How U Doin’?

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So how’s the bracket after day one? I have to admit I did pretty well – as in 16-for-16 – but so did about a billion other people. While there were some real interesting contests early, kind of a “chalk” first day though, sans the needle-moving upsets? WKU over Illinois was your usual 12-tops-5 deal, but that wasn’t all that surprising was it? A lot of people I talked to in the office had that as their 12-5 special, so there you go. But alas, as is usually the case, I’ll probably take a bath today (meaning: I’ll lose HUGE!).

But hey, at least I’m up BIG on Barack Obama! He only rolled out an 11-5 day one score. What’s odd is that Barry hates the PAC-10, even though his bro-in-law coaches in the conference?

Out of the six PAC-10 teams, Obama didn’t have a single one advancing out of the first weekend. I guess he was close with the UCLA-VCU game that was awfully tight, but still, where’s the love for the west coast? Even Obama has an east coast bias?

So, we made the move to the next millennium….finally. Yep, we joined Facebook. Well, at least I joined Facebook as I really don’t know what I’m doing. I tried to join it for our site but instead it’s just my own name. But I will update it constantly with blog-related stuff, so check it out if you want. Our little Facebook “badge” is now over on the right sidebar of the site, next to our “followers” section, below the archive. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Speaking of the new millennium, we were invited to join Twitter. But I don’t know. I mean Twitter is kind of cool if you want to see what a celebrity is up to, right? But honestly, who really cares about what regular Joe’s are up to on a moment-by-moment basis?

10:30 AM – Thirsty. Time to refill the water bottle.
12 Noon – Lunch time. Turkey? Tuna? PB&J? SURPRISE ME!
2 PM – Time for a snack.
4 PM – Traffic sucks today.

THAT is interesting? Maybe if I was Sean “P-Diddy” Combs it is. But Twitter isn’t for nobodies like me/us (and please, no offense if you do Twitter!).

Finally, in case you were wondering, we ARE winding down the photo contest. Look for a post in the next few days outlining what we are doing next. And thanks for all your entries! We got quite a few good ones, so coming up with the finalists was difficult. And please, even though we aren’t technically doing the contest right now, feel free to share. We have decided just to keep the photo album going forever, so if you have some great pics, please feel free to forward them on and we’ll put them right in. It’s a cool little personal touch and I have received a lot of great feedback on them. Keep it up.

That’s it for a Friday. ENJOY YOUR DAY, enjoy March Madness, and as always, GO COUGS!

5 Responses to “How U Doin’?”

  1. Chris '04 Says:

    I’m probably the only MIS major in the US to be very anti-social-networking. I find it funny to hear people rail against the gov’t and its “degradation of it’s citizens privacy rights” and then 2 seconds later post ever piece of vital information about themselves on the ‘Net for public viewing. Sorry for the rant and run-on sentence. Just my two cents.

  2. Lanky Lefty Says:

    Nice boxout attempt on the PRESIDENT. I imagine they told the players before “psst….let the President WIN!” 🙂 Just a bunch of gawkers as he elevates for the rebound. What a poser.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Obama is a joke. Why are we even talking about this wack-job?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Come join the “Fans of Washington State” group on ESPN. At least you’d be around folks that appreciate everything you do for the ‘cougs.

  5. Sedihawk Says:

    Thanks Anonymous. I did just join that group. But don’t worry, I won’t win. One of my elite 8’s already bit it. Damn you West Virginia hillbillies!

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