Sauls Out, Casto In?; Spring Game Called Off

So it got weird with Kevin Love and Darren Collison. First the LA Times says they are gone, then Ben Howland later in the day says mmmm, not so fast. They aren’t gone…yet. What will today bring? Who knows. But when you think about it, why, EXACTLY, would you bolt UCLA early if given the choice? You could probably come up with a few reasons to stick it out??

Moving on, in one of the worst-kept secrets around, Stephen Sauls got his release from the hoops program. It’s been speculated for months since he suffered his concussion and returned home to Texas. It’s too bad, because he’s reportedly a good kid and did some things that warranted playing time early on in Tony’s system. When you think about losing Low and Weaver from next year’s team, you could see how Sauls would fit in. Hopefully he gets healthy and finds something closer to home.

Which brings us to DeAngelo Casto. Rumored since the 4-A state tourney that he was a hard lean to WSU, Casto has been claiming to all who will listen that he wants to be a Coug. Well, not so fast. First of all, he hasn’t qualified yet academically with test scores below the eligibility line. Then there’s another player out there that we are interested in, and that is Paul McCoy, the highly-touted point guard from Oregon. McCoy was headed for Pepperdine, but was let out of his LOI after their coach left the program. McCoy is now back out there and the recruiting is really heating up for him. He just had a visit to Kentucky, and WSU is one of about eight schools on his list. So it might be a long shot to get him anyway, but one could argue that if we did get him, he might better fit a need for next year vs. a low-post presence in Casto?

Another fly in the Casto ointment? Georgetown. The Hoyas have started calling him, and it sounds according to Cougfan that he’s starting to get a little starry-eyed. His quote to Cougfan was “if he could do it real BIG” he could head to Georgetown. BIG? Hmm, maybe he’s not the fit we thought? That isn’t exactly music to Tony’s ears, wouldn’t you say? Casto did talk to the Spokesman yesterday, and sounded much more certain to be a Coug. We’ll see how it plays out. We will probably find out quick, with the spring signing period kicking off on April 16th.

Big day in the Pac-10 hoops scene yesterday. OJ Mayo is gone, and he’s hiring an agent so forget about him coming back. And why should he? has him as the #3 pick right now. If you are projected as a lottery pick, you probably should go (as Love is #13 right now). But a top-3 pick? BUH-BYE! Chase Budinger also declared his NBA intentions. However he hasn’t yet decided on hiring an agent or not, so the door could stay open for his return. Personally? Good riddance. He can’t leave fast enough for me.

Trent Johnson jumped to Baton Rouge. He was part of the article earlier in the week, one of many coaches that LSU spoke with at the Final Four. But he wasn’t exactly rumored to be THE guy. I heard a writer from LSU on the radio late yesterday, and the general feeling was one of shock. He thought Pernell of Clemson was the top choice. He also said that he heard Tony was in the top-3, for sure, but he basically told them in a one-sided conversation that he was very happy in Pullman so you should move on to someone else. SO why would Johnson leave? It sounds as though there was a lot going on down there, from not seeing eye-to-eye with the AD, not being happy with his contract that still wasn’t officially renewed, etc. The incident vs. Marquette probably didn’t help things with the Stanford brass either?? There is already a list of candidates for the Stanford job, and NO, Tony isn’t on the list. One name that is interesting though? Mark Few. The Seattle Times posted a story from a few years back that said Few could be a really good fit down there and that “sources close to Few speculate he could be interested in Stanford.” Interesting.

Back to WSU football (that is what we do around here?). The TNT had a strong write-up of QB Kevin Lopina and his progress this spring. We wrote about him after the last scrimmage, and even though we have heard good information about Marshall Lobbestael, the buzz has been the strongest about Lopina locking up the #2 spot in the QB rotation. If he stays healthy and things continue, he will really push Rogers for PT this fall.

