Blackledge the Surprise of Spring?

UPDATE 10:00 AM 4/11 – Tony has told Oklahoma State to bleep off, BEFORE they went after Self!?!? WOW. Nice job Tony, a Bennett we will always love.

He’s been talked about all spring for how far he’s come, and now there is no doubt he will make his mark next year. The TNT today writes about WR Daniel Blackledge and how he’s doing his best Michael Bumpus impression right now. Blackledge had a big scrimmage a week ago, with 70 yards receiving and showing some great hands. Next to probably Gary Rogers, Blackledge is going to be this spring’s offensive breakout player (photo courtesy of Cougfan).

We’re written about Blackledge before, but the kid has a real upside and the coaches are liking what they see. Levy has some good quotes about him in the story, and if we know anything, we know Levy knows how to coach up the WR’s! It’s hard to argue with his track record. Then again, you don’t want to get too crazy about a good set of spring practices. Blackledge had a total of ONE catch last year, and that came in the 52-17 embarrassment vs. the Beavs in one of the most forgettable games in the modern era. But again, this is what spring ball is all about, and that is there are always some surprises that you just didn’t see coming when it all got started.

The Spokesman last night had a write-up about the kicking game. It sounds as though it’s a tight race, with Patrick Rooney edging ahead of Wade Penner and Matt Myers. Steve Broussard said it’s still wide open so not to read too much into it right now, but we’ll see how it shakes out after things wrap up tomorrow. The good part of this is that there is a good competition, so they are hopefully pushing each other. The other part is that they are actually doing well. All three kickers nailed 48 and 49-yarders to wind down practice yesterday. We still have the mystery JC transfer that coach Wulff talked about this year, who reportedly drills kickoffs repeatedly into the end-zone (sounds good to me!).

Moving on, the Bigger Dance – WHO YA GOT? The brackets are out and it’s an intriguing field. I’ve got Megan Fox from the Transformers movie making a darkhorse run, but with Scarlet Johansson lurking in the other pod, I don’t know if she’ll get past the sweet 16. It will be an interesting match-up! But you could also see Johansson cutting down the nets when it’s all said and done.

I know, it’s a male pig-fest or whatever you want to call it, but it’s all in good fun. And it’s all about the prizes. Have you seen what they are giving away? Imagine winning the grand prize – A trip for two, to any sporting event in the world, including airfare, hotel and tickets to the event? Just for picking the hottest female around in a bracket of 64? Why not. I actually knew a guy who won the whole thing 3 years ago, and if I remember correctly I think they went to Monoco for the grand prix or something like that. Pretty amazing.

I won’t waste time talking about the Sonics, because I know a lot of you don’t care. But wow, those e-mails. I imagine many people reading those things yesterday thought twice about e-mails they may have sent in their own working environment?? If anything it’s a good lesson that yes, anything you send can and WILL be used against you, if necessary! And right now, Clay Bennett looks like the biggest lying, idiotic, embarrassing fool on the face of the earth. The arrogance to think they could just waltz in and steal the team away is one thing. That’s fine if that is what they wanted to do all along. But to flat-out lie to the Mayor of Seattle, the Governor of Washington, the NBA owners and David Stern himself? And to be caught red-handed doing it? What a disgrace. How will it play out? The Save Our Sonics guys think things have changed. There are a lot of very angry people now, madder than ever. But I still think at the end of the day, this is just the tip of the ice-berg and the NBA, Clay Bennett included, does NOT want to go through a court case where many, many more things are going to come to the public forefront. It’s an official mess for a league that doesn’t really need any more bad press after the last few years, does it??

And, imagine this – Howard Schultz and/or Wally Walker COULD be a hero in the end of this? Seth Koellen, a blogger and a guy who occasionally writes for the P-I, writes that Schultz and the prior ownership group could possibly file a legit suit against Bennett for not engaging in a good-faith effort to keep the team here. They now have tangible proof with these e-mails that they were full of crap from day 1. And Shultzie could sure use some good pub.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Hooty will take in the open practice tomorrow. Look for a first-hand account tomorrow evening.


