Leg Injury Sacks J.T. Levy

I guess we could kind of see this one coming? Initially reported as a lower leg bruise, contusion, whatever, suffered a week-and-a-half ago, JT Levenseller was thought to be cool with being on crutches for a few days, then ready to mount up and get back at it. Well, not so fast.

RIPPED from Grippi’s scrimmage recap today is this little nugget:

Wagner and Lopina split all the snaps – Wagner finished 1 of 4, Lopina 4 of 6 – because J.T. Levenseller’s bruised knee turned out to be more than that.

Levenseller had been on crutches for a week, wasn’t getting better, so the WSU training staff had more imaging done this week. The diagnosis: a small fracture at the top of his tibia. He’ll be off the leg for 4-to-6 weeks.


So let’s see – the top two QB’s on the roster, based on everything you read or hear or have even witnessed, are either 1) coming off a major knee injury and is limited in what he can do, or 2) now done for a while in Levenseller. Wonderful!

Now let’s keep perspective. In ALL LIKELIHOOD of course, the injuries will sort themselves out by August. At least they are supposed to be a thing of the past by August. Lobbestael is moving and working hard in skeleton drills, and looked good doing it when we checked in on them 10 days ago. So that’s cool. And Levy’s deal with the small fracture might be just as described – SMALL – and a month or so of staying off the leg will leave him with plenty of time to heal before fall camp.

But man, can we PLEASE catch a break with our QB situation? Everyone we hear from wants to see one of those two guys take the reins this fall, complete with the dynamic, no-huddle offensive scheme in their back pocket. No offense to Kevin Lopina or Dan Wagner, but for the future of the program, Levy and Lobbestael need to be 1-2 on the depth chart. Most of all, they need to get as many friggin’ reps as possible, in every conceivable situation! Games, practice, skeleton drills, it doesn’t matter how, they just need the work.

The disappointing thing about this spring though is that neither of those guys are going to get meaningful scrimmage-type reps. Sure, Lobbestael’s seven-on-seven time is valuable, allowing him to take his drops, make his reads, and deliver the ball when and where it needs to go. But it’s obviously not the same thing as getting under center and dropping back with a pass rush in your face. There’s just no other way to say it, reps, reps, REPS are the only experiences that will make the young QB’s better. And right now, it’s just not happening.

At least the running backs sounded good. All three guys – Dwight Tardy, Logwone Mitz and James Montgomery – each had their moments.

The official WSU site has this recap, including stats. If you are too lazy to follow the links, just know that Tardy looked good, Mitz was physical, and Montgomery had the run of the day with a big-time juke for a long TD run.

Oh, and the o-line sounded more aggressive. And there was even a FIGHT! Wow. WE LIKE THAT. And hey, if the QB’s are the walking wounded again by this fall, ala 2K8, and we’re back to running it 45 times a game again? At least they COULD be a little more equipped to make that work with the added dose of nasty…maybe?!?

UGH. Well, whatever. It’s just spring football, right? Long way to go until it’s really nervous time. For now, it’s all about health and improvement. We’ll have second helpings of both, PLEASE!?!


9 Responses to “Leg Injury Sacks J.T. Levy”

  1. Longball Says:

    For what its worth, last spring I was pretty sure Michael Willis was going to be a world beater at wide out and Lopina was the next Gesser, so… You can’t tell too much about a team in Spring.

  2. Sedihawk Says:

    Agreed my friend, at least to a certain extent. There was a lot of excitement over Willis moving to the slot WR, no doubt. Not just from you either. And Lopina, without question looked solid in spring. Not great, but certainly a capable backup who could give the team a boost off the bench. And yet, here we here…

    But the bottom line is the lack of reps for JT and Lobbestael is not a good thing. I can’t spin it any other way. They are both still so young and inexperienced, and so much is riding on their shoulders for a program-wide improvement. Lobbestael isn’t a surprise, actually the surprise is that he’s even moving as well as he is. I know I was thinking this spring was going to go a big way towards settling that position, with the hopes that one of those guys would reach out and take control. Instead they are limited in what they can do, or out altogether.

    Here’s hoping they are near-100% by August, and even if it takes playing them both once games start in September, so be it. They need 2009 to be as productive as possible, even if it doesn’t translate on the scoreboard.

  3. Longball Says:

    True dat. Is it wrong that a part of me is happy they are being held out with injuries that should be healed by fall instead of participating and risking bigger injuries? I am very greatful for the practice and game reps Levy and Lobs got last year given the lmited action they’re getting this spring.

    Also, I’ll be excited to see if Tuel challenges right away for the backup role this fall.

  4. Chris '04 Says:

    If Wulff has half a brain, Tuel is gonna be redshirting this fall.

  5. Longball Says:

    I hope you’re right, Chris. Because that would mean for the first time ever with this team, Wulff would be able to do what he wanted to do, instead of what circumstances on the field forced him to do. Of course it ought to be about 100 years or more till the next time we have 2 QBs break their necks against a 1AA opponent.

    Yes, i just knocked on wood.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Wulff does not have half a brain. With half a brain he would have at least dressed respectably for the Apple Cup.

  7. Lucas Says:

    Browsing the Pullman Police Log, I see that Romeo Pellum was arrested on Friday night for Driving W/ Suspended License…Might not be coming back anytime soon

  8. Soze Says:

    Sedi, how many days since the Huskies last won a football game?!?! 🙂

  9. Sedihawk Says:

    Sigh. I hear ya Soze. I know I was going to do that but I’ve been swamped. But look for that answer to your question, updated to the SECOND, soon! 🙂

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