    Finally, the Times has this update:

    They speculate 6 years TOTAL, and each school could take home $10 million each per school over the 6 years.

    I guess there will be some varying details that emerge on this thing, so we’ll see.

  29. Soze Says:

    I’ll be in Pullman this year for Apple Cup (and for however long this game is in Seattle). Who’s coming with me?!?!?!

  30. WSU91 Says:

    Hate the idea, but money will prevail. Why not do it this way as a compromise? Play the game in Qwest every other year, and the Qwest winner hosts the following year.

    Does the Pac-10 even care about this? Can they block it? They don’t get any of the money, so they probably don’t care.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with Tilting, this is going to be awesome!! Pullman is an great place to go to school, but I live in Seattle…so skipping out on that drive sounds like a plus to me. As long as they can split the tickets I am all in, and will actually be able to make it to the game every year. Great move by Sterk! Big time money and big time alumni in Seattle!!


  32. Sedihawk Says:

    Actually the PAC-10 does care. They are the ones who demand the rivalry games are a 50/50 split. All the in-state rivalry games in the conference do a 50/50 split and that comes from the PAC-10. And I don’t think they would let the future location be based on who won or lost the prior season. Imagine when we lost all those consecutive years to them, from 1997 – 2004. How bad would that have been, having to go to that stadium every November? And Pullman would have missed out on that revenue from hosting a rivalry game. You need the guarantee of home dates no matter what. But now Pullman loses out with this deal, period.

    Grippi now says that it could be just six years, TOTAL, where each team would act as the “home” team three times. Seems like there are all sorts of different reports on the years, money, etc. But Grippi earlier today said it could be up to 12 years, six on each side! A lot of misinformation floating around. We heard 6 to 10 years, total. But whatever. It will all be known shortly.

    On the bright side, this has to be considered a huge blow against UW’s money tax grab. It’s another leg for the opposition to stand on and say “SEE! SEE! SEE! THEY CAN JUST PLAY IN QWEST, an already-taxpayer funded football palace!” 🙂

  33. Anonymous Says:

    All of you are missing is the economy. The cuts are coming form Olympia and they will be deep and severe. Donations are down across the board. How else can Stork make up the money in his athletic department that is so donation relying. They have to whore themselves out for a paycheck. Why else would they play Notre dame in San anton other than the paycheck. But it is not forever ladies and gentlemen, just a three home games and a lot of money back. What else can stork do?

  34. kaddy Says:

    another thought is that we do this deal for 6 years, raise enough to finish Phase 3, finish the biggest portion of our remodel, then go back to home and home for AC.

  35. WSU91 Says:


    Yes, I wouldn’t want to go through that either, but at the same time, we need to compete. But that’s an ‘on the field’ issue, and this move really isn’t. It’s purely about the economics of the situation, so I will have to be pragmatic. Living in Central Oregon, the drive is equally long.

    The Pac-10 cares, as you say, about ensuring a 50/50 split, but do they care about keeping it a home and home rivalry? If they do, can they block this? That’s really my question. I guess they can’t or won’t step in.

    I was thinking of ways to compromise to make it less severe on students, alums in the East, and the team itself yet still generate some of the money, maybe Q-P-S every three years…

  36. Sedihawk Says:

    I hear ya 91. That is a good question but I bet they don’t care as long as it’s 50/50. In fact they are probably all for this, given the bottom line! They would probably like to move all the rivalry games to neutral sites if a promotion company was willing to guarantee a fat gate. I wonder if the AZ schools will move their game to U of Phoenix stadium? Or if Stanford and Cal will play in Candlestick? If the money’s right, anything can happen.

    I wish there was a solution to make everyone happy but that may not be possible right now.

