Spring Fish Wrap – AZ Mildcats Edition

Great weather, nice stadium that seats over 56,000, great hoops program…..but a football team that hasn’t been to a bowl game since 1998?? What is it with Arizona’s football program that they just can’t seem to put it together? It’s a hard thing to put your finger on. You would think from a distance anyway that they should be successful, but for whatever the reason, it’s been a long, dry spell without success.

Maybe part of the deal has been their choice of coaches since Dick Tomey was relieved of the job. Tomey had a strong run of success, racking up a 95-64-4 record and seven bowl games in 14 seasons before losing his job with a 5-6 record after the 2000 season. John Mackovic anyone?? DISASTER, going 10-18 and a mid-season firing, where things got so bad he nearly had a player revolt on his hands. They turned to the hot young assistant in Stoops from Oklahoma beginning in 2004, and it has been an uphill climb ever since.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Arizona, I think of the fantastic desert swarm defenses led by Tedy Bruschi. I also think of that heartbreaking 1994 loss, where the Palouse Posse and the desert swarm went toe-to-toe for 60 minutes. Speaking of toe, I will always remember watching Tony “The TOE” Truant slowly setting up for a field goal, while the play clock was winding down 3….2….1. I’ll never forget looking over at the WSU sideline, and the ENTIRE FLIPPIN‘ TEAM was going APE, screaming TIME OUT! TIME OUT! But the players on the field never called it in time, delay of game penalty was called, and the next play Truant’s kick was wide left and 10 yards short from the moment toe hit leather. What a sad ending to a hell of a defensive fist fight.

I also think of Ortege Jenkins flipping the ball over his shoulder (illegally, I might add) in overtime, a thrilling 35-34 WSU win in 1997.

By the way, in that game, if you were there or watching on TV, does anyone remember Jenkins complaining to the ref about crowd noise during the 4th quarter and overtime? To the point the ref warned the crowd to be quiet?? I was there, and there were MAYBE 30,000 fans in the stands that day. First of all, I never knew a crowd noise rule existed in the Pac-10, let alone college football in general. If it does or did exist, it certainly was never enforced. But for the refs to actually stop play to ask the Martin Stadium faithful to be quiet?? UNBELIEVABLE. Granted this happened in 1997, long before blogs that waste your time like this one were even thought of. If something like that happened today, it would be all over ESPN, Sportline, Cougfan, AOL Fanhouse, you name it! Whatever.

Anyway, I also remember a great 12-1 season in 1998, beating Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl and finishing #3 or #4 in several polls. Since then? Not so much. Not only do they have this bowl drought going on, but did you know they are the only Pac-10 team that hasn’t yet won the conference title? Granted they haven’t been in the conference too long, just since 1978, but still, it hasn’t been easy.

Which brings us to the coach that has redefined the hot seat – Mike Stoops. Over the last three or so seasons, Stoops has his name firmly planted on top of the annual “hot seat” lists. Win now, or else! But these last two years have seen a major escape by Stoops, who lives on to see yet another season. In 2006, they started out a miserable 2-4, and the clamour was rising that the time had come to pull the plug. But in somewhat-Oregon-State fashion, the ‘Cats circled the wagons, going 4-2 to finish the year at a bowl-eligible 6-6. Stoops was saved, the program was heading in the right direction, he finally had a non-losing season in year three of the rebuilding job. But then 2007 happened, and they were right back in 2006. This time they started out a lousy 2-6, and the obituary was being finalized in all the local rags. THERE WAS NO WAY HE’LL SURVIVE THIS ONE! But Arizona once again finished strong, winning three of their last four to finish 5-7. And Stoops, again, survives.

So, is this the end? 17-31 in four years would get you fired in a lot of places. After all, Doba took the fall with a much stronger 30-29 record. Yet here we are. Read on to see what 2008 looks like for the Mildcats:

2007: 5-7, 4-5 in the Pac-10. 3-1 finish to the year saves Stoops from the chopping block. Also ruined Oregon’s BCS hopes by beating down the Ducks, 34-24 in Tucson, where Dennis Dixon tore his ACL. Ouch.

