A-Rod Finally Finds Biggest Fan

After last night’s disappointment, it would be easy to go all "WE SUCK" and stuff. But nah. Not today. Instead I am going to just appreciate the effort for these guys keeping it going when the season was unraveling after the OSU loss. Instead of folding the tent, they came out swinging and gave us a reason to care over the last few weeks. No medals for 7th, sure, but it sure could have gone the other way in a hurry. So for that, I am grateful these guys gave what they had instead of quitting when so many others would have easily laid down.

And thanks to the seniors who helped build this thing. The showed up in Pullman with nothing but hope that things will get better and they could be part of something special in building a program. After 3 straight years of postseason play, I couldn’t be more appreciative of what they gave to the Bennett’s and most of all, to the fans. We officially have a hoops program now, and without their efforts, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We’ll leave the 08-09 season wrap-up to BH for the grade-A analysis. But I will say that at least to me, we are who we thought we were. Basically a near 500 team, capable of beating – or losing to – pretty much anyone.

But today….well….it’s officially WEIRD with A-Rod, isn’t it? I mean a lot of people have played kissy-face with the mirror…..right? No? Well, anyway, the pic sure shows that A-Rod has finally found his biggest fan. He has been staring a back at him his entire life.

The rest of the pics, including some very, uh, "suggestive" photos, can be found here.



Enjoy your humpday, and GO COUGS!

13 Responses to “A-Rod Finally Finds Biggest Fan”

  1. Chris '04 Says:

    LOL @ the A-Rod thing. Colin Cowherd was skewering him this morning. Funny stuff. This guy gets weirder by the hour it seems.

  2. TRU23 Says:

    He is losing his mind. There were pics of him shirtless walking around central park, begging for attention. He has to be the most insecure guy on the planet and he is such a phony fraud fake. They will skewer him around the country this year once he gets back to playing.

  3. AtlantaCoug Says:

    A-Rod reminds me of D-Bahr and Kaddy in college…

  4. hater Says:

    What is the big deal. He’s rich, handsome, amazing, stacked and has the green eyes that make the females twitch. I would kiss myself all day if I was him.

  5. TiltingRight Says:

    Is that you Alex? The Juiced-Rod blog is down the hall.

  6. Soze Says:

    Does this post mean we’re going to start talking Cougar baseball!?!?!

  7. Chris '04 Says:

    Soze – hell yeah!

    Anyone going to the homestand vs North Dakota State this weekend?

  8. sedihawk Says:

    Anything goes around here. We might even get A longball sighting at a baseball game this spring. We’ll see.

    But we write about pretty much anything around here. Can you imagine if ALL we did was write incessantly about a 2-11 football team?? No thanks.

  9. Stiffmiester Says:

    Totally OT….
    Today the State Legislature had hearings on senate bill 6116. This is the one where the Fuskies are looking for funding. The other side is that this could get Key Arena funding and we could have the Hornets nay Sonics here. So what do we as Coug fans feel about this? The other possibility is that this could open up the possibility of a county or regional tax option for Martin Stadium upgrades in the future.

  10. BH Says:

    Good question, Stiffy.

    As I said on this blog last year, I have nearly ZERO problem with the state helping to fund an athletic facility at the Defeateds’ place.

    What I DO have a major, major problem with is for state taxpayers to pay MILLIONS for a facility that is used a WHOPPING 6-7 TIMES A YEAR.

    If the U was asking for funding for a basketball arena that would house 15 hoops contests, 39 concerts, and 41 dog and pony shows, then that would be worthy.

    But for 7 days out of the year?

    I think not, unless it was part of some sort of Olympic bid for the Seattle region.

    And as much as I am dying for the Supes to come home, I don’t think you can support something that spends so much on something that would be used so little.

  11. sedihawk Says:

    Good points by BH. To bankroll a stadium that will be used a handful of times with half being paid by the tax payers, in this economy, is just flat-out wrong.

    Honestly Stiff, I don’t know how to feel. I thought the very idea of UW getting the tax money was beyond a long shot. But from what I saw today, there appears to be a door opening a crack for them to squeeze through. I have a feeling they ARE going to pull this off now. I would love a Key renovation to ride along with it, as the very idea of upgrading Seattke Center as well as $150 million from Ballmer once he buys a team is just such a great deal. Being able to fill that building 41 nights a year with 15K people makes too much sense. If it is all about jobs, jobs, jobs, then hopefully they look at it as a Seattle stimulus to help renovate the center of a great city into something we can be proud of. And if UW does get the money as well, Elson Floyd and Jim Sterk will be at the capital footsteps the next day, armed with plans to finish off Martin Stadium!

    The bad news from a pure WSU angle is that UW has heavy hitters lobbying for this to get done, enough influence that they have taken it this far. And there is a sense of urgency from UW on this, as light rail construction is set to happen soon in Montlake. If they want the stadium to happen anytime soon, they have to break ground like THIS year. If they miss this window of opportunity, they have to wait until 2014 (and if you believe the mayan calender, we will all be dead in 2012 anyway!).

    What gets me is some UW fans saying we are just being complainers or whatever. Well, what if the situation were reversed? What if 80,000 UW alums lived and worked in the Pullman area? How would they feel if their local tax dollars were going to Martin Stadium? They would scream, just like we are.

    We will see though. There are a lot of days left in this session and anything can happen. Heck, they still could throw the whole thing back to the voters and stick it on the ballot. Anything is possible.

  12. james Says:


    As a gay guy, I have horrible “gaydar,” but those pictures make him look flaming haha.

  13. Sedihawk Says:

    I don’t think the gay thing is right on him. It at least appears he has a long history of hetero behavior, although there have been rumors and the like. I think it’s more a guy who is far, far, far too into himself.

    And I saw those Central Park shirtless pics too.


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