Sunday Hot Links

Some quick-hitters to get your Sunday going:

Jeshua Anderson’s Olympic dreams are over for 2008. After winning the 400m hurdles on Friday, he placed fifth last night. Only the top four can go on to the next round, so, Anderson’s done with track for now. That should (hopefully) green-light his return to football. At least he said so after Saturday’s loss, that he’s now going to get ready for football. Can’t WAIT to see him spread out wide and running under some deep fly balls from Gary Rogers!

Cole Morgan has left the building. Morgan will head to Western immediately after signing on for a scholarship on Friday. Will we miss Morgan? Hard to say. He only played in one game, in 2006, but otherwise was buried in the QB rotation, never rising above 3rd string. Maybe he would have had a decent shot at the job next year, but it’s all moot now. Good luck Cole.

Breaking recruiting news from last night – WSU has a third verbal in Cali d-tackle Justin Clayton, a high-energy, 6-4, 245-pounder from Napa. He made all-Bay-Area on both offense and defense as a junior last year. From’s profile:

A first team all-league selection on both lines his junior season, Clayton was also named first team all-county on defense. Has a motor that doesn’t quit. Projects as a defensive tackle or could potentially also play defensive end in college.

Nice. That’s three verbals and it’s still June. Last year when Wulff took the job in mid-December? Three verbals. What a difference.

Yes, JR Hasty is now officially out of UW. No, he won’t be headed to WSU, despite the obvious ties with the senior Hasty. If Hasty were to pursue another D-1 opportunity, he’d only have one year of eligibility left. He’s much more likely to head somewhere like Central. If you remember, Hasty was as touted as they come in high school, a 4-star tailback who had 50 TD’s his senior year. His entire UW career? Six carries, 18 yards. What happened???

Finally, our own “Big Apple”, Alex Brink, signed his contract in Houston. And, yeah, they TOTALLY DIG HIM down there! Check out this article.

5 Responses to “Sunday Hot Links”

  1. atlantacoug Says:

    3 years ago I was mad the Cougs did not get Hasty. Go figure. And Sorry that Jeshua did not make it this year to Bejing, but that should be good news for the Cougs.

    Everyone loves the Brink in Houston. Go figure. I like him too, but You ever try to throw a shoe box? that is what his deep balls look like. Enjoy Texans.

  2. Sedihawk Says:

    I hear you Atl. He never really considered us after he became a superstar his senior year however. I don’t know if that should be laid at Doba’s feet, but ’tis the season. Now if the same situation existed today, you would be inclined to think Paul Wulff and company would be in his head from day one, but oh well.

    The one criticism I heard about him was that he was lightning north-south, but he didn’t have a lot of wiggle to his game. And that Bellevue offense was a machine and half the battle was trying to figure out who the hell had the football! Our own Eric Block was the trigger man in that offense as a true frosh and he was a master at that offense. Anyway, maybe some of Hasty’s 50 TD’s were partly due to the system.

    It’s hard to tell what high school running backs are going to be elite at the next level. Remember Paul Arnold was going to win Heismans? He ended his career as a slot receiver. Kent Coug called that one, I remember he absolutely said don’t fall for the hype because Arnold “doesn’t like contact”. He was 100% right on that one. Lorenzo Booker was one of the most heavily-recruited running backs ever, yet he never became a true star at FSU and is now a situational back in the NFL. You just never know.

  3. KentCoug Says:

    Hasty has proved to be one that Doba and his staff were right about. He was not even offered by the cougs due to his work ethic and his relationship with Mary Jane.

    My “inside source” predicted that he would never see the field in the Pac-10. Pretty close actually.

  4. Sedihawk Says:

    What up Kent Coug? Enjoying the summer?

    I will never forget what you told me about Paul Arnold. You were 100% right on that one. You have good sources!

  5. WHScoug11 Says:

    Hasty would be sick as a coug but that would never happen because he is a problem player coming into a rebuilding team. i like how the cougs are recruting because there all ready beating the U W haha

    Brink is sick

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