    One more thing – I heard Jim Walden on KJR today, and he’s not so against it as people might think. He’s more about the bottom line here and he knows how important it is financially. But he reminded everyone how bad it used to be, when not only did we have to play UW in Spokane, but we also had to play USC and UCLA there as well? The LA schools were with UW as ones who refused to go to Pullman! The best thing that ever happened was getting those games moved back to Pullman. UW and the LA schools, it can be argued those are the biggest “name” schools we ever get on the home schedule in a two-year period. Oregon schools for the regional approach, and UCLA has been hot-n-cold, but in pure name recognition, those were biggies. Imagine that 2002 classic with USC played in Joe Albi?? I can’t even fathom that.

  37. Anonymous Says:


    1) FOOTBALL REASONS: First off lets get to the history of this idea. It was first brought up in 2002 by Rick Neuheisal…yeah he was trying to screw us out of a home game back then. and make no mistake this will always be a road game for WSU. Our kids will have to travel to the game every year while the huskies will never again have the luxury of staying at the University Inn and playing in 25 degree weather. It is going to give them the chance to pay 8 games in Seattle every year. This is the equivalent of Arizona abandoning Tuscon and agreeing to play ASU every year in the Cardinals Stadium in Phoenix giving the SunDevils a huge advantage for nothing more than cash.

    2) TICKETS/CROWD SPLIT: Dont let anyone try to spin this crap that each school will be getting 50% of the tickets or anything like that–this is not 1985 anymore when people who buy tickets are the same ones who go to the games. In the age of EBay, StubHub, Craigslist and Organized Scalping the tickets are going to get into the hands of those with the desire to go and there are always going to be far more Husky Alumni than Cougar Alumni. We are going to be massively outnumbered at that game every year.

    3) CORPORATE/DEAD ENVIRONMENT: Lets be clear about this too, First & Goal (aka the Seahawks) are a business and they are making this bid to the schools guaranteeing 2million per year not because they are interested in hosting a "great rivalry on a neutral field". They expect to make a ton of money off this thing. Lets see how do you do that 1–you jack ticket prices throught the roof 2–you sell corporate sponsorships. Now neither of these things is inherently wrong, they are a part of the times we live in. The first issue is almost the fault of UW and WSU for selling tickets in Martin/Husky stadiums for below market value for this game. The second issue is the one that is going to make this game suck. Corporations are not going to sponsor the game without getting plumb seats to take clients, reward employees etc. This means a good chunk of the lower bowl "Club" seats are going to be going to people who dont give a shit about the game making the atmosphere suck and moving students and real fans to the upper decks and end zones.

    a) Moving this game out of Pullman just sends a terrible message to the Pac-10, to recruits, to television networks, to alumni, to sponsors. It says that Martin Stadium and Pullman, WA is not big enough to hold big events. The biggest sporting event our athletic department holds is too big for Pullman. So much so that we are going to allow ourselves to play it in the hometown of our rival team.
    b) Forget about EVER expanding Martin Stadium. If we are not going to play Apple Cups in pullman every 2 years why the hell do we need a bigger stadium? We Don't. What booster is going to open their wallets now to expand the stadium for games against Cal and ASU that dont sell out half the time anyway?
    c) This is a slippery slope and maybe I am being reactionary to this because I hate the idea this much but could this lead to us being dropped out of the conference? Seriously if they rest of the league could dump us for a bigger school, that brought in more TV dollars you know they would do it. This is going to give them an argument for that. "Well since they cant really have big games in Pullman anyway…"

    This idea makes as much sense as deciding to play all our games in Seattle, or agreeing to play Stanford every year in Candlestick park because "its a neutral site and we have a big alumni base in the bay area". Lets play UCLA at the Staples Center in hoops twice a year because we can "both draw more fans that way" This whole plan is us giving in to UW and saying that they are bigger than we are and we are just so happy they allow us to step on the field with them every year that yes we would love to play you in your hometown in front of a crowd that is 65-85% in your favor.

    Another final point if this is such a great idea lets start it this year and not play in Husky Stadium in '09. "oh, sorry Mr Woodward, you want one last home game before we give you 6 more homegames in a row, no problem sir, whatever you want master."

