Pass the bottle…

Hello Cougar Nation,

Longball had a fever this week, and Cougar Football Saturday was not the cure. However, at this point for us to give up less than 50 points and retain our consecutive scoring streak, I am tempted to declare tonight’s game a moral victory for the Cougs. Folks, we are bad bad bad, and it sucks to be bad at a time when teams like UCLA are RIPE for the picking. C’est la vie.

I share Brinkhater’s frustration with our offense tonight. I admit that watching our young receivers Jeshua Anderson and Jared Karstetter make nothing but mistakes has tried my patience. Our offensive line is not exactly a force to be reckoned with, and we have a young QB who is still learning on the job. I also share the abolute horror we all have at watching the generosity of our defense. We are officially the team that struggling offenses get “well” against. They just don’t make beer strong enough for us to enjoy Coug games this year.

With that in mind I want you all to take a deep breath, and repeat after me, ready? ok…. We are not good this year, and we wont magically turn good at any point this year. Got that? Now I was at the Oregon debacle last week and I am not exactly sure why anyone expected us to turn around tonight, on the road, and be a completely different team than we have been. Sure folks, there was some “life” on defense tonight, but lets keep in mind that UCLA’s offense has not exactly lit anyone up this year.

We are all fans, which is short for “fanatic” and that means that we are guided by our passion for Cougar football. But lets get real. If Brinkhater was athletic director this week, we would have fired Jody Sears (somehow Chris Ball bears no responsibility for the performance of our defense), then hired him back after tonight, but put the rest of the staff on notice pending the outcome of the Stanford game on the offensive side of the ball. Of course, in all fairness, we also would have finished stage 3 of the stadium renovation and revived our wrestling and gymnastics programs, but I think you get my point.

Now I pick on my esteemed colleague Brinkhater because I have no respect for my elders, and he is the only one to really comment on tonight’s game in depth so far. But the hysteria he exhibits is something that is starting to be endemic in the Cougar nation at large. Its going to take patience, folks. And I don’t mean just wait until next week. I mean more like wait until 2010.

In the meantime lets not be so surprised the next time our defense “plays well enough” (if thats what you call making Kevin freakin Craft look like Troy Aikman) but our offense, led by frosh and sophomores thrown into the fire due to injuries and learning a new system, fails to improve upon the performance of last years senior laden, all-time record holding QB led offense.

In other words, despite our struggles, don’t count me as one who is longing for Alex Brink at this point.

16 Responses to “Pass the bottle…”

  1. Aubs Says:

    I agree Longball. We have had our share of embarrassing moments this season, but we are not, realistically, going to watch a game where we suddenly remedy all of our ailments. I thought we looked better, at times, against UCLA. We weren’t completely beat by halftime, like we had been against all other pac-10 opponents thus far. It is those small victories that we must cling to. GO COUGS!!!

  2. Sedihawk Says:

    The defense should be applauded this week, given how horrific the offense played. 325 total yards surrendered, 100 net yards on the ground? Compared to what we have seen vs. BCS teams, this was NIGHT AND DAY. So good job Sears and Ball for deciding to sell out against the run and take our chances against the passing game. Even though they lost, and losing by 25 is never a good feeling, at least there was some improvement defensively.

    Longball, what was Sears reputation as a DC at EWU? I had thought I read some less-than-positive reviews by some EWU fans when he got the job here, and that even in the best EWU teams, the defense was always an issue. That could be a lot of things, beyond just the guy calling the defense, but what was his reputation?

    I am very much in agreement that it is too early to call it a failure for Sears. He is one of two chefs in that defensive kitchen, so Ball should get some heat. But Ball has a track record of success coaching defensive backs at the D-1 level, so I think he gets a little more of a pass right now.

    These are dark days my friend, and they will continue. And these times tend to see us all reach for answers. I don’t think Brinkhater has anything personal against Sears, but when you are this bad, you look for answers, that’s all. We just have to dig in and believe in this change, and that brighter days are ahead.

  3. Oklahoma Cougar Says:

    This team still needs to get a handle on the pigskin… 1 pick only this game, but we are now -14 on the year. Three fumbles were all recovered by Cougs, but that doesn’t make me feel better.

  4. Brinkhater Says:

    If you re-read the post from last night, you can see that the issue of the D was put to bed.

    We aren’t going to grow DTs over night and that group simply can’t get much better as a result. Maybe I was WAY off in raising questions about the current capacity of some staff to line up with the best in the profession. Time will tell on that one.

    As always, I hope I am wrong about that and most other things–just like I was wrong about Bumpus playing in the pros.

    But what about the O-Line, people? Sure, we have had injuries and that makes a HUGE difference.

    At the same time, what type of improvement have you seen from that group in terms of run and pass blocking?

    I just haven’t seen much. And given that Offense should be the unquestioned competency of our staff, that gives me some reason for pause.

    Remember, this was a group that was ranked by others as a near upper division O-Line but has easily been the worst in the conference.

    And I don’t think its too much to ask for us to score 17-21 points a game in conference play.

    But, if that means “Hysteria” to you then I ask in return:

    “What kind of feelin’ do you believe in?”

  5. DawgPound Says:

    Cougs are now second to very last in the nation (#119)!!!

    For proof, see

  6. Anonymous Says:

    If I were you dawgpound I wouldn’t be gloating. You guys suck too. At least we are in the first year of our “rebuilding process.”

