Monday Morning Information Overload

Lots of stuff buzzing so we’ll get right to it:

  1. Win some/lose some department – Cougfan has been all over the Cougar recruiting news, and there was some new info trickling out yesterday. Basically we stole one from UW (Cory Mackay, 6-4 WR, officially verballed to WSU); grabbed a 4-star JC defensive lineman (Bernard Wolfgramm, a pass-rusher everyone thought was headed to K-State); and finally, lost a possible diamond in the rough in Brian Baucham to USC. Baucham, you’ll remember, looked pretty good on tape last week. Only a 2-star prospect, but a kid with what looks like big-play ability. Come on Peter Perfect Carroll, you just had to steal one of ours? Didn’t you do that last year? Oh well. Maybe he’s mad about Bumpus refusing his grey-shirt offer in ’04 and coming to WSU when they kicked him to the curb for Dwayne Jarrett?

    There is some news that Kent WR/Safety Brandon Turner returned from his trip to the Palouse, but still no commitment. Turner is a 2-star player who interests WSU, but our own “source” in Kent says he’s good, yet not exactly a game-breaker. In fact, our source went on to tell me that WSU can probably go better and he’s a borderline D-1 player. Hmm, 6-3, 197, runs a reported 4.46? Sounds good to me!

  2. Yes, Brinkhater, we saw a return to Bennett Ball on Saturday. 56-55 is much more like it, but my God, I was sweating the last few minutes. Yikes. I really wonder where our heads might have been today had ASU won that game. Still, 4 homes games in a row coming up and a shot at 7-2 for the first half of the season if we can sweep the Bay Area schools. 7-2 when 5 of 9 games are on the road?? HELL YES I’ll take that!
  3. Speaking of the hoops team, looks like we’re #9 in the latest polls. Seems about right. A 1-1 split in the desert isn’t easy. And further, on the Arizona game – PLEASE STOP all the “we suck” talk. We don’t suck. But Arizona is better than we think they are. They had a white-hot weekend sweeping the Washington schools, as they blew out the Dawgs on Saturday. No matter what anyone says, they are still Arizona. We’ll see what happens when they cool off a bit and hit frosty Pullman next month!
  4. So, Erik Bedard – is he or isn’t he a Mariner? You hear Geoff Baker of the Times talk, the deal is now done and will be announced probably tomorrow afternoon after Jones passes his physical. I heard him on KJR this AM and he says it’s done. He also says that the M’s will sign Brad Wilkerson to a 1-year deal as soon as the deal is done to at least platoon in right field. The other names in the deal are George Sherill, and then it gets a little cloudy. Probably a combo of Tillman and Butler, a couple of minor-league arms with upside. Some had said it’ll be a 5-for-1, with another high-ceiling prospect going to Baltimore, but that isn’t clear yet. We do know that Jones has been yanked for good from winter ball, and Jones said in an interview that Bavasi told him to go to Baltimore for a physical and he was the centerpiece of a trade for Bedard. Hmm. Yet Baltimore denies it right now, and the windbag Peter Angelos hasn’t made up his mind yet?? He’s famous for pulling the plug on deals, he’s done it in the past and you know he’ll do it again. We’ll see, but stay tuned.

    I’ll say this – I heard Mitch Levy on KJR say it this AM, and I totally agree – the hardest things to find in sports are 1) a franchise QB, 2) an all-star NBA center, and 3) a legit ACE on an MLB staff. Those things don’t grow on trees. So when you find yourself at a moment that could see it happen, well, you go for it. I love what I’ve seen of Adam Jones, and I think he’s going to be a wonderful player. Better than Mike Cameron, and probably a parallel to Torii Hunter, if not even better when it’s all said and done. But Erik Bedard, my God, how do you pass on that? You know he was better than even the great Johan Santana in a lot of categories last year? And he’s 28, with 2 more years at least under contract? Jayson Stark said that he’s easily right there with Santana as the best lefthanded starter in BASEBALL. And he’s recently said that he’ll be open to talks of a contract extension? The very thought of pairing Bedard with Felix at the top of the rotation is really, really exciting. And the staff, 1-5, rounds out nicely with Bedard, Felix, Batista, Silva and Washburn. I’d put that 5 up against a lot of staffs in the AL, and it certainly matches up better with the Halos. And who knows, if these guys can get deep into games, the bullpen stays fresher, etc. It could be one interesting summer at the Safe IF this deal happens!

