And So it Begins…

4 Responses to “And So it Begins…”

  1. BH Says:

    Rankin is just a huge get in my book. HUGE.

    Hell, given what we went through last year, ALL of them are huge gets.

    But Rankin alone shot us up about 10 slots in the Rivals rankings. We were sitting at about 41 or so last night, which I think was in the ballpark with the Quack.

    The main thing about the Rankin signing is that it foreshadows what I’ve been hearing all over the place down here: This group has MAJOR inroads in Northern California. And I’m talking MAJOR.

    Hold on tight. If this class holds, we will have completed the TRANSITION year that Hootie talked about at the beginning of last year…

    Great job by Coach Paul and staff.

    Great job..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Who is the one we are waiting on being that Rankin is in? Sorry if it is a no brainer…

  3. Sedihawk Says:

    Good question. There was speculation it was Rankin’s JC WR teammate, but he ended up signing with Iowa State today. But Rasmussen stated in the chat that they were waiting for two more, most likely, and then Rankin’s came down. So who knows!

  4. Soze Says:

    Just returned from Northern Quest casino from the NLI Signing Day party. Definitely a great time and something I will return to next year. Looks like a great class, most of the guys completely dominated the high school level (which is expected in the Pac-10) but I’ve seen “highlight” videos in the past of guys, where you couldn’t even tell who the recruit was.

    Some highlights of the videos (for me at least) were definitely Quayshawne Buckley on the OL who was tossing people around like rag dolls, Carl Winston (I believe that is who is was) who was running around stiff-arming smaller guys to the ground and juking bigger guys out of their shoes and Jamal Atofau who looks like he delivers a concussion with each hit. Lastly, hopefully Rankin gets his academics in order, because he looks like a special player on the DE spot.

    I would “guesstimate” a few hundred people, maybe 500 in attendance (I’m not good at guessing attendance figures)? Quote of the night was definitely about the Cougs not having a good year, but “someone else finished in last place in the Pac-10.”

    Definitely looking forward to 2009 and 2010 with these kids.

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