11 Responses to “Blackledge the Surprise of Spring?”

  1. cowgillsbeard Says:

    those email messages only confirm my hatred for the nba, so good bye. I want nothing to do with the league and we have other things to pay attention to. When they leave people will be mad or sad at first but after a few years they will forget about it. Let them suck somewhere else.

  2. Sedihawk Says:

    Cowgill’s Beard? GREAT name, and welcome.

    I can’t disagree that once they leave, it’ll be out of sight, out of mind. But they are fighting the good fight to try and do the right thing, which is (gasp) trying to keep a 40+ year team and the only championship the city has ever seen.

  3. Sedihawk Says:

    One more thing – Breaking news:


    I love the headline to the story: Tony Bennett Must Hate Money


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Tony does not hate money. He just loves where he is, thanks.

    And please, no more basketball, hmmm?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    And WTF is this site all about? You have pictures of co-eds all over the place and you write about things that nobody cares about (sonics – blah). And you are full of mistakes even on the WSU coverage. 1) Jackson and C-NWA have changed positions but you are wrong on which safety C-NWA will play. He will play strong safety, not free safety. Look it up. 2) Get over Blackledge. So he has looked ok so far, so what? it is only spring ball. And he’s burning a terrible defense with Jackson trying to learn how to play corner. Big deal. He has 1 catch and he is going to start? FRIGHTENING. have you seen him play at all? 3) from the other day on Lopina and mobile WSU QB’s how about Mark Rypien? Ricky Turner? Those guys ran the option, they could move, yet you ignored them for Timm Rosenbach? 4) your story after losing to UNC said we would either lose 71-52 or win 65-62. There is a real stretch, gee, “I think we will win OR I think we will lose!”

    Nice try. You are out of your league.

  6. Sedihawk Says:

    WOW, “anonymous” is cranky. Look at the clock, wow, is it nap time already??

    I really love the way you anonymous posters hide behind that tag. God forbid we ever find out who you actually are, but why not click on “name/URL” and come up with a nickname at least? You don’t have to register or anything. Even “CowgillsBeard” did it today. We encourage participation here and we will never require you to actually register. We want to hear from you and appreciate criticism. But this is just stupid. I’ll take the bait:

    1) CHIMA and Jackson did change positions. I don’t know why you are arguing that. And we never ONCE said anything about which safety spot CHIMA will play. And most of all, Chris Ball says they look great, and CHIMA loves the switch. I don’t follow the hate. Have you met Chris Ball? Have you talked to him? Have you seen the talent he’s coached up and put into the NFL? I will tell you flat-out I will take his word over yours, whoever you are, 100 times out of 100.

    2) Blackledge has been drawing raves all spring. We aren’t making this stuff up. And sorry, Levenseller is talking him up as a huge improvement. Have we said he’s going to come out and be a 1,000-yd WR? No. The only thing we’ve said is that he’s doing a Bumpus impression, and the TNT made that comparison, and Levy and Blackledge talked about that comp. Every year you see surprises in spring and Blackledge is this year’s surprise.

    3) I didn’t go as far back to the Rypien-Turner era because it’s totally different. We ran the option/wishbone offense under Walden back then, and everything changed once Erickson showed up. Of course those guys were mobile, but they didn’t play in an offense like we see today so the comp isn’t even valid. And Rosey, as much as you and a lot of others hate him, was a mobile guy who was pretty athletic. Do you remember the winning TD in the ’88 AC? It was a run by Rosey! Rosey is the most mobile QB we’ve had in the “modern age”.

    4) Get off the UNC post-game stuff. What you don’t get is that it was Brinkhater saying he thought we would win a close game, or we would get blown out. That’s the point to those scores, that’s not him saying I thought we would win or lose, wishy-washy style. Big difference.

    And Brinkhater knows his stuff. He went something like 40-1 this year in predicting our football and hoops outcomes. Nobody picked better than that.

