Trufant Surrenders!

NIIIICE. Trufant has re-upped with the Hawks in a cap-friendly, long-term deal that brings smiles all around. Nice job Tru. You’ve freed up some $4 million in cap space for the team to use as it needs to the rest of this offseason. Plus, no more drama to worry about. Will he hold out and skip mini-camps? Is he unhappy being the franchise player? Will we simply lose him down the road because of this? All speculation is officially GONE. Welcome home Tru!

On the Tony Bennett front, no, I’m not going to link to wild rumors. But there is a decent read from Jerry Brewer of the Times, in a Q & A about Tony and the possibility of Indiana. It’s a good 7-question deal with a writer who knows Indiana, and I thought there were some interesting things to take from it. Brewer has done a good job on covering the Cougs’ run in the midst of UW country, and I’ve heard him on the radio a few times. He is extremely impressed with Bennett and the WSU program. Brewer, by the way, you might recognize the last name. He is the cousin of former Florida superstar Corey Brewer, who was a lottery pick last year and is toiling for the T-Wolves. The guy knows college hoops, no doubt about it.

Meanwhile, yes, we’re in the Sweet 16. But last I checked, this is a FOOTBALL blog, so, here goes.

Paul Wulff had an online chat prior to the start of spring ball. Nothing earth-shattering, but I thought it would be of some interest. Check it out here. And if you read closely enough, you’ll see our own Kaddy reveal himself! Cool.

Practices have been moving along, now 6 full ones in the books. Unfortunately there just isn’t a lot of free content out there right now to get a read on how things are going. Cougfan has daily recaps, but, they are premium stories. We hear bits-n-pieces, but it’s hard to get good info right now. Here’s a story from the Times earlier last week, as well as the P-I, and the News Tribune. There are some good nuggets in there. Otherwise it’s pretty quiet, but the hoops team is kind of making it so. It’ll pick up soon.

Finally, the Sonics. It sounds pretty dire right now. But what did everyone expect David Stern to say at a press conference with Clay Bennett, the mayor and the governor of Oklahoma? Forget it, we’re keeping the team in Seattle?? Whatever. All I now is from hearing from Brian Robinson of Save Our Sonics, this thing isn’t dead. Far from it. Look for something to come out of the city this week that, potentially, they’ve found the bridge money of $75 million to make the $300 Key a reality. And then, let’s just see what the NBA says to a massive renovation as well as an ownership group approaching $20 BILLION in net worth. I’ll say this – if they say no to that group? Then adios, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya. Good luck in the dust bowl, trying to attract free agents in the least-appealing market in the NBA. And also enjoy watching Kevin Durant grow up and, of course, bail for a bigger market (New York, LA, even DC?). Be careful what you wish for!

2 Responses to “Trufant Surrenders!”

  1. Atlantacoug Says:

    Love that Tru signed. Great news.

    Also: Good break down over at on the ‘scouting of the #1 Seeds”

  2. Sedihawk Says:

    ATL, if you and Kaddy and Reeper can get some pics or video from the game tomorrow, shoot them my way and we’ll put them up. If you want to write about your experience, we’d be happy to post it!

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