  5. So how about that UW story in the Times?? The story stinks so badly that they have to spread it out over FOUR DAYS of in-depth sleeze. Wow. And they want $150 million of King County tax money?? How many soccer moms in King County, who had no clue about any of this, are throwing up in their morning latte’s? Rape with Jerramy Stevens, among a long list of F-UPS?? Shootings with bloody fingerprints of Pharms, yet they let him play?? What’s next? It’s obvious the state reps have heard from some registered voters over the last week or so, hence the about face of Dr. Evil himself, Frank Chopp. But, remember, this isn’t just front-page sports page news. This is TOP FOLD, A1, front page news on the most circulated paper in the pacific NW. Hard to ignore these kinds of stories. I don’t know how much of you have read it so far, but it’s pretty disgusting. A fan of UW, WSU or Spokane Falls CC, the thing is an embarrassment for college sports.
  6. Have you heard the one about the most hated owner in the NW mocking a Sonics fan at the Key last night, to the extent that he did a “boo hoo” face to him and then had him ejected from the arena?? What a pile Cash-us Clay has turned out to be. No matter what happens, be it the city loses the case and they are out of here, or they are here for 2 more seasons, or he eventually sells, at least we know we won’t have to look at “crap with feet” forever. I just want the damn thing to be over with.

Enjoy your week!

11 Responses to “Monday Morning Information Overload”

  1. SquilliamFancySon Says:

    The UW arrogance was beyond belief back then. Terrible, terrible stories of corruption and looking the other way for these thugs. Just pathetic.

    No way they get tax money now! Soccer mom’s are an important voter element. If it’s on the sports page it’s buried. But it’s like you said, front page, top fold stuff that soccer mom will hit them in the face. Even if soccer mom just reaches for the sunday ads, you can’t ignore the full-color story on page 1.

  2. longball Says:

    I caught some Softy on KJR this afternoon and the fat bastard was really in a twist over the stories of his beloved Dawgs. I hate Softy, so shadenfraude for me!

    I am PSYCHED about bringing in Bedard. Dude has magical stuff (220Ks in 180 innings!!!) and the M’s need an ACE if they want to unseat the Halos and stay on top of the A’s in the west. We havent been to post season since 2001, so this is no time to be grooming prospects like Jones for the “future”. M’s fans deserve a winner NOW.

    Lastly, i just want to give a tip o the hat to Kyle Weaver. All athletes are going to struggle from time to time, but i have never seen a Coug player who, even when struggling, manages to ALWAYS make crucial contributions. Shots were not falling for Weaver on Saturday, but like he always does, he found the open man for the assist, or made the critical defensive play. I love Low and Cowgill, and the others, but they all have a tendency to just dissappear from entire games. You just cant keep Weaver down. The charge he drew Satruday was huge, and he also made some outstanding efforts in defensive transition to disrupt what should have been easy fast break buckets for the Sparkys. Unbeknownst at the time, any of those would have been game winners. He just never gives up on a play. Kudos Mr. Weaver.

  3. Sedihawk Says:

    GREAT POINT LONGBALL! Weaver is the man. I compare him to Derrick McKey from the very early Sonics days. Quiet guy who does everything, even if he doesn’t light up the scoreboard. Brinkhater thinks more along the lines of Nate McMillan, and that’s probably way more accurate. He does everything else really, really well.

    Someone I believe on Cougfan or the SR blog today said that Jay Bilas is touting him as not only an NBA player, but a first-round pick. That he’s a winner, has an excellent all-around game and his defense is just stellar. Hooray Kyle Weaver!