OFFENSIVE SCHEME: PASS! That’s pretty much it. Spread ’em out and throw, throw, throw. It’s the Dykes offense, led by OC Sonny Dykes, who came from the Texas Tech Red Raider offense in 2007 to completely overhaul the snooze-fest that was the Arizona offense. QB Willie Tuitama had a fantastic first year in the new scheme, leading the conference in TD’s with 28, and second in the league with over 3600 yards passing. Overall, Arizona’s offense went from scoring just 16 points per game in 2006 to 28 points per game in 2007.

The running game, however, was brutal. 76.7 yards per game, #114 in the nation! They do have a talented sophomore tailback in Nic Grigsby, who had over 700 yards rushing (and he shredded our Cougs to the tune of 262 total yards, including 186 yards rushing and 76 yards receiving. Double-Ouch.).

TOP OFFENSIVE PLAYER: It has to be Willie Tuitama. The senior (wow, he’s a senior already?) took to the shotgun passing offense better than many thought he would. His numbers were great last year (3683 passing yards, 28-12 TD/INT ratio, 62% completion percentage, and a QB rating of 134.24). He’s got excellent size at 6-3, 220, and stayed healthy for the first time in 2007 after battling concussion problems in ’05 and ’06. He is the perfect fit in a quick-hitting passing attack. He should not only be an all-conference candidate, but he is a serious threat to the offensive player-of-the-year award in the Pac-10.

Sorry to do this…but…2007, Tuitama had his greatest game vs. our Cougs. 346 yards, FIVE TD’s, zero INT’s in a 48-20 rout in the desert.

The biggest concern for Pac-10 defenses? Arizona welcomes back a conference-high TEN starters on offense this fall. The only new starter is left tackle James Tretheway, but even he’s an experienced senior. Otherwise they are all back. They return at least six players who caught 20 or more balls last year, including the top WR in the conference in Mike Thomas. Thomas had 83 catches and 11 TD’s, but, clearly you can’t just focus on Thomas to slow them down.

The one to really keep an eye on is rising TE Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski had a huge game vs. WSU last year (then again, who on Arizona didn’t have a big game against us last year?), with 115 yards and two TD’s. The true frosh had over 500 yards receiving last year, and the 6-6, 260-pounder is a future all-everything performer who should be a force this season.

DEFENSIVE SCHEME: A 4-3 attack. They had been somewhat conservative on D, but this spring they have already stated they will blitz more than ever. An emphasis was placed on blitz packages, and a renewed focus on gang-tackling and everyone flying to the football.

TOP DEFENSIVE PLAYER: While senior free-safety Nate Ness led the team with five INT’s last year and returns as the leader of the secondary, the honors go to linebacker Ronnie Palmer.

Palmer was number two on the team with 83 tackles. He’s a big, 6-3, 245-lb physical force against the run and will compete for all-conference honors this year as the leader of the Arizona defense.


1) Yes, they will score points and rack up yards against pretty much everyone. But with only three starters back, can they stop anyone?

It is a daunting proposition to only have three defensive starters back. But the new focus this spring on blitzing and energy on defense was important. And, new faces might not be a bad thing in the grand scheme. Last year they returned an impressive nine starters on defense, but they underachieved for most of the season. They were 59th in scoring defense, and a disappointing 71st against the pass, despite having two NFL prospects with corners Antoine Cason and Wilrey Fontenot. Cason will especially be missed, a four-year starter who was a first-round pick in April. But again, fresh bodies could be the best thing to happen to the defense. Apparently there were issues last year, where some bad apples were rumored to spoil the whole thing.

2) They couldn’t run last year. Does it matter in their offense?

