Mother’s Day Fishwrap – Okie State Spring Edition

As the opener is a mere 110 days away(!), what better time than to start looking ahead? Today we’ll examine our first opponent, Oklahoma State, in their post-spring state, to get an idea of what we’re in for August 30th.

Last year – The ‘Boys finished 7-6, culminating with a big 49-33 win over Indiana in the Insight Bowl. QB Zac Robinson capped his breakthrough season with 5 TD’s as the Okies rolled up over 500 yards of total offense in the blowout win.

Offensive Scheme – They are a very balanced team, with the ability to spread you out in the shotgun or run right at you via the I-formation. They throw a lot of different looks at you. How balanced are they? They were the only team in the nation to average at least 240 yards passing AND 240 yards rushing per game. Now that is BALANCE. However, the OC from last year, Larry Fedora, has moved on. He took the head coaching job at Southern Miss. They go forward with CO-offensive coordinators this year in an attempt to keep things as they are.

Defensive Scheme – The bad news, and one of the main reasons they only went 7-6 last year, was the defense. They finished ranked 101st in the nation in total D, including 103rd in pass efficiency defense. Part of it can be blamed on the adjustment to first-time d-coordinator Tim Beckman, who came from Ohio State as their secondary coach. But it was a long, tough season trying to stop Big 12 offenses.

Top Returning Offensive Starter in ’08 – It all starts with QB Zac Robinson (pictured). The junior-to-be absolutely exploded last year in his first go of it as a starter. Robinson threw for over 2800 yards, with 23 TD’s and only 9 INT’s as a true sophomore. But he gets it done on the ground, too, as he ran for 847 yards and 9 TD’s! All as a sophomore? He took over the job after the first game in place of Bobby Reid (he’s the kid who was the subject of the “I’m a MAN!” rant), and was only sacked five times, completing over 60% of his passes with a QB efficiency rating of 148.98. They brag about Jake Locker around these parts, but this guy was simply amazing. Excellent size at 6-3, 210, and obviously athletic, he has to be right there as one of the top dual-threat QB’s in the nation coming back in ’08. Don’t believe me? Check out the speed and moves:


Top Returning Defensive Starter in ’08MLB Patrick Lavine is a monster tackler in the middle. The 6-3, 225-pounder had a big sophomore year, racking up 81 tackles, just 1 tackle from being #1 on the team. He also defends the pass pretty well, with 6 pass-breakups, good for third on the team and tops among linebackers. Lavine was huge as a frosh, too, starting the last 9 games in ’06 and was #2 on the team in tackles with 70. Lavine is going to be on a lot of pre-season All-Conference and All-American lists this year, no doubt about it.

Other Top Player To Watch: Center Andrew Lewis – Remington Award watch list guy, Lewis was a large key to their success last year. He slid over from guard to center for the last 10 games on ’07, and developed into a force. The Cowboys were #7 in total offense, #8 in rushing and allowed only 11 sacks in 13 games last year. Lewis got a lot of the credit for bringing the o-line together as the leader up front.

Bottom Line: These guys were a machine in ’07 when they had the football, but did lose a lot of offensive firepower from last year’s team, including leading receiver WR Adarius Bowman and leading rusher RB Dantrell Savage. But Robinson is a star, and there is a lot of talent back. JC All-Everything RB Beau Johnson sounds like the real deal, and from all reports had a decent spring. He should emerge as the starter at RB in the quest to replace Savage. WR Dez Bryant was an emerging talent down the stretch last year, as the 6-1, 200lb frosh lit up Kansas for 8 balls and 155 yards, and Indiana in the Insight Bowl with a season-best 9 catches for 117 and two scores. With Robinson in charge, they should still be able to score with anyone this year. This is going to be a major challenge to slow these guys down in our first game this year. Defensively they have a leader in the middle in Lavine, but there are holes up front and in the secondary. They should improve with another year under Beckman, but after last year there is nowhere to go but up!

In a quick analysis, you have to wonder how will they handle the new WSU offense led by Gary Rogers, Brandon Gibson, a veteran O-line and good depth at RB? This isn’t the time for predictions and we still have an entire fall camp to go through before we even see accurate depth charts, but it’s clear that these two teams could put up a lot of yards and points on 8/30!

Happy Mom’s Day to y’all (Hi Mom!)!

5 Responses to “Mother’s Day Fishwrap – Okie State Spring Edition”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can now save money and skip Athlons this year. Nice summary of our first game. Are you going to do more teams this year? Who is the early favorite? I think we will move the ball on them but I have a bad feeling about Robinson. I probably see the Pokes by 6 or 7.

  2. Sedihawk Says:

    Hey “anony”, haven’t seen a line yet. If you are new here, feel free to use your name. It’s cool.

    I bet the over/under is going to be high though. Okie State can flat-out move the ball. We’ve got a lot of starters back from last year, but a new scheme, new coaches, etc, who knows how it will go in game 1.

    I will say this though – the more video I see of Robinson, the more impressive he is. That youtube video has a few other links in it to some other plays he made last year, and man, he looks really good. You also see some of the different offensive looks they have as well. Shotgun, I-formation, even some 1-back. They throw the whole kitchen sink at you. We’ll see if that remains the same because losing Fedora, their OC, might be a bigger adjustment than we realize. The guy was regarded as a guru based on what I read, so, maybe the new guys will reel it in a little bit and keep it simple for game 1. Especially since they lose their top running back and WR.

    I will also say this – it is already looking like a fascinating matchup! Fascinating not only what they will bring to the table, but what are WE going to look like in ’08?? I can’t wait!

  3. OklahomaCougar Says:

    I am hold three degrees from Wazzu, but am on the faculty at OkState.

    This is a nice summary. Here’s a couple of things:

    Robinson is the guy due to his ability to execute the ZONE READ. According to the coaches, this is the reason why he replaced Bobby Reid, who could do everything but execute the zone read. This puts pressure on the Defensive Ends, they will have to play smart.

    The Cougs need to watch out for the TE Pettigrew. This guy is outstanding, only held back by the Pokes tendency to not throw him the ball.

    At RB the danger is Kendall Hunter, a little mite with great moves and quickness.

    THE BRIGHTSIDE: Under Gundy this team is lousy on the road and prone to turn the ball over. The Cougs need to win the turnover game (and the kicking game) against this foe. I have no doubt Qwest will be a hostile environment for the Pokes.

    This team has had no pass defense for the past 3 seasons. They have brought in a large number of JCs to try to mend the defense. Bit, this will be a young, inexperienced, and probably not so good D.

    Keep up the good work.

    Oklahoma Cougar

  4. Sedihawk Says:

    Thanks Oklahoma Coug. Great feedback. I don’t follow OK State much but I was wondering exactly why they went with Robinson in the first place. I remember Reid making highlight reel plays what seemed like a weekly basis. And Pettigrew is a beast, 6-6, 260? WOW. What’s his story? I saw he had a big game vs. Texas and Georgia, but otherwise didn’t seem to do much. Is he not used much because they spread things out and just don’t feature the TE much? And didn’t he get into some hot water off the field as well?

    Thanks again and don’t be a stranger!

  5. CougarJen Says:

    Good preview but also worrisome. I know all my friends think we will win a shootout but I am not feelin’ it. At first when I saw that QB running clip I was kind of “so what?” and then I watched it again and you see the extra gear and accellerations. Did you see that was on 3rd and forever and the defense was playing soft and he he still split the middle of the field? There is another highlight of him vs. baylor where he rolsl out and throws a TD pass that is just gorgeous. He will be a nightmare to defend.

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