You probably already know what you need to about Lopina and his back-story, but one thing that jumped out was his rushing ability at De La Salle. Did you know he logged 750 rushing yards and 10 TD’s as a senior? You can understand why he would be a fit in Wulff’s offense, which while not completely necessary, hey, an athletic QB in this shotgun, spread offense? What an asset! Lopina could be that “hold your breath” kind of guy, who you just never know if he could tuck it and run or pull it back and wing it. We haven’t seen a legit dual-threat like that in many years. Gesser could scramble, but he wasn’t a guy who scared defenses with his legs. Brink? No. Kegel was a decent athlete, but again, not like this. I guess you could go all the way back to Rosey and his running ability? I would bet that no matter how well Rogers does, we ARE going to see Lopina get a few series, especially early on, to get a better handle on where he is.

Anyone notice Jeshua Anderson’s accomplishments away from the football program right now? Yeah, he’s just been named Pac-10 track athlete of the week! You already know this, but Anderson really is big-time in the hurdles. How big? Well, his latest time of 49.68 seconds in the 400m hurdles not only leads the NCAA’s this year, it’s the second-fastest time in THE COUNTRY. It’s the 10th-best time in the world right now. Have we seen the last of Anderson in a football uniform? There’s big money in track and field, bigger than we probably realize. When you are one of the best on the face of the earth in an event, can you blame him if he does go the pro route? Too bad for the football team if he is done, but great for the young man!

Finally, the spring game has been called off. As Wulff said in the TNT article, they are just too low on healthy bodies and the alarming lack of depth is too much to overcome this spring. Now they will have an open scrimmage at 11, followed by an autograph session at 12:30. Our own Hooty McBoob will be in Pullman to take it all in, so look for a recap later on Saturday.


14 Responses to “Sauls Out, Casto In?; Spring Game Called Off”

  1. ZZU_CRU Says:

    Casto is no flake. Just does flaky shit. Hope he shows up in Pullman but he might be one of those “what ever happened to…?” guys.

    GREAT POSTING LATELY. You guys are #1.

  2. Anonymous Says:



  3. Hooty McBoob Says:

    Not sure I follow that reasoning, zzu_cru. I just looked it up and Webster actually defines ‘Flake’ as “One who does flaky shit.”

    That said, you really can’t blame him for making a comment like that, can you? For one thing, he’s a starry-eyed kid; and near as I can tell, Georgetown does have a slightly better reputation as a basketball school than we do.

    THAT said, the Bennett’s haven’t gotten to this point by recruiting kids who want to ride the coattails of prior success. We’ve had two great years in a row which is nice – but in order to keep it going, we’ll need to continue recruiting the kind of kids with the work ethic that got us here.

    God, I hate talking about basketball…

    Yes, I’ll still be in Pullman Saturday. I have a blind date with Longball that I don’t want to miss. I’ll be in the Coug between 10-10:30. Do they still allow minors in there during the day? I may have to bring Mini McBoob with me for some autographs…

  4. ZZU_CRU Says:

    Nail hit on head Mr Mcboob. A flake is as a flake does. But Bennett systems works with the non-superstars. bennett says he never scouted the oj mayo types to begin with so this might make him wonder what is up.

  5. Hooty McBoob Says:

    I would hope that the success we’ve had will allow us to be competitive in the recruiting wars for the high-character, great athletes that are out there. With his brother mentioned on Cougfan, it’s an easy comparison – but a guy like Kyle Singler is a perfect example. He chose the traditional power program in the opposite corner of the country instead of staying closer to home.

    Start plugging guys who work just as hard as Kyle, Derek and Robbie into this system, but are a step quicker, shoot 5% better and jump 3inches higher – and you have a Final Four team.

    Of course, this all goes to hell when Bennett finally decides to bolt.

  6. ZZU_CRU Says:

    Did you say something? I cannot stop looking at the first pic on the post. Where do you guys find those things? I could “suffer” another year on the beach.