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Yes the game would be in Seattle, and yes it is in UW’s backyard, and yes this would totally blow, but why is everyone so convinced UW will out number us 75-25? Over the last few years we’ve easily filled two-thirds to three-quarters of Qwest for our yearly Seattle game against “irrelevant” opponents. In addition, the current Seattle games are scheduled on regular two-day weekends that require students to drive to Seattle just for the game. Under the Apple Cup contract, the games will be played over Thanksgiving break every year. I don’t think we’re going to have a problem filling our share of Qwest Field, but maybe I’m wrong…

  39. Sedihawk Says:

    Nobody doubts Cougar pride on the west side. There is a reason you see so many license plates around here. But we’ve also never had to compete directly with UW for tickets to an event on a neutral field over here? I mean you split it 30k tickets each side, it sounds fine….on paper. But, how exactly will they do that?

    Like the previous anonymous says, in this day and age, how can they be sure it will be fair? There are a lot of Coug alums that live on the west side, but there are so many MORE UW alums and “tshirt” school fans from the suburbs who go to their games. How can they keep it fair?

    And what about the impact this is going to have on the WSU season ticket holders from Spokane? Will they feel betrayed by this, that instead of just driving the 80 miles down the road, they have to drive 280 over the pass to come to Seattle on their Thanksgiving weekend? They may just say the hell with it and throw their tickets on Craigslist or stubhub or whatever.

    I hope they have a good answer to that, because in the end you could see it become a nightmare.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    The Apple Cup died today. F### you Sterk.

  41. Teabag Ballsack Says:

    Welcome to reality. When you are at the rear of the food chain you eat the scraps when the big boys are done at the big boy table. Wazzu has no voice, none, zero zip kaput in the grand scheme of things. UW has decided this will happen for a ton of money and they have to pop on down I-5 and that is it. The tyee club can be chauffered around and they can be in their toasty warm suites instead of going to the armpit of eastern washington. And you are just along for the ride. Little you can do about it.

  42. Longball Says:

    03CouveCoug –

    First of all, we do need the loge boxes. Sadly a handfull of them make more money than the entire rest of the stadium. Second of all, we do not have a PAc-10 stadium. It’s getting there, but it isn’t even close yet. They aren’t really going to add too many more seats, but the loge boxes and other imenities in phase 3 are critical. We can survive without phase 4 upper deck on the east bowl, but we need phase 3 bad.

    If this deal really is a guaranteed 2 mill/year it would be flat out stupid to turn it down. Things are not rosey on our financial horizen. In my time spent around the facilities and events here the one thing that always strikes me is just how po-dunk of an operation WSU athletics can be sometimes. It is a matter of reseources and this move increases those resources. I am also pretty confident this wont be permanant. Get the money and get out, asap.

  43. Longball Says:

    In case you guys all missed it… UW fans hate this too.

  44. amieable Says:

    Full disclosure: I graduated from UW 10 years ago so I am first a Dawg. I’m also living in Pullman now, attending WSU to get further education and so am also now a Coug. I’m also Longball’s live in lady friend. So I am biased in many ways as a UW grad, a current WSU student, an older student coming back after many years in the real world.

    As a student I can tell money is a a huge issue in every single aspect on campus. My department is bleeding professors due to money. We have lost so many profs that classes are being pulled and many people are not able to fulfill their degrees in a timely manner or take the classes they want. The big story in the Evergreen on and off over the past few weeks is tuition increase. When I was at UW 10 years ago I could afford to go to a state school and not take out a loan because I worked. Now I am working and taking out loans and can still only afford to go part-time.

    So on the one hand walking away from 2 mil when the school is hurting seems foolish. The money from this deal won’t go to academics but if it will go to the AD and some kid can now afford to go to school on a athletic scholarship, then I can’t argue with that.

    On the other hand, I feel this move is truly sad because it takes NCAA sports even more away from the students. Pullman kids won’t be able to get out to the best game of the year (barring bowl appearances) in the same numbers. Most of the stuff I’m reading in the blogs talks about boosters and alumni getting to the game. What about the kids from the middle of nowhere who I share classes with who are excited about Apple Cup? Who may be lonely in Pullman but look forward to the big party on the Palouse and maybe having their parents and friends from Seattle out? Getting to Seattle is hard enough for an older, broke student who owns her own car. It’s even harder for a frosh.

