What a Day!

22 Responses to “What a Day!”

  1. OK Coug 2 Says:

    Great post…I was so happy yesterday; I had forgotten how good an Apple Cup win feels (even though we’ve been great over the past few years). This win really took the edge off the season. A loss here would have pushed me over the cliff…

  2. retiredcoug Says:

    Thanks for slapping a few huskies for me.

  3. Brian C. Setzler, CPA Says:

    Great post. It brought tears to my eyes watching the videos. What an awesome day and I’m so glad the good guys won.

  4. Brinkhater Says:

    Cheers to Hooty, Momma McBoob, and all the Coug Nation.

    364 days more to celebrate.

    And congrats again to the seniors and the coaching staff–especially Ball and Sears for motivating the crap out of those kids. After watching the replay, the D is obviously the ONLY reason why we were in a position to steal it at the end.

  5. Brinkhater Says:

    I also want to second a comment on a previous post about Bland’s play yesterday.

    He really should be a nominee for defensive player of the week in the CRAP-10.

    Again, great post Hoot.

  6. Peace and Love Says:


  7. Hooty McBoob Says:

    I used to be the one ON the field. Now in my golden years, I can only urge the youngsters to make memories like I have – snow angels in the endzone in ’92 is one of my favorites. But this one is tops.

  8. Joe Sampson Says:

    Man, I got goosebumps watching that video of the kick and I can’t get rid of them! The whole rotten season has been salvaged, and I would have paid any money to have been able to be there for that kick!!!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Great Job!!! Can you post some more videos please? like pre-game and post-game stuff. Thanks.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Ditto to the previous anonymous. I’m not ready to stop basking yet.

  11. Hooty McBoob Says:

    Sorry gang – I didn’t get anymore video from the game so you’ll just have to keep watching that kick over and over. I’m certainly not bored of it yet…

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Here’s the FSN highlight reel, if anyone is interested, including postgame comments from the field by CPW.

    It’s on the second page, #16

  13. Anonymous Says:

    hey hooty give brinkhater some shit for waiting till second quarter to drink

  14. Stiffmiester Says:

    What a great day! Drinkin Micros at 7am on the bus over. Mrs. Stiffy got to go to her first Apple Cup. Getting my picture with King Cougar in front of the huskie Coffin. Showing up just in time to give a bunch of shit to the Mushpuppies as they ran over to the Stadium and Finally four out of five with a FANTASTIC doulbe overtime win!

  15. Hooty McBoob Says:

    Dude. Not cool. BH is a recovering alcoholic and sugar addict. I once saw him do eight lines of ground up pop rocks chased by a half gallon of peach schnapps. Lets just hope this doesn’t send him into a full-on relapse. He struggled through Halloween but he made it without a single sweet tart. Let’s help prop him up and get him back on the road to recovery.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Youtube has a ton of apple cup 2008 videos to get you excited again. If Hooty’s isn’t on their already it should be.

  17. Sedihawk Says:

    It’s up on Youtube now:



  18. Anonymous Says:

    This one is my favorite. (sorry, Hooty)

    Really brings me back.

  19. CougX Says:

    I am in Hawaii on business and watched the game with some Cougs whom just happened to be at the same sports bar. Ironically at the same time there was a UW Alumni (do they actually graduate?) function so we Cougs added to their enjoyment I am sure.

    We Cougs introduced ourselves and the Huskies were polite but as the tension increased towards the end of the game it was reminiscent of Martin Stadium during the two other OT losses I was at and sure did not want to witness the same outcome.

    After the our triumph we chose not to rub it in to our rivals misery however our continued exuberant celebration the only way Cougs know how was enough – Longboard Ale is a great victory drink!

    There were other rivalry games on the various TV’s at this place but the biggest representation by far was for fans of both Apple Cup teams. Who said this is not one of the great college rivalries?

    There were a noticeable number of WSU fans in Honolulu wearing their colors today.

    Go Cougs!

  20. Jenkins Says:

    Great post. I’m so glad you knocked that Husky jagoff on his ass — that made my night.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    All the best to your mom. She’s a hero in my book. Go Cougs!

  22. retiredcoug Says:

    Great Blog! Keep up the good work.

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