Rumor: Chris Ivory to Return for Senior Year?

I know it has been assumed all along that junior running back Chris Ivory would be out once the year was over. Injuries, rumors of being in Wulff’s “dog house” or whatever, etc. But here we are in January, classes are starting back up….and no news of his transfer or release from his scholarship? And now, rumor has it Ivory is going to stick it out? I heard from someone late last week that this was a possibility, and now today’s message board has a “family friend” saying Ivory is coming back for his senior year. It hasn’t been acknowledged by the official media but we are checking out a few things to see if it holds water.

Ivory has been on both ends of the spectrum. When healthy he’s a fast, physical player with good moves and packs a punch at the point of attack. But it hasn’t altogether clicked for Ivory, and 2008 looked like a lost season for him. He’s been injured off and on since his frosh season, banged up with various leg ailments. But count me among many who thought he looked like he might take off after a good finish to the 2007 season, where he had two 100+ yard games rushing over the last three, including a career-best 114 yards vs. UW in the ’07 Apple Cup (averaging 8.1 yards per carry in that one).

Where does Ivory’s potential return leave the backfield? Crowded, but in a very good way. You have seniors Dwight Tardy and now Chris Ivory, plus the potential breakout of junior-to-be sensation James Montgomery, the transfer from Cal. And, you can’t forget the physical, bruising Logwone Mitz.

Mitz ended up second on the team in rushing in 2008, just 40 yards behind Dwight Tardy. And who could forget that 57-yard TD run in the Apple Cup? Mitz gives the Coug offense that short-yardage bruiser-type, always a necessity when you are trying to move the chains. Mix in Chantz Staden as a potential 3rd-down specialist, provided he returns from his knee injury, and you have FIVE guys who could be in the mix for carries.

Kind of goes along with BH’s prediction of seeing a TON of running plays next year, doesn’t it??

We’ll see if/when official news breaks. Here’s hoping he’s back and set to add depth and power to a position that is clearly looking like the strength of the offense in 2009!

ENJOY your Monday, and as always, GO COUGS!

5 Responses to “Rumor: Chris Ivory to Return for Senior Year?”

  1. Selahcoug Says:

    Sounds good to me, the more depth the better. I wonder if they will red shirt Chantz Staden next year. That would give him more time to rehab the knee as he hurt it so late in the season. I looked back at the scouting articles and it looks like he had 3 to play 2 so he does have a redshirt year available.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How is the O-line doing?

  3. Sedihawk Says:

    Good call on the Staden redshirt. If he had 3 to play 2, it might make perfect sense to sit it out. After 2009 he would have no Ivory or Tardy, so he would have to compete against Montgomery and Mitz by then. Probably a lot better chance to heal and get some of that explosiveness back, and much better odds to see the field more in ’10 vs. ’09!

    By the way, we’re still waiting for official word on Ivory but it isn’t yet 100% confirmed.

    Haven’t heard anything on the O-line beyond what we’ve already heard. 11 of the top 12 linemen back next year and Zach Williams a talented tackle to add to the mix. O-line and running back will be the clear strength of the team next year, wouldn’t you say?

  4. Amazed Says:

    So tell me…how does a real Cougar like Ivory end up in a “Dawg house”?

  5. Stefen Says:

    i wish i could remember Mitz’s 57 yard run in the apple cup

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