Jeshua Anderson the Wildcard for ’08?

You don’t usually get too jacked about a frosh who had only 12 catches last year. But when said frosh averages a freakish 31 yards per catch? Go crazy. Of course we’re talking about Jeshua Anderson. Anderson was last seen on the football field hauling in a TD in the Apple Cup. Remember this?

NCAA Football Highlights on

I do. But see, there’s this little track gig that has been getting some buzz recently, and it’s starting to be an issue. Things have gone extremely well for Anderson away from the football field, so much so that he actually has Beijing aspirations. Are they realistic? Check out the KXLY video:

Now, being a complete track moron, I had no idea that it is still such a long climb to Beijing for him. I knew he has had a strong year in the NCAA level, but it’s really only the beginning. Cougfan had a premium story last week about Anderson and the odds that he faces for Olympic glory as a youngster. But in a nutshell, he’s headed to the US juniors, where he must finish in the top two in the 400m hurdles. If that happens, he advances to the US World Juniors. But the road doesn’t end there. Then he must do well enough to actually get to the Olympic Trials, and of course, do well enough THERE to actually make the Olympic team. I don’t know, I mean I wouldn’t put it past him that he could make it. As assistant track coach Mark McDonald says in the KXLY article, for him to be doing what he’s doing as a frosh is really remarkable. He is a world-class hurdler, that cannot be denied. But at this point, it is probably a long shot that he’ll be on the Olympic team for 2008.

I think the bigger concern from a football angle is what his future holds beyond just this year. There is big money one can earn going pro in the track-n-field circuit, and someone with Anderson’s ability, it has to be tempting.

ON THE FIELD in 2008, Anderson could be a real factor in the passing game. When you consider that Bumpus, Jed Collins and Charles Dillon have all left the building, along with their combined 159 catches from last year, the door is wide open for Anderson to have a big role this year. You can picture him lining up on the opposite WR spot from Gibson and becoming the top home-run threat on the outside. If teams choose to roll safety coverage towards Gibson in hopes of slowing him down, that could mean a ton of one-on-one situations with Anderson. With his speed, you have to like the odds of him blowing by many #2 corners in the Pac-10, as you know the top cover guy for every team we play will have the task of slowing down Gibson. You LIKE them apples??

7 Responses to “Jeshua Anderson the Wildcard for ’08?”

  1. atlantacoug Says:

    What I like even more than the thought of a deep threat like Anderson is having a strong arm quarterback like Rogers not under throwing him.
    I know as much about track and field as I do about pleasing a woman. But I do know you can make a lot of $$. Let’s hope he makes his big money in the NFL after a great Coug Career.

  2. Sedihawk Says:

    Morning ATL. Hope things are well down there. Are you guys in a drought situation?

    Good point on Rogers. Lack of arm strength won’t be an issue this year. But I will say that Brink could throw the deep fade pretty well. That TD to Anderson was perfect. He threw it from the left hash on the 35, and he hits Anderson in the back of the endzone on the other side. Brink was absolutely MONEY in that game.

  3. millcreekcoug Says:

    There is money to be made in T&F, but not generally for underclassmen who leave early after not making the Olympic team.

    Now if he goes out and makes the 4×400 relay team or makes it on in the 400m hurdles, that might be a different story. And if he medals? Forget about it.

    Remember Ja’Warren Hooker was in essentially the same situation for the 2000 games. Young receiver at UW (out of Ellensburg), and I believe he made it on the squad as an alternate for the 4x400m relay team.

  4. Sedihawk Says:

    Good point Mill Creek. Nice weather today huh? I didn’t know they moved November up to June.

    I remember Hooker. He was lightning straight ahead, but he didn’t have much shimmy to him. You are right though, the better Anderson does in T&F, the worse it is for the football team. I think he could be a real X factor for the offense next year. 31 yard average is staggering. Small sample size, of course, but he’s a major home-run threat. Having him in the mix behind Gibson with Blackledge and Benny Ward, that’s a pretty good 4-man WR crew.

  5. atlantacoug Says:

    We have been 90 Degrees plus for last few weeks. We are right on track for rain this year, but are way behind on LAST year. The lakes are low, gas $$ is high, and the sky is falling. Go Cougs

  6. kaddy Says:

    You need to get out of that hellhole, and quick!

  7. millcreekcoug Says:

    Sedi the weather just makes me think its football season….then I look at the calender and realize its still 3 months away!

    So much for golfing this weekend….

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