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Dawgpound? You mean the program wsu has beaten three of the last four years? The program wsu has finished ahead of for the last SEVEN years in a row? The program where wsu has won 12 more games than the supposedly “big brother”? It’s October fifth and UW is STILL winless? Dawgpound, really?? Win a game – any game – then pop off.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    12 more games this decade meant to say. Look it up it is true so shut the up!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I know we all were told this is a rebuilding year and not to have high expectations but man, remember during the spring people on this website were saying 6-7 wins and a possible bowl game were a distinct possibility?? Right now, it looks like 1 win (1-12) – ONE…..I don’t think we can beat anyone, not ever UW without Locker or Hawaii……. and weren’t we saying next year will even be WORSE?? How can it get worse than 1-12 and ranked second to last in nation in most every category?? So we need to expect a season worse next year eh?? I wonder how many people out there, if knowing this would be the result of letting Doba go, would they have agreed to it (i.e. would be willing to have 1 win seasons the next two years?)?? I have a question, does this team have a chance to be WORST COUG football team of all time?? I have never seen us this bad in 20+yrs (my memory only goes back so far πŸ˜‰ and lastly, darn, I have to wait until 2010 for us to be competitive (to be able to beat anyone in pac-10) – damn, I will be 40 by then – yikes!! 😦
    And isn’t the end of world in 2012?? Anyway, I guess the ultimate question is how many years does the current staff get before we can have reasonable expectations? – do they get a free ride for 2-4yrs and then if no winning season, we worry?? Well, at least we did not give up 60+pts to UCLA – I guess I can hang my hat on that for now.

    Reno, NV

    P.s. When are those QB tryouts being held by Wulff?? Can we also see if anyone on campus pushing 250-300lbs wants to try d-line?? πŸ˜‰

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Last thing, please please please keep the logo helmets……no old school script…..I know Wulff likes it but the logo looks much better and we seem to play a little bit better wearing it (well, if you consider 28-3 better πŸ˜‰

    Reno, NV

  11. Longball Says:

    I actually know a little less than nothing about coach Sears' performance at Eastern. Also I would be nothing but a dirty no-good liar if I didn't admit to having less than an objective view of things, being he is a fellow Greyhound from a family I have known personally. He is the obvious target for any worries about our defense since his and coach Ball's track records differ wildly, but I still think singling him out for blame about our defense is knee-jerk frustration, not sage analysis. One of the hallmarks of a bad team is that success on one side of the ball is never matched on the other side. Even Prairie View A&M had a touchdown drive, or held an opponent to a 3-and-out now and then, they just never did it back to back.

    I guess i just dont see us being wildly out coached on the field. Instead I see a team that is losing one-on-one matchups all over the place. Our personnel shortcomings are more than any scheme, or inspirational speach, or great playcall can overcome.

  12. Aubs Says:

    I don’t think we have the track record we do because we let Doba go. I like Doba just as much as any other Coug fan, coaching aside. He was a nice guy, but to blame our current failures entirely on our new staff is dead wrong. Recall, Doba failed to recruit, lost scholarships, and really aided in the current state of our season.

  13. Sedihawk Says:

    Blaze, the mayan calendar ends in 2012. If you believe in that BS anyway. And according to Bill Maher it’s all BS.

    Anywho, Longball and Aubs and anyone else – WE have hammered Doba repeatedly on the crap sandwich he left for Wulff. We were on the Dobes must go bandwagon early last year. We have heard stories of how lax it really got last year, and you combine that with the Seattle Times article, the guy had to go. I know he’s a nice guy who you would want to get your newspaper when you are out of town. But he wrecked this program in spectacular fashion.

    Also, let’s not over react here. We are NOT in the message board faction who are ready to see Wulff go. And I have defended Wulff and his track record from some people who were saying he sucks after the Baylor game. Brinkhater took a position in that he doesn’t think much of Sears, but even he MIGHT tell you that it is far too early to tell. But overall I (we) are absolutely behind this staff and the Wulff change was seriously needed. Everything I have written anyway has been very positive towards the new staff, and I believe they will turn us around. BUT if we are sitting here in 2010 and still getting whooped, well, then we’ll see the tone. But if there is one thing we try to do here is call it like we see it. And right now it is a disaster.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    It’s times like this I wish I wasn’t a football fan.

  15. Brinkhater Says:

    Please, folks.

    When you are a coordinator of a Pac-10 program, you are by definition in the Top 1 Percent of football coaches anyhwere. Period.

    All hyperbole aside, what on Mr. Sears’ resume suggests that he is the man to assume such a position?

    More to the point, can anyone reasonably say that such a question is anything but fair and legitimate no matter what your answer?

    Where Sturdy is concerned, you have both the issue of previous success as well as innovation.

    Do you have that same set of strengths regarding Jody Sears’ track record?

    All in all, I personally would like to see all of our staff be alumni. Really. I think it helps to sell how special Pullman is.

    At the same time, I find the potential for nepotism to be quite dangerous.

    In anyone has a good point about why I am wrong, I’d love to hear it.

    But much more importantly, I’d like to see it.

    And if I am wrong, we’ll see the signs NEXT year.

    In the meantime, I’d like to see us average at least 17 points in offense.

    That’s all.

  16. Timothy Says:

    Can someone please post that radio interview and post it on Cougfan. That was awesome

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