    I don’t know about this whole Bedard thing now. Latest rumors say now that the thing is not only on hold, but could be DEAD. Angelos is rearing his portly, aging head again and might be killing this thing. The Times is the place to go for M’s news, and Geoff Baker’s latest has to make you wonder what the hell is going on:

  4. kaddy Says:

    Love the sound of this Kevin Frank kid – we stole him from Boise State JC – runs a 4.33 40. Gotta credit the current staff – they’re doing about as well as we could have hoped for, and I think there might be another surprise or two before LOI day.

  5. Sedihawk Says:

    4.33? Come on Kaddy, that can’t be right. Then again, it’s hard to believe any of these high-school recruits claims about 40-times. They even fudge height and weight. But yeah man, the staff is doing as well as we could have hoped, even better than I thought. And there could be a few surprises down the stretch here. We’ll see!

  6. kaddy Says:

    Even if it’s a 4.43, that’s still blazing fast. His Youtube video is pretty impressive.

  7. Σ (FormerlyKnownAsBrinkHater) Says:

    I don’t think that anyone can or should forget that we had ZERO recruits nailed down at the Oregon State game.

    So, the fact that this staff has brought in anyone, let alone some real Pac-10 talent is more than a coup.

    the next question is what is up with Ahmu who may have been reading too much of the Seattle times coverage of the Fort Apache Boathouse at the UW…

    I sure hope that the alcohol offense was a simple fender ding a la Derting..

    WE can only hope..

    Next year is so important for us!!

  8. swvcoug Says:

    Ok the Stevens article is bad, the Pharms article was horrific, but can anything be as bad as today’s Curtis Williams story? I’m still in shock at how much irresponsible behavior there was among the Seattle press, police, lawyers, UW coaches, & UW administrators. I mean if anyone would have done the right thing and made CW stand up and take responsibility for his actions, there is NO WAY he would have been on that field against Stanford in 2000. I can’t help but think that UW was partially responsible for his death, which is a crime in itself. Shameful, embarassing, what a black mark for UW. What a waste of life…

    If I was a UW supporter, I would feel totally betrayed & duped because of the support for Curtis Williams. He was placed on pedestal. I saw it first hand as I attended the 2001 Rose Bowl with my father-in-law who is a big Dawg fan. Funny thing is that the one thing I remember from that game is how impressive Drew Brees was…not how good UW was.

  9. Sedihawk Says:

    Let’s hope you are right about Ahmu. Hopefully he’ll take care of things off the field. Pike’s aren’t pressing charges so it may not turn out to be much. It’s still going to get attention though, this UW stuff has only sharpened everyone’s eye on the lookout. That big dope “BigBallaJ” even put a comment on the Spokesman story, clearly desperate to fire back at the Coug fans. Whatever. He’s the guy who’s house is burning down, yet instead of trying to put out the fire, he’s throwing rocks at his neighbor’s house. Pathetic.

    Ahmu’s impact is really unknown on the field, when you think about it. I mean he’s barely played for 2 years now. Upside, sure, but he’s just battled that foot injury forever.

    The UW stories are just awful. I know some UW former players and coaches were on the airwaves trying to spin this thing, and that’s expected. But I think they would be better off to just shrug their shoulders, agree with how awful some of these guys were and how so many things were overlooked, and point towards what they are now doing right. Nothing can change the past, but they can at least try and learn from it.

    Then again, they fired Turner for not winning, didn’t they?

  10. wsuhoops Says:

    I went and looked at Bob Condotta’s Husky football blog — by the way, did you know he’s a Coug? — to gauge the reaction of Husky fans. I’m shocked and disappointed at their absolute lack of depth in thinking about these stories. They just don’t get it. I’d like to think Coug fans would not so blindly dismiss great journalism.


  11. Rondeausahomo Says:

    Nice hits Hawk. I think “Cash-Us Clay” may be your best nickname yet.

    On the M’s trade, Bavasi screwed the pooch. He came out last week and called his shot publicly, because he knew we offered the strongest package — ok, I get that. But he pulled the diapers off old man Angelo by telling Jones, who then went public.

    Angelo, while demented, is completely full of his greatness and hates to be showed up. So now he meddles, and will either extort more or squash the deal. Memo to Bavasi: keep that huge jaw of yours SHUT!

    Sweep No.Cal,

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