  7. Sedihawk Says:

    Wow. Thanks “anonymous” for the link to the Sonics story. Check this out:

    On April 17 last year, team co-owners Clay Bennett, Aubrey McClendon and Tom Ward talked about whisking the Sonics away to Oklahoma as soon as possible even though it would mean breaching the KeyArena lease, according to the city’s motion filed in U.S. District Court in New York City.

    “Is there any way to move here [Oklahoma City] for next season or are we doomed to have another lame duck season in Seattle?” Ward wrote.

    Bennett replied: “I am a man possessed! Will do everything we can. Thanks for hanging with me boys, the game is getting started!”

    Ward: “That’s the spirit!! I am willing to help any way I can to watch ball here [in Oklahoma City] next year.”

    McClendon: “Me too, thanks Clay!”

    Last August, Stern was angry about comments by McClendon that appeared in an Oklahoma newspaper. McClendon, the billionaire founder and chief executive of Chesapeake Energy, told The Journal Record, “we didn’t buy the team to keep it in Seattle; we hoped to come here.”

    Stern e-mailed Bennett that if McClendon really made that remark there would be a “HUGE fine.” Indeed, Stern later imposed a $250,000 fine on McClendon.

    Bennett apologized in a lengthy e-mail to Stern, praising the NBA commissioner as “a role model and an extraordinarily gifted executive” and “just one of my favorite people on earth.”

    “I would never breach your trust. As absolutely remarkable as it may seem, Aubrey and I have NEVER discussed moving the Sonics to Oklahoma City, nor have I discussed it with ANY other member of our ownership group.”

    Anyone think the NBA wants to go to court now!?!? Anyone think David Stern is a little sideways right now?? WOW.

    “Anony” is also right, nobody cares anymore. But also right, what a bunch of liars! How embarrassing. Bennett has been caught red-handed lying to David Stern. They’ve lied from day 1. they will get killed in court. And that is why it will never see the inside of a courtroom. they will write a huge check to make this disappear, and a promise of an NBA return, but now I understand why the mayor and Slade Gorton is so dug in. The trial is a major play in all this.

  8. kaddy Says:

    I wonder if McCoy might look a little harder at the Cougs now that Sauls isn’t coming back. Bennett could say “Guess what? We’re losing our backup PG, and someone needs to take over for Taylor after next year.”

  9. Sedihawk Says:

    You never know, but I don’t know if the backup PG spot is good enough to land McCoy. He’s a 4-star talent. Look at who’s recruiting him. He just got back from a visit to Kentucky? Virginia, Virginia Tech, etc. Big name schools that might promise more than the opportunity to back up Taylor! 🙂

    The Sonics news is making national waves now. ESPN’s all over it. What a bunch of scum-bag, lying idiots. Even if they do move, it will at least be fun to watch these morons sweat this thing out.

  10. kaddy Says:

    Yes, but he could realistically be a 3-year starter at WSU, with lots of playing time his freshman year.

  11. Sedihawk Says:

    I hope you are right! It’s a great fit if he’ll come. We shall see. I don’t have a rivals account so I couldn’t read how his Kentucky visit went yesterday.

  12. wsuhoops Says:

    I think there is some thought that McCoy isn’t necessarily a “true” point guard — as if those guys really exist much anymore, anyway — so there’s certainly nothing keeping him and Rochestie from sharing the floor if he earns the time.

    — Nuss

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I am actually quite concerned about the back-up point next year and our point guard for 2010. If not Mccoy then who? Harthun is SG and so are Capers and Witherall. Maybe Tony can work on a Stud for next year’s class. Any up-and- comers from Mead or Bush? MV is bone dry right now.


  14. Sedihawk Says:

    Vanilla, MV’s been bone dry since Hendrickson. Or at least since the end of the “lanky lefty era”?

    You are right though, there isn’t an obvious PG and McCoy could be an ideal fit. We’ll see. Maybe there’s even another out there that we never saw coming.

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