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I think we can all agree, this was a pretty strong week of comments. Many of you weighed in on a variety of topics, and when you are just THIS good? You deserve some front-page stuff. So, we thought it would be a good idea to look at what some of you said:

From our Tuesday post, “Are You Not Entertained“, we simply asked why you watch right now, and if you are entertained.


Awesome stuff, Hawk. I, for one, am really excited about watching Ocho Rojo each week and confident that sooner or later things are going to start to click with him, Ivory, Karstetter, Anderson and some of our young linemen. Its been a hard thing to express for fear that it may sound like I am happy Rogers and Lopina suffered horrible injuries. I think its unfortunate things happened the way they did, but given the trajectory of this team, going young was the right way to go whether forced to or not. And Louis BLand? That was exciting. And lets get Toby Turpin in there, club-hand and all!

I know i may come across as a bit of a blind optimist in the middle of our worst season ever, but its because I truly see what I think are the seeds of success. One thing that was made crystal clear to me seeing practice this summer and talking to coaches and even their wives was that we had wildly disparate expectations. While I saw a team with just enough fire power at the skill positions to compete for a bowl, they saw a team way too thin at key spots to even be competitive. It took me a while to understand that while we were all talking post season, the improvement and progress the coaches were hoping for was measured not in W’s and L’s, but in things like guys learning how to tackle, or adding the extra strength they need to play D1, or filling the holes we have through recruiting and reestablishing connections to high school programs and coaches. These things are all happening.

I watch Cougar Football because I am from here, and nothing represents where I’m from to the outside world as much as Cougar Football (and lentils). I watch because while winning seasons dont come often, when they do come they are so much sweeter knowing all we were up against and had to overcome to achieve them. I watch because i don’t want to miss the next turning point where we all look back and say, THAT was the moment it all turned around.

My friends and I have been known to sit around drinking beers and play an unnamed game where someone names a Cougar football player, past or present, and the next guy has to name a player whose name begins with the last letter of the previous player’s name. This can go on for HOURS and you wouldn’t believe some of the players whose names pop-up. Frequently someone will pull out a name none of us have thought of for years, but instantly brings roars of appreciation as we all revel in the nostalgia. Many of these guys we have the fondest memories of played their hearts out on some of our worst teams. So I guess you could say, I watch Cougar Football because Kitrick Taylor was worth watching whether we went to bowl game or not.

For you, Longball, Kitrick Taylor.

We love Kitrick Taylor from the old days. He’s also the answer to one of the most popular trivia questions in Green Bay Packer history.

Q: Who caught Brett Favre’s first game-winning TD pass in Green Bay?

A: Kitrick Taylor.

I guess you know you are a big deal when you have a Wikipedia entry???

Kitrick Lavell Taylor (born 196407-22 in Los Angeles, California) is a former professional American football player. A wide receiver in the National Football League from 1988-1993, Taylor is probably best known for catching Brett Favre‘s first ever winning touchdown pass in the NFL, a 35-yard strike to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals, 24-23, on September 20th, 1992.

I think we want to party with you Longball. Seriously, I know Longball is one of our regular contributors, but his comment was right on. The guy has tremendous passion for all things Coug and has been there through thick and thin. And maybe nobody will feel as good as Longball when we see this thing get turned around.

“Woody” weighed in on his current state of mind:

I have been stewing on this for awhile now and have not posted. lately. My ulcer, wife and sanity has prevented me from doing so.

There is literally nothing that translate from marriage to

blogging, except for the old adage:

Never go to Blog angry.

So, instead of going off half cocked this season; I have chosen to simmer, be patient and take deep breaths…Serenity now, serenity now!

Like every Cougar fan we have had to figure out a way to deal with (going out on a limb here) the worst Cougar team in history. The losses have been tough. Actually the losses have not been that tough. Unfortunately, I think I am numb to the concept of win vs. loss. However, the absolutely horrific manner in which we get our a** kicked is what has been tough.

We can simply ignore the games, drown them out with a half rack of Natty Light or submerse ourselves as gluttons and try to find glimmers of hope.

I am not going to comment on specific performances or game details, what’s the point.

I was a Wulff Guy from the get go AND STILL AM! However, I think a few changes might need to be made.

I knew we would be bad this year. But I never figured us to be Historically putrid…I mean we suck!

Wulff came in to the beginning of this season with great support and admiration from the base. But that sunny optimism has slowly been disappearing as the historic drubbings we have taken this year has really cast a shadow amongst the program. Might I even say cast some doubt if a DII Coach was the right way to go.

I am afraid that while fans will be patient the window of patience has already begun to close. Hey, I think Cougar Fans could handle a 2-11 year, lord knows we have done it before. But a 2-11 year in which we set records for ineptness, worst losses in history @ home and god forbid also lose the Apple Cup to the worst Husky team in history. It will have seemed that the keys were given to the wrong crew. Fans patience will maybe, just maybe be short starting next year. Which would be a shame, but I think a reality. Fans are going to need to see something in the next 7 games. Maybe not wins but something that reassures us that the right decision was made.

