Happy post-signing day to you Cougar Nation.

Well, now that we know that Coach Paul weathered the storm of last year, we can focus on trying to keep our streak of NCAA tournaments alive for one more year.

And, like I noted earlier in the week, I believe that our fortunes lie principally in this one stinking game tonight against the trees.

Now that we’re halfway through the conference slate, we know that just about anyone in the conference is good enough to beat anyone on a given night. So, with that in mind, it is entirely possible that Anthony Goods and Lawrence Hill come out tonight, hit 54% of their 3 point attempts, and blow us out of Maples Pavilion.

But, if you harken back to our second half blitz against Stanford the last time we played them, you know that the athleticism of Casto turned that game around.

And tonight, we need him again.

To win tonight, we simply need to exploit the MASSIVE advantage that we have over Stanford in the paint. And, we also need to close out on the shooters behind the arc and then make them shoot over Casto and Baynes in the lane. We do that, we win. If we don’t, we won’t.

But I think we will. This is the exact type of game where our coaching and development are going to shine through. Baynes gets about 18 and 11 tonight and the rest of the team plays well.

WSU 62 Stanford 54.

Win this game and we’re one game back in the L column from 3rd place!! Lose and we’re in 9th.

This is a really big game.

9 Responses to “Casto-Way”

  1. Longball Says:

    Was part of our advantage in the paint last time due to their main big man being benched for a half?

  2. BH Says:

    Possibly. But when you look at it, they have no answer for Baynes. Plus, after coming off of Pendergraf and Hill, Stanford is going to look like a bunch of bushes.

    The other point is that Stanford lacks a shot blocker and when we play Casto, we keep Goods and Hill away from the glass.

    If Stanford takes 12 footers all night, we win.

  3. BornCoug Says:

    We should have a big advantage inside. Nobody can handle Baynes if he gets deep in the paint for Stanford. Getting him the ball and the only thing that stops him is, well…him. He’s been very good this year so far. Casto should play a lot tonight as well.

    My little prediction? Boeke gets a few minutes tonight. I should say this weekend but I think it will come against Stanford. He might not do much other than shoot, which he can do pretty well.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Damn it. Bad loss. Hill killed us and you Good hit those trademark 3’s. Who the hell if Will Paul? 3-3 from 3 off the bench? They hit 9 for 13 overall. The achillies heel of pack-style defense sinks the Cougs yet again.

  5. BH Says:

    70% from three is going to kill you anytime no matter what your defense is…

    I just don’t understand why the hell Casper is getting so much time. he can’t shoot and he can’t defend.

    Put Capers back in, let him develop, and let him create stops that lead to transition points.

    We took a HUGE step forward when we went young and athletic. And now, Tony’s rotations are back to where they were earlier in the year when we were, well, mediocre.

    Now, CAL becomes the season.

    and they are KILLING the U.

  6. TiltingRight Says:

    Hey!! Did you see that????

    I think that was the NCAA’s flying away….

    I need a drink.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    At least the fuskies can huck themselves. They got killed. Maybe they can cancell the parade now? Never seen fans pop champagne over being tied for first in the pac-10 with so much to go.

  8. BornCoug Says:

    So much for the big advantage inside. Baynes was good other than 6 turnovers but Hill and Paul were killers.

    I need more drinks!

  9. CW Says:

    I hate the armchair quaterback game…but honestly what does Bennett see w/ the Tazmanian Devil (Nik) and Casper the flat-shooting ghost (Daven)? If it’s a wash, put the young guys in, I mean you really can’t shoot less than 0% from 3 pt land and I’d rather have a freshman doing that than a senior.

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