No matter how many yards and TD’s Tuitama hangs on people this year, you do at least need some semblance of a running game. 114th in the nation last year isn’t going to cut it this year, and could be the most underrated key to their offense this year. An aerial assault is fun to watch, but at times you have to have the ability to move the chains, or more importantly, devour some game clock if/when you have a late lead. Live by the pass, but you can die by the pass just as well. They do have the talent in Grigsby, who could be a 1,000-yard threat now that he has a full season under his belt. So it’s not like they don’t have the ability to run. They just need to figure it out.

WSU Football Blog Bottom Line: WSU will be getting Arizona on November 8th. Hope for the November chill and swirling winds to whip through the Palouse. Otherwise it could be a tough one. That said, we might be getting them at just the right time. They will be coming off a bye, but before that, they’ll be finishing a tough two-game home stretch vs. Cal (10/18) and the monster, USC, on 10/25. Also, the game after WSU, Arizona is set to go to Oregon on 11/15. Depending on how their season is going, it could be a serious trap game.

Why would I call WSU a “trap game” for Arizona? Because, well, I’m calling it right now – Arizona has the look of a real surprise team of 2008. Senior QB with a ton of starters back, a fresh look and new energy on defense, and most of all, the schedule?? CUP-CAKE CITY. How does Idaho, Toledo and New Mexico sound for an out-of-conference schedule to begin the year? With 12 games on the schedule, if they start out 3-0, as they should, they are halfway to bowl-eligibility.

At least Stoops better hope they are the surprise team. With all these factors in their favor, if they get ANOTHER non-bowl season?? It’s Good night, and good luck!


12 Responses to “Spring Fish Wrap – AZ Mildcats Edition”

  1. millcreekcoug Says:

    The thought of losing to Arizona for the 4th straight time makes me want to puke.

  2. Sedihawk Says:

    Good call Mill Creek. I am tired of losing to them too. I wonder why it is AZ gets fired up when they see crimson and gray? Even the 2004 game where we stole one down there because Stoops forgot about the whole clock “thing”, choosing to run the ball with 45 seconds to go and no timeouts for our Cougs, and of course, Scott Davis comes out of the pile with the ball. But getting them in November, after the CAL-USC gauntlet and before at Oregon? I’ll take our chances!

  3. Woody Says:

    I remember last year’s Arizona game as the “straw” that broke the camel’s back for me as far as the Doba issue. That game was so frustrating how the defense (Doba’s Baby) could not stop AZ at all. They made them look like a JV Team.

    By the Way, is there another Pac 10 Coach you love to hate more than Stoops. His arrogant tantrums on the sideline just get under my skin. That guy could and should be flagged every game.

    I dislike UW but I at least respect Paint Dry Ty. He seems like a decent guy and does things “the right way.” Belotti comes off as an A** hole but somehow he is tolerable. Probably because the guy can’t win a big game. Carroll whines allot but it is hard to dislike someone who you respect the job they are doing and seems as if he is thoroughly enjoying himself. Slick Rick NewWeasel is the X Factor this year. He is easy to hate, but I wonder if we are not seeing/reading about him on a constant basis as we did when he was at UW if he will be a bit out of site out of mind.

    Stoops being who he is, makes it even more difficult that we have not had success against AZ as of late.
    Let’s hope for better horizons starting in 2008.

    Go Cougs!


  4. Sedihawk Says:

    Stoops does go bananas, doesn’t he? I think the first time we played them in ’04 he drew at least a sideline warning, and Bob-Rob yelled on the air that “they can’t do that!” or something. Maybe it was Jim. Anyway, yeah, he’s quick to lose it.

    I still don’t get why they haven’t even been to a bowl in 10 seasons. I look at their nice facilities, great weather, tan co-eds, I don’t get it. I guess your head coach matters after all. They dump Tomey after a down season and I bet some of them still regret that. I also remember the Mike Price rumors after they fired Mackovic. In fact I think there were actual news reports that had him talking seriously with Arizona but in the end the administration wouldn’t sign off on it. Of course, Livengood and Price go back aways, so, who knows why that didn’t happen.

