When All is Lost….

It is so easy to fall into the negative ditch right now. We try to stay positive, but right now it’s tough on all of us. But I can’t imagine how the players and coaches feel right now. Like Kaddy pointed out, the team is likely divided between guys who don’t give a rip and can’t wait to get outta Shawshank, and the other half are guys who are simply too young or not even playing to have any impact whatsoever on the product you see every Saturday. It’s a ship completely adrift with no leadership or direction. But we’ve harped on leadership – or a lack thereof – before. We’ve been down this road.

But it’s not as if they aren’t trying. Closing practices during the bye week, trying to get through to some of these kids, and yet, as Kevin Lopina said again after Saturday’s game, players are quitting as soon as they get down. We’ve seen teams lay down before when the going gets tough, but in all honesty, this has to be one of the worst give-up teams we’ve seen around here. It’s embarrassing for the coaches and fans, and it’s tearing the locker room apart.

But enough of the harping. Today is a day for trying to look forward. Today is a day to not feel crappy about the weekly blowouts or a hail storm of turnovers (now minus-20 on the season, tied for the worst in America). Today, let’s look forward to something/someone you are excited about in the coming seasons, not dwell on where we are today. So here goes:

1) I’m excited to see how the young offensive line comes together. Just think, after another year of lifting and eating right, these young kids will be bigger and stronger and ready for the rigors of a PAC-10 season. And a glance at the depth chart for Stanford shows the offensive line going, from left to right, freshman, sophomore, junior, sophomore and sophomore. All these lumps they are taking now, believe it or not, WILL pay off.

2) I’m excited to see how some of the young skill position guys look, as soon as next year. Jeshua Anderson is lightning fast, which we all know, and will only be a junior next year. With a healthy off-season and a full spring/fall practice session, I bet we see a major leap forward with him next year. But there are others to be optimistic about, including Daniel Blackledge, Kevin Norrell and Jared Karstetter, who could form a decent WR corps next season.

3) I’m excited to see how the running backs look for 2009, provided they are healthy. Dwight Tardy and Chris Ivory will both be seniors next year, but there will be more involved, including James Montgomery, the transfer from Cal, to be in the mix. I’m also impressed with how Logwone Mitz has looked of late. Mitz will be just a redshirt sophomore next year and could really be something as a power back in short yardage, as he continues to get stronger. And even Chantz Standen has shown a little bit as a junior, and he’ll be back there as well in 2009. That’s a pretty deep group of five backs to feel good about for next year.

4) I’m excited to see what J.T. Levenseller can do from here on out. Let’s HOPE THAT THE COACHES ARE GOOD WITH THE IDEA OF SEEING WHAT HE CAN DO THE REST OF THE YEAR!??!? Let’s hope he gets more than one first-half series this week?? Look, we have four games left this year and it doesn’t look promising in any of them. Let’s throw the kid out there more and more, and let’s see what happens. Let’s give him a foundation to build with as this year winds down, and he has something to build off for 2009. Who knows, with Lobbestael’s knee injury a little worse than initially feared, and Lopina going to be in his last year next year, J.T. MIGHT truly be the QB of the program for the next few seasons. Might as well start building the foundation TODAY.

5) I’m excited to see what kind of a linebacker Louis Bland can become. He’s already touted as a big-time leader and a kid that others can rally around. He’s not afraid to put his face in there and hit like hell. And in the way offenses are going, you will see more and more of the smaller, faster linebackers on the outside to defend spread style attacks. While he’s built more like a safety at 5-10, 205, he’s got a big heart.

6) I’m excited to see what the defensive line can do next year. The redshirt comes off for Bernard Wolfgramm, the top recruit from Wulff’s first signing class. He will be a big boost inside next year. But there are others, including Josh Luopo, a 300-pounder who will likely be in the mix next season after he enrolls this coming January. Add in Toby Turpin’s huge 6-6, 280 lb frame with another off-season of hitting the weight room, and who knows what he could turn into. He played a lot vs. Stanford after Eichelberger was pulled out, and Turpin will likely play a lot the rest of the season.

7) The secondary has been torn up this year, but it’s not all their fault. Anyone that knows anything about the game knows that if you don’t have any semblance of a pass rush, no secondary in the country can hold up for more than a few seconds. But the youth back there has in fact shown some promise. Romeo Pellum might be a just a sophomore, but he’s not afraid to get in there and mix it up. He now has 52 tackles this year, second to only Greg Trent on the entire team. And Xavier Hicks is playing hard, and even better, he didn’t quit against Stanford, racking up 10 tackles. Even Tyrone Justin, all 157 pounds of him right now as a true frosh, is doing all he can out there. So there is some decent youth back there, many of whom will have another year in the Wulff system to get bigger, stronger and more experienced.

