Minnesota to Cougs: "Never Mind."

There was some intrigue with the idea of WSU and Minnesota starting a home-n-home over the next couple of seasons. Truth be told, the Golden Gophers seemed like a decent match in terms of “likeness”. Basically another mid-level BCS opponent, or a team that will hover around bowl eligibility with an occasional upper-division finish/breakthrough. And of course, there is the Tim Brewster-Paul Wulff comp we raised a few months ago, so it might have been a good look at where programs are, on the field together.

Ummmm, NEVER MIND. Minnesota has decided to punt WSU, in favor of the super-sexy Pete Carroll’s.

Check it out here:


“Minnesota will host USC at TCF Bank Stadium on Sept. 18th, 2010. The Gophers will visit the Trojans at the LA Coliseum on Sept. 3rd, 2011, to open the season. The two games with USC take the place of a 2010-2011 home-and-home series with Washington State, which has been canceled.”

Obviously they are TERRIFIED of the power that will be WSU Football in 2010-11! 🙂

We will have to wait and see how it all shakes out, but we are already in 2009. Jim Sterk might have to really scramble to get a match-up like what Minnesota could have been. Hopefully they fired off a check payable to WSU Athletics for pulling out the rug? Jerks.

5 Responses to “Minnesota to Cougs: "Never Mind."”

  1. Selahcoug Says:

    I wonder if it was a mutual thing? I’m not sure what all is home and home deals, but I would think the Cougs owe a return to Okie State and SMU in the next year or two. I had thought WSU had to possibly go to Okie State and Minnesota in 2010, which would be tough. I also have that the Cougs owe SD State a return visit in 2011. There have been rumors of a home and home with UNLV starting in 2011. It does suck to lose a home and home with a BCS opponent though. Maybe sterk can work something out with Iowa State or Kansas State, those would be fun matchups.

  2. Dangerous Dave Says:

    I’m not too broken up about this, although I hate that we can’t seem to seal the deal on a home-and-home with a BCS conference opponent.

    The reality is, though, that the Cougs can now schedule an easier opponent to try and reach that magic number of 6 and get into a bowl. Yes, it’s weak, but with the Pac-10’s overscheduling epidemic (see last year’s UW team), it may be time to sacrifice big OOC matchups in favor of some easier wins. Heaven knows our 9 game conference slate is tough enough.

    It’s time to bring some SEC-style scheduling to Pullman.

  3. Devand Says:

    There is no way this was mutual. Think Minnesota would rather be on TV in Spokane or LA?

    6 wins = promised land and playing 9 pac-10 games is right. Go with 3 cupcakes and 9 conference baddies. Get 3 non-conf wins and just go 3-6 in Pac-10 and you are bowling.

    Paging Grambling/Montana State?

  4. ptowncoug Says:

    I wouldn’t mind playing the bottom feeders of BCS conferences. I have always pushed for this. Don’t worry about the home and home, we’ll travel to you so we can beat up on you.

  5. kaddy Says:

    Schnitz – having lived there recently, I was looking forward to taking the family back to spend a long weekend and see all the friends.

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