  5. blzer-mania Says:

    anyone else think willie scored the digits from that blond? excellent photo. and i love the oregon fans watching it all slip away last year. not a better sight from corvallis.

  6. Cougar Jen Says:

    boy, nice tackle on the big tight end in that video clip. What an awful defense last year. Nothing worse i can think of being slow and cannot tackle. Your turn coach PW to turn it on.

    Willie was making eyes with blondie wasnt he. get in line honey!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    cougJen, notice anything else about that video? How about who was supposed to be covering the boy, yet the tight end was still WIDE OPEN!?


  8. Sedihawk Says:

    Easy anonymous. I won’t argue that Trent has had issues, shall we say, covering tight-ends?? I think Marcedes Lewis of UCLA became a first-round NFL draft pick with his highlight reel 2005 game at the expense of Trent.

    But I will say in looking at that clip again that Trent did his job, which was to cover the short-medium middle of the field. That looks like a 4-3 cover 2 with the linebackers in zone, and the safeties playing deep. All three linebackers are hovering near midfield. Trent covers him initially, then releases the tight-end and then he becomes the safety’s responsibility. If anything it was a good read by the QB to get it into the soft white underbelly of the zone coverage.

    That said, Jackson should have made the tackle instead of trying to make Sportscenter with a huge hit! The play probably made plays of the week, but only because Jackson bounced off Gronkowski like a pinball. Certainly not for the reasons Jackson would have wanted.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    good read hawk. And nice try. but trent should have covered him. look at it again. see how deep he dropped in coverage and he still cannot stay with that big freshmen. he was way deeper than the other backers. just like tatupa with the hawks the cougars drop the mlb deep on pass plays but zone or man trent is just bad on passes. he has no business being on the field on pass plays. they should make him run to the tunnel on third down and then come back only when summoned.

  10. E Says:

    I agree with Woody about the AZ game last year. Our “bend don’t break” strategy just ended up being “bend, bend, bend, bend, bend, bend, break”.

    That 1994 penalty and subsequent missed kick was also excruciating. On a related note, “the Toe” served as an assistant coach to my PHS soccer team when I was a Junior. He was a really cool guy, but not a very good college kicker. Why is it that the Cougs haven’t seemed to have a decent kicker since Hanson? Dunning was pretty good, but this is regularly a glaring weakness on our squad. Does anybody know if CPW will actually hire a kicking coach?

    While we’re recalling painful AZ memories, I’ve got to bring up the “phantom catch” by Bobby Wade in the South corner of the West endzone in ’99 (See this archived article) to extend the Cougs losing streak to a record 12 games in a row. I was sitting in Section 2 right in front of that play and probably lost two years off my life after that blown call.


  11. Sedihawk Says:

    Wow, great memory E. I wasn’t at that ’99 myself, but, I was listening to it at home on the radio. Bob-Rob was like “and, it’s incomple…wait, TOUCHDOWN ARIZONA!?!?” I also remember that I think it was Bud Nameck who was the sideline guy and said flat-out that ball hit the turf, 100% no doubt about it and went on about a 5-minute rant about how terrible the ref was. What a joke!

    I’ve actually got the 97 AZ – WSU game on DVD. I think I will go back and look at it to see what the announcers were saying about the crowd noise warning, which, uh, doesn’t exist. Pac-10 refs…brutal.

    Don’t be a stranger E. You are always welcome to post here.

  12. Woody Says:

    ESPN.com has been running a series on College Football Programs called Face of the Program. This series reveals who they pick as the (all time) “Face” of each major college football program.

    WSU’s turn was today and they selected Mel Hein #7. I think that is an appropriate choice, however you can vote for one of four Cougs: Hein, Drew Bledsoe, Lone Star Dietz and Jack Thompson. All favorite sons and all great Cougs to say the least.

    Here is the link for anyone who would like to check it out:


    Hope it works

    Go Cougs!


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