    I know college sports are a business but I hate it that this hurts the WSU students the most. We have the NBA as the sport that screws the fans, it doesn’t seem fair that NCAA should as well. It’s the students who make this college the great place that it is by their enthusiasm. They are paying tuition, shouldn’t the at least be able to use their $129 student sports pass?

  45. Anonymous Says:

    I married into a Coug family, even though I rooted for the Cougs for many years to keep UW out of the Rose Bowl in favor of UCLA or USC (I grew up in So. CA.). Having been to Pullman twice for games, including this year’s AC, it strikes me that the wonderful college atmosphere is alive and well in Pullman and to ship that to Seattle for a “neutral” site game is wrong on so many levels.
    Secondly, how many people are going to pony up the money needed for the stadium upgrades and buy the suites IF the biggest game on the rotation is not being played in Martin Stadium! I say little if any!
    I understand and sympathize to do a deal for money, I was let go from my first teaching job in 2000 due to budget cuts, but to take away from the experiences of folks who work hard to get a college degree and the memories of great events that happened on campus is wrong on so many levels.

  46. Sedihawk Says:

    Good work Amieable. For what it’s worth, wy wife is a Husky too. She shot me a “wtf?” look when I told her about this last night. So you bet, there are some on the other side who aren’t in love with the idea…even though they clearly benefit by location, lack of travel, and oh yeah, they more than double their gate by inching down I-5.

    The WSU students are exactly like you say – the biggest loser. It’s as if they they matter the least of all in the bigger financial picture, and that might be true. If they are “only” paying $129 for a season ticket, then they are likely lower on the totem pole for the guys in charge. It is just sad to see it taken away from them most of all.

    I know UW grads who have been to games in Pullman before, non-Apple Cup games like Dad’s weekend, and they have told me sheepishly that they were quietly impressed or even blown away at how cool of a college atmosphere we have, at the gameday experience being in the heart of campus in a small college town. You can’t just pack that up and replace it in Seattle. Stuff like that is lost here.

    And ask any student at the ’92 Apple cup with Bledsoe throwing bombs in the snow what they think of this. Hell, ask Bledsoe himself. He said in several interviews last year that hands down, in his high school, college or NFL career, that game was the most fun he ever had playing football. It was just another grey, 40’s rainy day in Seattle that day. Think he would have remembered it as much as he does now? Think anyone would have remembered it? Doubt it.

    Oh well. The powers have spoken, or are about to. If this has to happen, make it temporary as possible, like Longball says. It if leads to a boost in the facilities drive, then so be it. Grab the checks when they come, then get out!

  47. cougX Says:

    Time to call the Athletic Department at WSU – NOW. By the way what does CPW think of this?

  48. KopravicaHater Says:

    This is like President Carter giving away the Panama Canal.

    Hell no Sterk! This is one of those obvious decisions you should be able to make in your sleep–decisions you haven’t shown the ability to make in the last month!

    “Hi, Mr. Sterk. This is Mr. University of Virginia. We would like to talk to Tony Bennett.”

    The answer should have been, NO! Unequivocally, unquestionably NO.

    “Hi, Mr. Sterk. This is Mr. Moneybags at First-and-Goal. We would like to pay you to move the Apple Cup from it’s home in the heart of Cougar country right into the middle of the Dawg pound.”

    The answer is NO!!! NO NO NO NO NO! Hang up the phone! Don’t even be polite! It’s so easy my little sister could have made that decision!

    What is your problem???

  49. Soze Says:

    My Apple Cup tickets — coming from Spokane — will now be up for sale on eBay. And like WSU, I’m using this as a money grab so I don’t care if I sell to Cougs, Huskies, Ducks, etc. I mean, in this economy and all, I can’t pass up the extra dollars, right Mr. Sterk?

  50. Anonymous Says:


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