We will watch again this Saturday and hope to see something special happen, baby steps from our QB, and hope we can hold that little Beaver RB to no more than 2 – 50+ yard TD runs.

That reminds me I need to go to the store for more Natty Light!

Serenity Now…Serenity Now…Serenity Now…

Go Cougs!


Excellent perspective here. We’ve gotten it handed to us in ways we haven’t experienced before this year, and these times will try us all. Even the optimist has a tough time with the half full/half empty glass due to the demoralizing nature of what we’ve seen.

’03CouveCoug, WOW, great stuff man:

I had the good fortune of attending Wazzu from 1999-2003. I will always look back on memories from those times with great fondness. I was telling my wife on our way to Homecoming that I really enjoy going back to games in Pullman because it reminds me of where and when my life came together. The WSU Football team from that time had a little something to do with many of my fond memories. It sounds silly, but I look back and liken the journey of those teams with my own through college.

I went to Pullman a cocky 18 year old who thought he had the world by the tail. Probably like several of those freshmen on the football team. Boy did I find out quickly that things were going to be different. The Cougs suffered through a dreadful 3-9 campaign and had to go back to the drawing board, but they did discover this kid named Gesser. By my sophomore year, I started figuring out how to be a disciplined student and an adult (at least sometimes), but still had my ups and downs. Much like our Cougs on the field, there were glimmers of greatness followed by heart-wrenching failures.

My junior year, things started to come together. I had declared a major and found my niche, not to mention friends that I’ll have for life. The Cougs still weren’t expected to do much, but proved all of the “experts” wrong by finishing 3rd in the Pac-10 and winning a bowl game for the first time since 1994. Finally by senior year, I had high expectations for myself. I searched for a career and found it. More importantly, I also found my future wife. Life was good. And the Cougs put it all together and went wire-to-wire winning the Pac-10, culminating in its second Rose Bowl in 5 years.

This is why I cheer and always will. I’ll remember my journey to adulthood at WSU and always feel like the journey of those teams mirrored my experiences. Where am I going with all of this? Well, this season feels an awful lot like the 1998 and 1999 seasons that made it seem like all was being squandered after the 1997 season for the ages. Things seemed pretty bleak then, as well. But, WSU was bringing in kids with a lot of character that wanted to work hard and prove to all that they were among the best. After some growing pains, they sure did that. And that is exactly what I think Coach Wulff is fostering right now. We’re not looking good at all in the games, but we’ve already gotten back to the basics. I have great confidence that the staff and players will continue to build on those basics one step at a time and take our team back to winning ways.

So, what do I hope to see, you ask? I hope to see continued improvement on and off of the field, fundamentally, in attitude and in character. Imagine what a valuable experience this is for the young guys…they’ll be able to look any challenge in the face in future years and know that they can overcome it. I hope to see the young guys get a shot and hopefully make the best of it. Most importantly, I hope to see our students, alumni and fans rally around the cause of making our football team great again. I know we will because we’re Cougs…we’re “The Little Engine That Could!”


Nothing like a coming of age story that parallels the rise of a football team. That said, I don’t know you Couve, but I hope you are in a much better place than the ’08 version of Cougar football.

After all that, “Bill Gray” said:

Don’t worry guys. We’re a basketball school.

Well played. And thanks for the reminder. We ARE a hoops school, at least right now.

Finally, our own Hooty McBoob dropped by for Football Friday…only on Thursday…and responded to the frazzled hockey mom of the moment picture:

Hawk – thanks for reminding me of yet another lost classic. I’ve just purchased “Something to Believe In” on iTunes (seriously) – for a mere 99 cents – what a bargain!

…and BH, please don’t mention beaver and Sarah Palin in the same sentance again. She turns me on and since I work at home, it’s already tempting enough to spend some quality time alone with her picture and a gym sock.

Hooty….Really? Tempting enough? As if you haven’t already gone there. Please.

See, we do read your comments, every day, and we do appreciate what you have to say. Some of you are crazy-angry and yes, we’ve had to delete a few that many of you haven’t seen, and for obvious reasons. But overall, we love YOUR takes. Keep it coming.

That’s about it. Oh, and if you haven’t already….SELL! SELL! SELL!

It’s been a brutal week in the market, but the worst may be just about to hit. Scary, scary stuff in the real world right now. Hang in there.

And as always, GO COUGS!

16 Responses to “What YOU Said”

  1. Lucas Says:

    We are not a fucking “Basketball school”

    This is the same bullshit the Husky fans schilled when they had a couple good years in hoops and football was down. We’ve had two successful years of Hoops and I hope it continues. On the other hand we’ve had a more than a century of football.

    A football program to produce the likes of Mel Hein, Drew Bledsoe, Babe Hollingberry, Ryan Leaf, Lone Star Deitz, and Turk Edwards. Some of the greatest in the history of college ball at their respective positions.

    Basketball we have Mark Hendrickson and Kyle Weaver…

    Please don’t EVER stoop to the same bullshit UW fans spew.

    Go Cougs!