    What league are we out of? ESPN? Cougfan/Cougzone? Well that isn’t what we are trying to be, so I guess we are out of their league. Whatever. You aren’t the first to come here and bitch, and you won’t be the last. We are just having a good time and if you don’t like it, leave. And yeah, we post off-topic things here and there, sure. And why not? Again, just having fun.

    Have a good nap.

  7. longball Says:

    Wow, I cant figure out the anonymous troll phenomenon. I understand when a bunch of whacko quacko duck fans come here with their inane sh-t talk, but this troll seems to be a Coug fan. Go figure?

    AS far as Rosey goes, you are right on. I first rooted for him when he was playing for Pullman High, and he was always a threat with his feet. The only guy in the modern age that compares is perhaps Chad DeGrenier? LOL! And if “Anonymous” wants to plumb the depths of the Walden era for mobile QBs, how does he miss out mentioning Ed Blount? Dude was wheels.

    Anyway, keep up the good work fellas.

  8. Sedihawk Says:

    They are everywhere, Longball, on, etc. They just don’t have anything else to do. I think when we get them it’s just people stumbling across the site and don’t follow what we do around here on a regular basis. If you came in cold and picked some recent posts to skim, they might be wondering what is going on. But oh well, what can you do?

    Rosey was a good athlete. Really good. Good feet too. He led the nation or close to it in ’88 in total offense, hell, he got HEISMAN votes that year! Too bad he’s so tarnished after what happened with the Brink/Swogger soap opera.

  9. Sedihawk Says:

    Whether you hate the NBA or not, you have to respect the hell out of Kevin Calabro.

    Looks like this could be his final broadcast as the Sonics announcer.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I try to remember to avoid the anonymous tag by putting my Ptowncoug tag at the bottom because I just don’t want to bother signing up for some acct. But I usually don’t spew venom either.
    Sedi, with regard to the Bennett post I had below, there has been Coug fans who wanted Bennett to take a formal outward commitmet (which I disagreed, especially a Christian guy like Bennett, because they are the same people that would crucify if he changed his mind, which he is free to do) and those who questioned his commitment when they find out that he was talking to LSU about the same time he was making his formal commitment announcement.
    It’s a no win situation. I hate to compare to the MP situation, but if he announced that he was going to Bama and declined to coach the cougs, he would have been crucified just as much as he was for staying on to coach. Again no win situation.
    I still think TB would have just been better off declining offers as they come and sitting quietly at his own home while negotiating a better deal with Wazzu.

  11. Sedihawk Says:

    Hey Ptown, it’s cool. It’s only natural to get worked up over Tony, especially with every single “marquee” job getting his name in the mix. Even the Stanford job has his name on it from an article yesterday. The national media and Seattle media just cannot get past the idea that a great coach can actually be happy in Pullman, and that sends us off the deep-end. When he was quiet, it led to speculation that he wanted to go. But in the end-game, he did it exactly the way he should, and that’s by keeping quiet until the time was right. Even though it’s frustrating, that’s the way he had to play it.

    It’s hard to argue against that theory of WSU coaches cashing in the lottery ticket though. The reality is several good/great coaches have chosen to leave. But it’s different era today, and things have changed since Erickson/Kevlin. It is no longer about how much money you can get, or how big a media market you are in. There are always downsides to those so-called ‘sexy’ jobs, downsides we can’t possibly fathom. Just imagine that Okie State job for example. They have that old wack-job Pickens who gave the school millions upon millions. If a Tony or someone of that ilk bolts for the paycheck, well, just think of the sucking up you would have to do just to keep that guy happy. It would be like working as the manager under Steinbrenner. Probably a lot of mid-night phone calls, constant stroking of the ego, you name it. PASS. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, actions speak louder than words, and after some sexy jobs popped on the radar, today, Tony is still our coach. That says everything!

    By the way, for comments you don’t have to sign up for anything, you can pick a user-name. Just click on name/url button, right above the anonymous radio button. Put in your name (ptowncoug) and that’s it.

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