8) Finally, I’m excited about signing day in February. Believe it or not, the recruiting IS GOING WELL. While it isn’t looking so good with Lynnwood’s Geoff Meinken, still, the current crop of verbal commitments is as strong as we’ve had in a long, long time. There is only one two-star player on the list, but the rest are three-stars. I know we never get too geeked on commitments, because it all can change rapidly with 18-year olds, but still, even with the bad times on the field, it’s going well towards building to tomorrow.

So there you have it – what I’m excited about, beginning in 2009. What are YOU looking forward to? Chime in with your thoughts, because we need all the positive karma we can get right now.


10 Responses to “When All is Lost….”

  1. Stiffmiester Says:

    Thanks for the look forward Sedi,
    It is easy to get the blinders on and not see past the horrible season we are currently in. You said it early on that 2010 was the likely time for us see what CPW is able to do. With the obvious tear in team unity comong form those Doba era recurits and the new Wolff regime/young players we have to watch those that are buying into the system and look forward to the time when the time and experience pays off. I have my Apple Cup tickets and the only question about that weekend is where to afterwards now that Shermers is gone. Keep up the good posts.
    Go Cougs!

  2. MR CAT Says:

    What am I looking forward to? The fact that this season can’t last forever, even it it feels like it will.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’m looking forward to all those things as well. Our defense wasn’t as horrible as it is now compared to our first game. Sure, there are injuries and such, but i think it has more to do with older players not caring anymore (we held Okie St. to 39 points? and thats with offense that had a hard time staying on the field). They know they’ll never make a bowl in their collegiate career so why should they play hard for a coach they’ve known for only a couple of months?

    class of 2010

  4. Brendon c/o 2007 Says:

    I’m trying hard not to be so blindly optimistic when it comes to sports (or everything else in life for that matter). But with that said, I still believe we have a good shot at winning the Apple Cup. For what it’s worth, it will essentially be the ugliest toss up in the history in the rivalry. With some improvement from the players who still buy into the program, we could have a chance winning at Hawai’i. And while a miraculous 3-10 wouldn’t get us into a bowl game, it would still salvage SOMETHING.

    Beyond this season, I think we all need to keep in mind that the pain of these past few months is just temporary (and perhaps even necessary). Things will get better. I doubt 2009 will be bowl season, but it won’t be this bad. And by 2010, and definitely by 2011, I think we will start to see the bounties of the Paul Wulff era truly come to fruition.

    But if two years seems to distant to cheer everyone up, keep in mind that Cougar basketball tips off in less than two weeks! : )

    P.S. I love the blog, keep it going!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I said it before, and I will say it again, because it’s so true. Sedihawk, ur articles are so much better than brinkhaters’, it’s not even funning. Keep it with the good work.

    I wish u can post more, and brinkhater will not.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Yo Yo Yo… I roll through Pullman on the constant. As THE major COUG fan I gotta say we are the shiznazle.

    Take that Duckies and Huskies. The Seabass Don has spoken and if U think we aren’t the best u gotta B smokin’.

    We got the illest frat ballers on the planet tryin’ out for the scout team QB position, so u know that our first team offense puts up the best in-practice numbers in the country FOOLS.

    We roll so tough it ain’t even funny dummy. Bloe me like u owe me and throw me a trophy.


  7. Anonymous Says:




    Ya, thats the sound of my Seabass Don crotch cabin, AKA my FAT frat pole AKA five pounds of pus*y beetin' biotch bait, droppin' on the table & rollin out, to put ducks and huskies to shame…



  8. Brinkhater Says:

    I love you, Sea Bass Don!!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Sadly, this version of my beloved Cougs will be VERY lucky to hold the Huskies to fewer than 400 points. I predict 450-0.

    They might as well etch their names on the Apple Cup today. We’ll get ’em next decade though.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    …Juz cuz I drop bomz don’t mean I won’t fu*k yur momz..


    …Stanford laid pipe up and down tha block. An’ spread our cheeks WIDE like the ears of Mr. Spock, tick-tock….


    bomz be explodin’ while the java code’s loadin’. I upper-decked a Husky’s toilet and left some logs floatin in the the ocean…

    But seriously, we blow and I want to cry.

    Everyday Cougar Man signing out…

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