  2. bill gray Says:

    haha, point taken Lucas, point taken. We are much more than a basketball school, and my comment was made entirely as a joke rather than an argument. I do look forward to basketball, but I also am excited for every single football game left on the schedule. I think we can pull something out of our ass and surprise someone.

    Serenity now!!!

    Ps I like that I get my name in quotes.

  3. Hooty McBoob Says:

    Gratuitous use of the F-Word fucking rules. You fucking rule, Lucas! But don’t forget about James Fucking Donaldson and Brian Fucking Quinnett. That said, I fucking hate basketball.

    Fuck yeah!

  4. Longball Says:

    Umm, Kevin Fucking Ehlo? Helloooo people!

  5. Hooty McBoob Says:

    AND! AND! Kevin’s fucking brother, Craig!

  6. Longball Says:

    Derp, i would love to say that I was up to my neck in Beer Friday, but sadly i have no excuse for that comment.

    Note to self: Never borrow socks from Hooty McBoob.

  7. bill gray Says:

    Marcus Moore, Framecio Little, Mike Bush, Isaac Fontaine, Jerry Air McNair….

    There are many more.

    Paulo Rower anyone? Well, maybe not

    Basketball lives next month!!!

  8. kaddy Says:

    Phase III question – I read that Sterk said we have 50% of the money raised for Phase 3. Doesn’t that mean we have enough to start the project? I thought that was the goal – maybe it’s 60%.

  9. Sedihawk Says:

    Kaddy, did you see those articles in the Times and the Tribune? Both said that even with the bad economy right now, we are looking solid for a spring start.

  10. bill gray Says:

    Fucking Carlos Daniels!

  11. Oklahoma Cougar Says:

    What Donald "Get Yo' self a TV" Collins, Terry Kelly, Steve Pud$*(@#&^, Angelo Hill, and don't forget the greatest of them all…

    STU HOUSE! (okay only for one game against the Huskies, but what a game that was!!!!!)

    P.S. FUCK!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    the f-word comment wasn’t funny when the three wise men told it to Jesus….and it is even less funny now. Please just stop.

  13. cougswv Says:

    Nice comments by all. These are exactly how I feel about the cougars. This blog is my escape from my 401k!

    I have to say that even in defeat, the Cougs can make me smile. I've been sick all week and was channel surfing the other night. I came across a channel that I wasn't aware of – Comcast Sportsnet Northwest. What they were showing definitely put a smile on my face in this season of gloom for the Cougs. It was the 96 Apple Cup with the Cougs being lead by bright-eyed bushy haired sophomore named Ryan Leaf.

    I stumbled upon the game at almost the perfect moment. Cougs down 24-3 with 11min left in the 4th quarter on an absolutely miserable night (about 20 degrees) on the Palouse. The Cougs had about 80 yards of offense for the entire game up until that point.

    But something started to click. First it was a cross route to Shawn Tims, then another to Kevin McKenzie. Then the post corner to Tims again. They were unstoppable. The memories of the Fab 5 came rushing back. Man, what an incredible team. Michael Black and his cut-back ability on the old Martin Stadium turf. The Cougs couldn't be stopped as they rolled back to tie the Apple Cup with 1 min left against an incredibly talented Huskies (Dillon, Huard, Pathon, Kreutz, Olsen – all pros – wow have they slipped in overall talent in that program?!?!?!)

    Granted, that night didn't end like we wanted. The Huskies won on an incredible catch by Pathon on the perfect fade from Brock. Carpenter's catch was incredible but just inched out of bounds. But, man, that why we watch, right? I was reminded that that game was the last game that my wife & I attended where one of us was still a student at WSU. What a way to go out!

    I am confident that the next Coug Classic is right around the corner. Keep the faith!


  14. E Says:

    Ahhh … the ’96 AC was bitter sweet. The one thing I distinctly remember was how few of us remained to see that spectacular overtime. The stadium had pretty much emptied out part way through the fourth quarter. Some students made it back for OT, but most were gone for good.

    We win that game if Chad Carpenter wore size 10 shoes instead of size 11.


  15. Sedihawk Says:

    I was there as well E. We got whooped for a while. Corey Dillon ran all over us, but didn’t he hurt his hamstring or something? I distinctly remember they went away from him after they built that big lead, and suddenly we just caught fire. That was an amazing game, for I’ve never seen us look so awful and then turn it around (except for at ASU in ’97, another one we traveled down for. Ugh.).

    As long as we’re talking history, one underrated AC was the ’95 game. I was there with my one of my best friends and we enjoyed jack and cokes for the whole thing, watching this cocky redshirt frosh QB in Leaf taunting the husky stadium crowd! You just didn’t do that back in the day. But he backed it up, and you could really see the kid had an edge to him. That was also the game Damon Huard broke the UW career passing yards record, and there were thousands of boos. Anyway, they won that game on a last minute field goal, but still, hell of a game.

  16. bill gray Says:

    ’97 Stanford. I had tickets in the little grass “triangle” between the west end zone and the press box side. Attendance record for Martin Stadium. I have that ticket stub framed, since that game put us in the Rose Bowl. That memory will get me through this!

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