James Carville RIPS Cougs, Continues Hunt for Ring

Weird story coming via the Sports Tri-Cities site. Apparently political pundit James Carville spent 6 minutes of a radio show on XM ripping Paul Wulff and the whole Calvin Schmidtke situation.

Like Carville, just weird.

Carville said, “My favorite part, though, by the way, is Cougars coach Paul Wulff made the announcement (withdrawing the scholarship) saying, “We feel this is in the best interest of both Washington State University and Calvin.

“Well, what happened after the eighth, the ninth, the 10th (citation)?” Carville added. “He ain’t even out of high school!”

Russert later quipped, “The (Cincinnati) Bengals had 11 arrests in 18 months, but that was a team!”

You can hear the whole thing here, via an RSS feed.

I wonder how the whole “One Ring to Rule Them All” deal is coming? Still searching I see.

Seriously now, when you think about it, was the Schmidtke thing ridiculous? Sure. That many arrests and/or incidents makes you wonder what they were thinking when they took him in the first place. But then again, we have to remember what little time the staff had to sign the class to begin with. We’re talking two months to sign 20+ kids, so, there were bound to be mistakes. Not suggesting that Schmidtke is a bad kid, or that our coaching staff was asleep at the wheel. Everything just sort of converged at once. Should we have pulled the offer sooner? In hindsight, yes. The coaches knew he was a bit of a bad egg and reportedly even warned him to straighten up and fly right, but as the saying goes, it is what it is. What’s kind of amazing is that for 6 minutes, our coach and program was mocked by a guy like James Carville. WEIRD.

Congrats to Junior Griffey. #600, and surrendered by our own Mark Hendrickson to boot. Cool NW connection there. I know Junior’s a broken down old horse now, inching closer to the end with every at-bat. I prefer to remember his early days myself. He gave me some of the greatest sports memories that I’ve ever witnessed, including that dash around the bases in ’95 (remember the view Hooty?). I could have put “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston here, but instead, I found an old Hit It Here commercial that brought back good memories. Enjoy:

5 Responses to “James Carville RIPS Cougs, Continues Hunt for Ring”

  1. longball Says:

    any publicity is good publicity, right?

  2. Sedihawk Says:

    Normally I’d say yes Longball….but not this year man. We’ve had enough bad pub to last several years in just the last few months. I’ve had enough. Not that people take Carville too seriously these days, and NCAA football is a step out of his world, but still. We need some good news.

  3. kaddy Says:

    This is a kid that hasn’t set foot on campus as a student, mind you, Mr. Carville. It’s not like he was a player of Coach Wulff’s yet. Still a story, but not entirely the way it’s made out to be. Wulff cut bait before he ever put on the uniform, to his credit.

  4. atlantacoug Says:

    Not to mention that Wulff was being NICE with his announcement. He could have trashed the kid and did not. To hold his comment to the fire is probably not fair. What IS fair is asking why it took 11 citations to lose scholarship. Perhaps if he is being arrested on the Westside, it does not trickle over to the EastSide for a few months? No idea.

  5. Woody Says:

    James Carville making uninformed and hateful remarks about a subject that he knows nothing about, with absolutely no regard for the repercussions of those he is talking about. That is so out of character for him,…strange.

    I am not too concerned about what Carville says. No one listens to him and takes him seriously anymore anyway, and that is on subjects that he supposedly knows something about.

    I applaud Coach Wulff for looking past the past indiscretions of Calvin Schmidtke to give the kid a uuuhumm second chance? I then further applaud him for cutting him loose after this latest dust up with the law. It sounded like he warned the kid and he did not take him seriously, good riddance.

    Go Cougs!


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